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Our People, Our Values, Your success

When you choose to work for GPRS, you’re choosing to work for one of the fastest growing companies in the ground penetrating radar (GPR) industry. That growth has propelled us to push the industry forward in both technology and company culture. GPRS is a place where you can use your talents and skills alongside state-of-the-art technology and unprecedented industry innovation.

We’re not only committed to industry success, but GPRS is also dedicated to providing services that are driven by our five core values: integrity, mutual respect, growth mindedness, teamwork, and safety. We demonstrate these values in our everyday work which has created a culture that is both exciting and enjoyable for team members who want to join us in our mission.

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It’s these values that pushed GPRS to complete over 100,000 GPR scans with over 99% accuracy in 2021.  Join us in the pursuit of making our industry safer. Join us in the pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention.

Explosive Growth  - GPRS -  Ground Penetrating Radar

explosive growth

We’re seeing unprecedented growth due to our unmatched commitment to our customers. This growth means that GPRS is consistently hiring new talented and hard working team members!

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There is no typical day in the field for our Project Managers. Every job site is different, every area that needs scanning and imaging services is different.

GPRS’s Project Managers love being independent and excel at managing their time effectively. They thrive in new situations and look forward to new and different work experiences.

Our GPR Project Managers are our ground penetrating radar experts solving our clients’ subsurface locating needs. Their primary focus is private utility locating and concrete scanning to mitigate the risk of delayed projects and serious injury on site.

Our GPRS Project Managers are more than technicians. It’s their commitment to being leaders in the industry and serving customers from beginning to end which sets them apart from the competition.
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We believe that a job should be personally rewarding but also fairly compensating. That’s why we not only offer a competitive compensation package but also an excellent benefits package.

GPRS offers full coverage medical insurance, company matching 401k, paid holidays, as well as additional benefits to support the strong commitment to our team. We provide these benefits because we truly believe our team is our most valuable resource.

Our Project Managers and Field Technicians are given a work vehicle, tablet, cell phone, and all the equipment and tools that may be required for success in the field. Additionally, we believe in our people’s success. We know that having a growth mindset is important for each GPRS team member, which is why we provide promotion tracks for both in-field and corporate positions. We built these tracks to create the opportunity for growth and development at all levels of employment.  



GPRS is committed to building those who desire to advance their professional career and better their personal lives. We provide growth through our Leadership Development Program and our Project Manager Promotion Track.


GPRS offers competitive and incentivized compensations systems along with a world class benefits package. This package includes exceptional healthcare, industry leading paid-time-off allotment, paid holidays, a matching 401k plan, and more.


GPRS values leadership, integrity, and commitment to excellence. The independent and disciplined culture in the U.S. Military makes for an easy transition to our team where those same characteristics are encouraged and desired.


With diverse team members in every major city in the U.S., you are sure to be joining a GPRS team where collaboration, cooperation, and support are a phone call or text message away. The atmosphere at GPRS is one of camaraderie and teamwork.

core values

The cornerstone of our company is our core values: integrity, mutual respect, growth mindedness, teamwork, and safety. As an industry leader, we understand these values are expected by our customers and our team members.


Our field team members enjoy variety in their day-to-day work. The type of projects we complete requires our team members to be physically and mentally engaged with their work. It’s hard work, but it’s good work.


At GPRS, we are committed to fulfill our mission statement, “Our mission is to provide the best opportunities and development for our team members while delivering a sensational experience to our customers, preventing them from experiencing the problems associated with unknown subsurface elements.”

We take development seriously and want to meet the need of each team member’s interest in growing as a person and as a professional. We aspire to be an employer of choice for individuals looking for a career in the industry.

For years, GPRS leadership development participants have volunteered to join an annual 30-hour SEAL training program. Participants learned how to command critical leadership skills while enduring physical and mental challenges. Former Navy Seal Commander Mark McGinnis and CWO5 Rick Joslin lead GPRS team members in leadership and team building exercises in the video below.

We care about our people. This event is just one of the ways we empower our team to grow.


GPRS values leadership, integrity, and commitment to excellence. Veterans and former military personnel have found it easy to join the team at GPRS. The independent and disciplined culture found in the U.S. Military makes for a smooth transition to our team where those same characteristics are encouraged and desired. Not only do former military personnel thrive on our team, but they also often find themselves rising through our ranks.

GPRS holds high respect for our veterans, and we want to elevate our veterans further in their journey. Current GPRS Project Manager Sean Evans, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and veteran of the US Air Force, says, "Many veterans have become successful in their roles. If you want the teamwork and support you had in the military, you will love GPRS. From the top of the organization to your peers, you will feel like they really care.”
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Photographed above is GPRS Project Manager and U.S. Airforce veteran, Sean Evans.
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WISE, Women In Search of Excellence, is a GPRS initiative created for women, by women, to provide the practical resources we need to thrive. It is our desire to cultivate a community for the women of GPRS that strengthens the mind and encourages the heart to drive individual - and therefore team – growth, development, and leadership.

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While our Project Managers work in the field, we have an excellent support structure composed of our Project Coordinators and Corporate team members.

Whether you’re working as a Project Manager, a Project Coordinator, or in a corporate role, everyone is working towards our five core values.

We see the contributions of every member of the GPRS team as invaluable to our company, which is why we present awards for different team members who show outstanding performance. The awards given represent our dedication to our five core values because at GPRS we want to emphasize teamwork, growth mindedness, integrity, safety, and mutual respect.

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Our 2023 GPRS MVP was Alfredo“Alfradar” Espinal

Here’s an excerpt from his nomination: “We are seeing tremendous growth in SoCal with the impact from Alfredo. Culture can be described in several different forms, but Alfredo has been able to implement a culture where everyone is bought in for each other. Everyone cares for one another and is willing to go out of their way to ensure their team members are successful. This isn’t something that is created without a leader who embodies this themselves. The quality of the Southern California market has continued to impress.”


GPRS Project Coordinators are the connecting point between our customers and our field staff. We have industry-leading customer service at GPRS and it starts with our Project Coordinators. Project Coordinators are strong communicators and collaborators, ready to handle various challenges. They’re committed to delivering sensational customer service.

Project Coordinators are trained to ask the right questions, problem solve, and offer solutions. By focusing on these goals, they help our clients get closer to 100% subsurface damage prevention.

Our sensational customer service is what has propelled us into unprecedented growth. Our Project Coordinators’ commitment to quality service helps continually build relationships with our customers which has allowed us to rapidly expand.

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GPRS is a Toledo-based business with hundreds of employees supporting the excellent nationwide ground penetrating radar (GPR) services we provide.

We’re seeking a variety of talents to grow in our industry. Our corporate team members are excellent at supporting the success of GPRS, whether that be in accounting, compliance, HR, or one of our other many valuable departments.

We’re an employer of choice, and we’re excited to see what skills and talents you offer.