“I can rest easy at night because I know that when GPRS involved in my projects, my team is more safe and able to get home to their families”.
- Jose Fernandez, Balfour Beatty, Safety Manager
“When GPRS locates utilities for my projects, I know that I won’t lose any down time due to damages, outages cause by utility strikes.”
- Brooke Chickness, Turner Construction Company, Safety Manager
“Overruns on cost can blow a project budget. When GPRS scans concrete or for utilities on our projects it helps us limit unforeseen change orders or repair costs.”
- Matt Morris, Swinerton Construction, General Superintendent
“GPRS helps my company prepare critical subsurface information in the planning phase. This makes me the hero with the project owner – I have all the information they need."
- Aykut Altindis, Kiewit, Superintendent
"Amazing job. You took the stress out of a very stressful job. Thanks a million! You were very patient with our questions. Very knowledgeable and courteous. I will be recommending GPRS for future projects."
- Chris Ted, Lechase
"Jordan was awesome as usual, I have come to depend on his expertise. Five stars for GPRS. Great company I have come to depend on."
- Freddie Smith, Chilton Boe
"Kyle Ewers is a great locator. He is very thorough, acts in a professional manner, and I always learn something new while on a jobsite with him. Kyle  does not leave the site until both parties are confident where the utilities are located. I will be using Kyle again in future projects."
- Jamie Snider, Stantec
"I have enjoyed working with Kyle Ewers. His communication is great and he has been readily available when needed in short timeframes. He has also done a good job accurately locating things that other companies did not find. He will probably be one of my first calls in the future if any unexpected surveying needs come up."
- Jordan Grommet, Cargill
"Tech drove all the way to WI from IN to do a short notice scan for me. Very much appreciated."
- Andy Nygaard, Mercmarine
"Jim was awesome! Professional and courteous. I’m confident moving forward on this project following his survey!"
- Tracy Wale, OSHA Solutions
"Adam went over all the readings in detail with me, and I now have a clear understanding of the scan process and exactly what I will most likely encounter"
- David Meguiar, Nasco USA
"Brennan did a great job. He was very well informed and was able to explain to me all the information I needed in a clear and direct way. I would work with Brennan anytime and I will request him for the next job."
- Luke Nelso, PSF Mechanical
"Daniel drove out of his way to capture a site photo from our desired perspective. It's been great from the start. Ryan communicated during a day off around New Years, and then provide a quote for us at ~6AM the following Monday!"
- Al Thatcher, Green – EM
"John Cuff was punctual and professional. He thoroughly investigated all utilities and was great at looking for other avenues to locate utilities."
- Matthias Orr, Aecom
"Lloyd was very professional and did a thorough job in ensuring we were clear of utilities in the area of work. Thanks again for all the help on our projects!"
- Jason Tojdowski, Terracon
"John Cuff was our technician at this site and he did a great job. He followed all required safety protocols and did everything possible to locate all the utilities."
- Kelly Giles, Renovaenviro
"We use GPRS very regularly and think it is a great value addition to our geotech exploration services."
- Renuka Ranade, Terracon
"I really appreciated the responsiveness. Mike did a very thorough job scanning for (and locating) possible USTs. Easy to schedule, affordably priced, quality work... all things that will make me use GPRS again."
- David Berry, Vertex Engineering
"Dave worked hard and fast to get the job done in a half day, we were all really impressed!"
- Chris Cancino, Croda
"Gerin was great to work with and very knowledgeable. We really appreciated that he took the time to answer all our questions and explain how each service worked and it's limitations."
- Steve Bickle, Stone Glazing
"I called last week to get GPRS setup for a new project and Dominica has been fantastic to deal with. Thank you for the excellent response and service to her and the GPRS team."
- Melissa Olive, USA Environmental, LP
"Being a Hurricane Shutter expert, I feel it is of the utmost importance to have structure scanned before penetrating. Although most condo specifications do not require this service to be done, for a modest fee Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is always there for us with their special equipment to prepare a radar specs in a punctual, professional manner."
- Andrew Ayers Roll-A-Guard Hurricane Shutters.
"Uretek has been using GPRS services for many years. They are extremely reliable and accurate in their GPR surveys they perform for us. We use them approximately 10 to 12 times per week on our projects. Justin performs a large portion of our GPR needs on a daily basis. He is punctual and a very hard worker. He strives for excellence on every job. We use him to locate underground utilities, pool lines, post tension cables, etc."
- Isaac Boyette, Uretek Scheduling Coordinator
"We would like to thank you for your excellent performance on the projects you have worked on with us. The work you provided was excellent and complete. Your reports were concise and very accurate making our work much easier and enabling Commercial Electrical Systems, Inc. to provide our customer with a superior product. Your technician, Justin Rasanow, was very professional and worked very well with our staff. We commend him and your company again for a job well done.

Thank you again! We hope to continue using your services in the near future and would recommend your services to other contractors."
- Commercial Electrical Systems, Inc.
"I have had the pleasure to work with Justin and have found him to always be accommodating and consistently pleasant to work with. Besides always responding promptly to our GPR requests, Justin has managed to adjust his schedule to accommodate LRE’s short notice GPR requests also.

Justin always contacts me via email or a phone call should he be running slightly behind schedule or able to arrive at a job site ahead of schedule.

I look forward to working with Justin, as he is ambitious and is always willing to make the effort to do what it takes to accommodate his clients. Overall, I feel Justin represents GPRS with excellent professionalism."
- Jennifer Harris, Project Coordinator, LRE Ground Services, Inc.
"We recently had you provide us with your locating services at a local fuel terminal facility. We were in need of locating underground utilities and other obstructions to excavate for concrete foundations and underground conduit installations.

This was a very large and congested area to perform this task. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your services. Your mobilization response time was remarkable. It helped us greatly in meeting the demands of our client. The work itself was completed in less time than expected and with all the excavating we performed, we did not run into any unforeseen obstructions. Your EMR and TRIR safety records are outstanding, thus allowing us to use your services with safety conscious clients now and in the future. Thank you for a job well done."
- Mike Greene, CET, PM, Milton J. Wood Fire Protection
"We wanted to take the time this morning to let you both know how impressed and pleased we at Sullivan-Tassin, Inc. were with your services. Our collective staff have been in the construction business for years and were pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism that your company displayed. The degree of “mark out” really eliminated the “doubt” factor when dealing with PT construction.

Keep up the good work."
- Fritz Sullivan, Sullivan-Tassin, Inc.