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“When GPRS locates utilities for my projects, I know that I won’t lose any downtime due to damages, outages caused by utility strikes.”
- Brooke Chickness, Turner Construction Company, Safety Manager

• GPRS Rapid Response means you will receive priority scheduling, ranking ahead of non-Partnership Plus projects so we get on site with you as quickly as possible.
• Our Project Managers are deployed nationwide, ensuring that you can expect the same GPRS quality on all projects regardless of the time, scope, or location
• Complimentary .kmz and .pdf maps will be delivered on the same day of our service.
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“Overruns on cost can blow a project budget. When GPRS scans concrete or for utilities on our projects it helps us limit unforeseen change orders or repair costs.”
- Matt Morris, Swinerton Construction, General Superintendent

• Consistent, national pricing will help your procurement and field teams stay on budget.
• Our industry-leading accuracy rate of over 99.8% will keep your project moving by keeping your team safe while limiting budget overruns due to utility strikes or post-tension damages.
• GPRS’s Green Box Guarantee gives the peace of mind that projects will avoid costly strikes in concrete slabs.
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“I can rest easy at night because I know that when GPRS is involved in my projects, my team is safe and able to get home to their families.”
- Jose Fernandez, Balfour Beatty, Safety Manager

• GPRS provides on-site safety training during our two annual sponsored safety events: Construction Safety Week and Concrete Sawing & Drilling Safety Week.
• Our professionals provide a comprehensive review of your Ground Disturbance Plan, mitigating any potential future project damages.
• We ensure that all field staff are OSHA 10 certified, and all field management is OSHA 30 certified.
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“GPRS helps my company prepare critical subsurface information in the planning phase. This makes me the hero with the project owner – I have all the information they need.”

• We protect our client’s reputation by preventing the need for unnecessary change orders.
• We include a highly detailed and comprehensive map with every utility locating project we perform so our findings can be distributed to yourclients with a high level of professionalism and quality.
• GPRS can help you build an excellent reputation in the industry by keeping your projects on time, on budget, and safe.
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