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Do you have a subsurface water leak?
Our team of Leak Detection Specialists can locate your municipal, residential, or industrial leak. Call GPRS now to get the help you need.
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Take Control of Your Water Infrastructure
To protect our communities – and your bottom line – you need to be sure of the integrity of your water infrastructure.

GPRS offers underground water leak detection services to help municipalities, utilities, and industrial facilities maintain safe, efficient water distribution within a domestic supply network and fire loop protection systems.

Severe leaks can cause significant problems underground by eroding soil, causing voids that eventually lead to sinkholes, and compromising the integrity of buildings. And all this can occur without any water ever coming to the surface.

GPRS can quickly pinpoint a known leak when a problem is identified, or can proactively search for leaks along a domestic pressurized water or fire system for a municipality or facility.

But how common is water loss? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that we collectively lose more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water due to leaks within the current infrastructure. That’s enough to submerge Manhattan 300 feet underwater or fill 3.75 million Olympic-sized swimming pools! A water main breaks every two minutes in the U.S. At least 10 water leaks exist along every 100 miles of pipe.

Leak detection services and routine annual water loss inspections can mitigate this loss.

GPRS specializes in all types of underground water leak detection, including municipal, industrial, residential, and commercial water leak detection services. Our Project Managers have the equipment, knowledge, and training to locate your leak and save you time and money.

How Are Leaks Detected?
GPRS Leak Detection Specialists utilize various technologies and decades of expertise to pinpoint any type of leak, from a major water main break to a small crack in a service pipe. Leak locations are verified with correlating software in real-time. In addition, our leak detection services can be integrated with other services such as Valve Exercising, infrastructure mapping, and utility locating to improve efficiencies and help customers achieve a fuller understanding of underground infrastructure.

GPRS uses two primary technologies for our Leak Detection services:
  • Acoustic Leak Detection
    Acoustic leak detection involves using sophisticated ground microphones to listen for leaks coming from pressurized subsurface pipes. Our Project Managers are acoustic leak detection specialists who are thoroughly trained to pinpoint leaking pipes' specific sounds and frequencies.

    Pipes made of metal, such as cast iron/ductile mains, smaller copper service lines, and steel pipes transmit water leak sounds over longer distances than pipes made of PVC or asbestos-cement. Accordingly, our Project Managers consider the pipe material and its size when determining how best to evaluate your water system. Small diameter pipes are more likely to transmit more sound than large diameter pipes, regardless of their material. Large diameter pipes transmit lower frequency sounds than small diameter pipes.

  • Leak Noise Correlators
    Leak Detection Correlators (also called leak noise correlators) are specialized electronic devices that leak detection service companies like GPRS use to quickly and accurately locate leaks in water lines. Sensors are placed on both sides of the pipe, and these sensors send information back and forth between each other via radio. An automated process identifies each suspected underground water leak location and displays it on the main control unit. The processing unit then compares this data with mathematical algorithms designed for the specific noise profiles of the pipe material being tested, determining where the leak is coming from between each sensor’s location.

    Our Project Managers map out leaks using the data collected with leak detection correlators, and then pinpoint the leaks using acoustic leak detection equipment.

Valve Exercising
Valve Exercising is a preventative measure program to ensure water valves function efficiently. GPRS Project Managers identify each gate valve using GPS-enabled technology, then record the precise number of turns required for maximum efficiency. This valuable information is compiled into a database that allows future leaks to be quickly located and repaired, reducing the risk of service disruption during leak detection services. Then, each valve box is cleaned and valves are carefully exercised to prevent buildup of tuberculation and other deposits that can render valves inoperable or lead to tight shutoffs.

Routine Water Loss Inspection
Many factors cause leaks in underground water systems, including corrosion, high system pressure, damage during construction, improper installation, frost or freezing, failing or damaged joints, and ground shifting or settling.

Routine water loss survey programs can generate substantial benefits, including limiting non-revenue water (NRW) loss, reducing property damage, eliminating water pollution, and providing updated and accurate maps of water infrastructure via SiteMap®.

Cost, subpar water performance, environmental impact, and property damages caused by water loss are entirely avoidable. Often, people will wait until there is an acute water loss problem before scheduling a leak detection service. By that point, millions of gallons and thousands of dollars’ worth of treated, usable water could have seeped into the ground.

Water loss is an irrecoverable loss. Regular water loss inspections can prevent unnecessary water loss and save businesses and municipalities money and time while also ensuring our communities have fresh, clean, reliable water.

Why Should You Choose GPRS for Leak Detection?
With over 250,000 projects completed, GPRS combines top-of-the-line technology and equipment with Project Managers who are SIM trained and qualified. This means that not only do they have the best tools available but they have been trained and mentored to assess every situation possible, placing safety above all.

The cost of leak detection services can vary widely depending on the scope of your job. GPRS customizes every job quote to meet your needs and provides complete GPS-enabled documentation of your water system assessment via SiteMap®.

If you have been searching for a water leak detection company that you can rely on, the GPRS team is here to help! So don't delay; schedule a routine water loss inspection to make sure that your water lines are secure.

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