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Field Notes: GPRS Visualizes Infrastructure of Three Mile Island

GPRS has conducted utility locating and precision concrete scanning and imaging services at Three Mile Island, the site of one of the worst accidents in the history of the U.S. nuclear power industry.

Safety Tour of America: Frank Gay Commercial Services Prioritizes Safety

Frank Gay Commercial Services is a top ranked contractor with over 100 employees, and a valued GPRS safety partner.

$56,000 & 12 Weeks Of Downtime: How Is That “Easy?”

In a recent study of facility managers commissioned by GPRS, it was reported that two-thirds of facility managers have experienced campus damage due to a utility strike or other locating issue.

GPRS Digs A Little Deeper: National Safety Outreach In The Media & On Site

When we arrive on site, consult with stakeholders, or provide expert education to our partners, safety is always our #1 goal. Our passion for keeping workers safe around underground utilities like electrical, gas, water, and telecom lines extends past when the job is over or the day ends.

GPRS & The University Of Toledo Both Benefit From Partnership

GPRS is providing our 99.8% accurate utility locating and mapping to UToledo’s campus in exchange for field training for our Project Managers

Case Study: Culver Academies

Culver Academies aim is to serve their students steadfast and boldly. Their purpose is to provide students with the best whole person education in the country. To fulfill this purpose, Culver must uphold the mission, principles, and values that have made their school, community, and their student body successful since

Field Notes: How To Recognize and Scan Unusual Rebar Patterns In Historic Buildings

Precision concrete scanning and imaging are at the heart of GPRS. We’ve been leading the industry with ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) imaging as a concrete scanning company since 2001, so it’s easy to think when it comes to concrete slabs and rebar, we’ve seen it all.

Safety Tour of America: Rudolph Libbe Stays Consistent on Safety

The construction arm of the Ohio-based Rudolph Libbe Group offers a wide variety of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of any client or project.

Robots Can’t Fix Everything

Autonomous demolition equipment is more popular, efficient, and cost effective than ever. According to a recent report by Digital Journal, manufacturers and suppliers are observing a significant rise in the demand for demolition robots – particularly when the project involves older buildings and structures.

Safe Digging Month: Safe Excavation Practices & Utility Locating

While 811 call centers reported an 8% uptick in location requests for public utilities, a full 60% of excavation damages reported to the Common Ground Alliance as part of the 2021 DIRT Report were caused by professional excavators who had not requested a locate through 811.

Safety Tour of America: Murphy Co. Built on Passion for Safety

Murphy Co. is the largest mechanical contractor in St. Louis and the 17th largest in the United States. The firm now has more than 300 salaried workers and 900 union craft workers in the pipefitter, boilermaker, plumber, sheet metal, HVAC, and laborer trades.

Field Notes: A New Favorite Office

That’s what GPRS Project Manager Cole Dickson kept saying to himself as he carefully positioned his Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner on top of the craggy, unforgiving bedrock under his boots.

GPRS Team Members Share Knowledge of Avoiding Subsurface Damage

Two GPRS team members recently shared some of their knowledge of the utility locating and concrete scanning industry.Chris Moore, GPRS’ Senior Vice President of Internal Operations, spoke with ISHN Magazine’s chief editor Benita Mehta for a podcast.

Striking Underground Utilities is a Recipe for Disaster

In Huntsville, Alabama, a family of seven saw their house explode after an independent contractor struck a gas line while working in the area. And residents in one neighborhood in O’Fallon, Missouri, were forced to evacuate their homes numerous times over a months-long saga.

Money is Leaking Out of Your Pipes – But We Can Help

If you oversee a business or municipality’s water system, money could be leaking out of your pipes right this minute. When a leak occurs on an underground water or sewer line, severe damage can occur without any water ever reaching the surface.

Field Notes: My One-In-A-Million “Real Fun” Day at Comerica Park

GPRS located water, sewer, and irrigation lines at Comerica Park before the Detroit Tigers began moving the outfield wall to turn their 422-foot outfield to 412 feet.

GPRS Supports Land Surveyors With Utility Locating

This week-long event surrounds Global Surveyors Day on March 21, 2023, and is full of important educational and training events for surveyors and other construction and land use facility managers on the importance of surveys. 

Avoiding a Spike in Utility Strikes & Damage Costs on 
Infrastructure Projects

When an excavator hits a utility line, everything stops. Work stops, progress stops, and depending on the severity of the strike, neighborhoods and communities can come to a standstill, and lives may be lost. That is why the One Call system became law in 2002.

GPRS offers growth, unique opportunities for team members

For GPRS team members, no two days are the same and tomorrow always offers the opportunity for new challenges and growth. Larry Wade has found himself in some extraordinary situations over his eight years with GPRS, and he’s about to embark on a whole new chapter with the company.

Field Notes: Where No Scanner Has Gone Before

It’s 2015, and GPRS Senior Project Manager William Johnson stands more than a mile below the Pennsylvania soil in a mine shaft. He’s completely alone, the light on his helmet barely holding his inky black surroundings at bay.

Safety Tour of America: DPR Construction a Valuable Safety Partner for GPRS

When construction veterans Doug Woods, Peter Nosler, and Ron Davidowski founded DPR Construction in 1990, they started with $750,000 in pooled resources and 11 employees working out of one office. 

How to Use Non-destructive Concrete Imaging Methods In Municipal Infrastructure Renewal

President Biden just unveiled a $4 billion blueprint to update a 150-year-old rail tunnel in Maryland as the latest project in the federal government’s bid to overhaul U.S. concrete infrastructure.

Guide to 3D Laser Scanning for Concrete Construction

Assessing concrete has previously relied on inherently unreliable methods for gathering information.The advent of 3D laser scanning has allowed contractors, inspectors, and designers to easily identify issues and reduce errors with millimeter-accurate data.

FIELD NOTES: GPRS Goes Above and Beyond

Located in Buena Park, California, just ten minutes from the Anaheim resort area, Knott’s started as an actual berry farm in the early 1920s. The property’s first expansion was a tearoom that quickly became a restaurant specializing in fried chicken.

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