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Drone Imagery

GPRS Drone Imagery Service provides a wide variety of images, maps, and models to Visualize The Built World®.

Drone Imaging provides safe and cost-effective data collection, ensuring positional accuracy in vast, dangerous, or hard-to-reach areas. And we tailor our work to each client’s specific needs.

We offer photogrammetry, aerial video and images, LiDAR scans, 2D othormosaic images and CAD drawings, 3D images, and models, and full 3D fly throughs thanks our state-of-the-art drone technology operated by FAA Licensed pilots, and deliverables created by our team of design experts.

applications of drone imagery

  • Urban Planning and Land Management – digital surface and terrain models
  • Construction – as-built surveys reduce the need to physically access job sites
  • Engineering – from measuring cut and fill volumes, to inspecting crucial infrastructure
  • Mining and Quarries – collecting accurate data boosts productivity through improved inventory management and planning
  • BIM – data can be used to generate highly detailed and accurate 3D models
  • Energy and Infrastructure – inspect linear assets such as pipelines, powerlines, rail routes and waterways
Aerial Imagery & Video illustration  | GPRS Images


Photogrammetry provides visual confirmation of the measured distance between objects and can be applied for a variety of purposes, from urban planning and construction to insurance claims and energy infrastructure.
LiDAR illustration  | GPRS Images


GPRS drone scan employ LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to provide a hyper-accurate 3D data point cloud of measurements and features. That point cloud data can be interpreted into a wide range of 2D and 3D maps and models to meet the client’s needs.
Orthomosiac Imagery  | GPRS Images


Aerial Imagery, also referred to as Aerial Photography, describes one of the simple stand most common uses for drone imagery services. To capture an aerial photograph, series of photos, or video, the pilot simply flies over and captures the area photographically.


An orthomosiac image is created from drone images by photogrammetric and orthorectification to create a singular mosaic image that corrects geometric distortion and is color corrected/balanced for a complete data set.
Aerial Imagery & Video illustration  | GPRS Images


GPRS’ elite design team can combine highly accurate point cloud data from our laser scanners to the drone photogrammetry to create dimensionally accurate aerial photographs. We also offer an array of map and model products:
  • Point Clouds
  • 3D Models
  • 2D Orthoimages
  • 2D CAD Drawings
  • Flythrough Videos
An aerial drone.   | GPRS Images
A camera attached to an aerial drone.  | GPRS Images


Safety: Like every GPRS service, the focus is always safety. By using UAS Drone Imagery, you can detect dangerous anomalies first, and protect your employees second.
Detailed Information: The high definition (HD) color image resolutions allow for the accurate identification of small- and large-scale anomalies within your project.
Difficult to Reach Locations: Rather than trekking rough terrain or climbing to unsafe heights, a UAS Drone Scan can easily inspect facilities even in the toughest to reach areas imaginable.
Save Time and Money: High impact or unknown anomalies cause a large loss in annual production and revenue. By detecting them with drone imagery, you ultimately save yourself time and create an immediate return on investment (ROI) for the future.
Keep Operations Online: By utilizing UAS Drone Imagery to perform maintenance and inspections on your facility or project, plant operations don't need to be shut down for an inspection. We fly over so operations can stay online and active.


When considering the entire life cycle of a utility-scale solar plant, GPRS is here to perform our utility locating and drone services in both the planning and construction phases. After, one call locates follow in the operation and maintenance phase. Simply, GPRS stays by your side from the start of your project all the way to the finish line, providing constant and clear communication, a key to our 99.8% subsurface accuracy rating.

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GPRS Pilot: Tyler Funderburg, Remote Pilot
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
License Number – 4491394