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“I can rest easy at night because I know that when GPRS is involved in my projects, my team is more safe and able to get home to their families”.
Jose Fernandez
Safety Manager, Balfour Beatty
“GPRS helps my company prepare critical subsurface information in the planning phase. This makes me the hero with the project owner – I have all the information they need."
Aykut Altindis
Superintendent, Kiewit
“When GPRS locates utilities for my projects, I know that I won’t lose any down time due to damages, or outages caused by utility strikes.”
Brooke Chickness
Safety Manager, Turner Construction Company
“Overruns on cost can blow a project budget. When GPRS scans concrete or for utilities on our projects it helps us limit unforeseen change orders or repair costs.”
Matt Morris
General Superintendent, Swinerton Construction
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"The scans were great. I’m a believer. We couldn’t have done this project without it. We will never do a renovation again without a scan so we will be calling you."
- Chuck T.
"Thank you for all that GPRS does for me and my team. I consider GPRS a big part in our success in keeping us safe. Keep up the great work!"
- Mark Piccirillo, National Grid
"The GPRS Leak Detection team located an underground water leak that we were having trouble locating. Their team pinpointed the leak location so we could make the needed repairs."
- Craig Orlowski, Insite Real Estate, LLC. 
"The model has been working great so far, the Recap and Revit tips and tricks you showed have been very helpful in getting the best use out of the point cloud files"
- Di G. Project Architect  
"Without a doubt, I will call again before we go digging. It’s a sound investment on the project."
- Charles Hoagland, Miller-Hoagland
"Contracting GPRS to do a 3D laser scan has been one of the best project decisions we made. With their help we were able to reduce cost, increase productivity, and deliver the project on time."
- Vincent M. Superintendent
"Your team was unbelievably helpful and responsive. Every time that we request GPRS video pipe services, you take care of business."
- Jorge Rabanal, Swinerton
“Excellent level of detail, and excellent summary of work provided via email. Following the scan there’s no one else I’ve worked with that delivers this level of detail and quality.”
- Matt Wilcox, JTM Construction
"We greatly appreciate GPRS willingness to work in tandem with the other trades onsite and schedule their work around construction obstacles."
- Ray S. Architect
"I've worked with GPRS on several projects - from very small to very large - over the past 5-7 years. They not only understand the built world of point clouds and modeling, they understand people, products, and processes."
- David D., Senior Engineer
"GPRS ensured safe drilling areas in over 150 locations through very congested floor slabs. The accuracy of the information provided was remarkably sound."
- Mike Keith, Senior Project Superintendent
"You can never be too safe, and it's always best to take preparations for safety before you begin a project and to utilize GPRS in any situation where you're going to excavate the soil."
- Keith Van Alst, Frank Gay Commercial Services
“The comparison between GPRS and other utility locators that I’ve used is the difference between night and day. GPRS always goes above and beyond, and I am very happy with their services."
- Christopher Musa, Superintendent, ILE Excavating
"GPRS is always on time and easy to schedule. I use them daily to locate utilities, locate underground storage tanks, find subsurface anomalies, and perform structural concrete scans. They are a nice asset to our engineering team."
- Cody Dobbins, Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing
"GPRS has shown a dedication to their craft, an impressive work ethic, and most importantly, exceptional communication skills."
- Dave Hazel,  Energy Renewal Partner
"I am blown away by the services that GPRS provides. It is a total state-of-the-art setup, from the tech reports to the hands-on equipment, to the highly trained video tech. I recommend GPRS for any project; they are capable of doing more than you can imagine."
- Rudy Raymond, J.W. Fowler
"What I think sets you apart is that you got the latest and greatest equipment, and you guys have a bunch of people that really care about the workers out there and about the safety of the job site."
- Jose Hernandez, Safety Health and Enviromental Manager
"The scan data looks great, performs well and appears to be exactly what we were looking for. We used the scan extensively and it worked well. I appreciate everyone’s work on this project and the attention to details."
- Warren M., Senior CAD Specialist
"GPRS detected voids between 12 to 15 feet below asphalt and concrete surfaces, providing a detailed report. We were highly satisfied with GPRS' findings."
- Jeffrey Woodman, Bubes Brewery  
"I've worked with GPRS a couple of times, and it's always a good experience. Communication is great, and the staff explains the process and markings clearly, which is appreciated. Definitely using them again in the future!"
- Grant Spoering, Hydrogeologic, Inc.  
"I will be using GPRS again and telling other project teams to use GPRS as well. The drawing I received was incredibly helpful and saved me a lot of time."
-  Josh Strupeck, Pepper Construction
"GPRS performs a much-needed service in the oil and gas industry. They are a very integral part of our projects – locating all utility lines flawlessly."
- Terry Price, Construction Manager, Chevron Pipeline
"It’s very important to me, as a safety professional, to make sure we’re working safe every day, and doing the job perfectly without having any issues or incidents. GPRS plays a huge role in what we do."
- Sixtus Aliriagwu, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, DPR Construction