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There is a Utility Strike in the United States.
2020 Dirt Report
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The annual overall cost of utility strikes in the United States.
Infrastructure Protection Coalition
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Are estimated to exist in the United States underground infrastructure.
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Average cost to repair a single damaged post-tension cable.
*2021 Finch Report
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A water main breaks.
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Labor costs to fix construction mistakes.
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Of facility managers report experiencing a utility strike or locating issue in the last five years.
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Percentage of facility managers who say they "Have to look in many places to find their as-builts"

///you can’t afford damages, clashes, reworks, accidents, AND budget overruns, AND neither can we.

At GPRS we believe that data control = damage control and we are committed to the pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention – on every job, in every market, nationwide.

That’s why every one of our 500 national “boots on the ground” team of elite Project Managers are trained in Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM). SIM elevates a mere technician to an expert professional with the cross-technology training and industry-leading processes that can locate, map, capture, measure, and scan your entire site or facility, above and below-ground, to provide you with the real-time actionable information you need to plan, design, manage, dig, and build better.

GPRS is the only company in the U.S. that can capture your entire site or facility, above and below-ground, to provide you with accurate as-builts, private and public utility maps, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D photogrammetry and Building Information Models (BIM) that can integrate surface and subsurface existing conditions and construction progress capture to provide cloud-based, digital mapping & modeling solutions for the construction, architecture, engineering, facility management, and related industries via SiteMap®.
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SiteMap® (patent pending) is GPRS’ project & facility management application that provides accurate existing condition documentation to protect your assets & people.

Every GPRS customer receives a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription that allows you to access your layered, geolocated, and annotated construction and facility infrastructure data from anywhere, at any time, from a computer or mobile device with the SiteMap® Mobile App.
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The GPRS Difference///

In pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention | GPRS


Every decision you make on a job site can cost time, money, and even lives. That’s why GPRS maintains a consistent 99.8%+ accuracy rate in utility locating and concrete scanning & imaging. Because it’s our job to help you keep your jobs on time, on budget, and safe. Our nationwide team of elite Project Managers aren’t just expert technicians – they are consultants who help you get what you need to do the job right, and safely.


GPRS strives for 100% subsurface damage prevention, boasting a 99.8% accuracy rate nationwide. Our 500+ Project Managers employ the Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) for utility mapping, concrete scanning, sewer camera inspection, and 3D laser scanning, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.


With 500+ SIM-Certified project managers, GPRS offers nationwide support for Visualizing the Built World. Our Rapid Response program ensures quick deployment across all US markets. Specializing in utility locating, we excel in multi-site projects, providing concrete scanning, utility locating, and CCTV sewer scoping. Benefit from our extensive experience and nationwide coverage for seamless infrastructure visualization.

Field to Finish

GPRS guarantees a smooth field-to-finish process with 99.8% accuracy. Our project managers employ various tools for data collection, including ground penetrating radar, CCTV cameras, and LiDAR. In-house mapping creates deliverables stored in SiteMap®. Upon utility locate completion, SiteMap® generates site maps in .pdf, .kmz, and .shp formats, free with subscription.


GPRS provides unmatched existing conditions documentation – above and below-ground – to help you plan, design, manage, and build better.
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Planning & Design
99.8%+ Accurate Utility Locating, Mapping & Concrete Scanning
NASSCO-Certified CCTV Video Pipe Inspection & Reporting
Pinpoint Leak Detection
In-House Mapping & Modeling (2D CAD & 3D BIM/Scan-to-BIM, etc.)
SiteMap® GIS Project & Facility Data Management Platform
GPRS provides accurate existing condition documentation for underground utilities to streamline planning & design by Intelligently Visualizing The Built World® with a wide variety of maps, drawings, and even 3D models of your subsurface infrastructure to help you plan and execute better.
Before you cut, drill, or dig, call GPRS.
We provide the above and below-ground project and site visualization you need to avoid clashes, reworks, cross bores, and utility strikes to keep your job on time, on budget, and safe.
Only 8.5% of non-residential construction projects come in on time and on budge
Utility strikes can cost your project $14,000 - $56,000 per incident
Post tension cable replacement/repair can cost as much as $30,000 per tendon
Avoid mistakes, downtime, and costly reworks with accurate existing condition documentation provided by our team of SIM-certified Project Managers; update stakeholders and communicate clearly with construction progress capture and digital walkthroughs to document milestones and collaborate better.
At GPRS, we believe that Data Control = Damage Control. And our goal is to put you in control of your data now and in the future.

Eliminate outdated paper records and inaccurate as-builts with accurate, layered, and digitized information on every centimeter of your project, available at your fingertips from anywhere, 24/7 and securely sharable via our SiteMap® platform.

Keep your team informed, design maintenance schedules and workflows, plan for emergencies, and know where it is safe to cut, core, drill, or dig before you break ground.


Subsurface Investigation
The industry standard recommends 8 hours as a minimum for training and 60 hours practicing GPR to become certified NDT Level 1 in Ground Penetrating Radar. By contrast, SIM requires 320 hours of mentorship in the field prior to 80 hours of classroom/hands-on training.

In addition, the unique combination of classroom training and on-site supervised field training reinforces what a Project Manager encounters on the Job. The SIM curriculum allows them to go deeper into the technical aspects and knowledge needed to perform their jobs at the highest level.
Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) requires multiple technologies to be used. With any Investigation, more data points yield the best outcome.  When SIM-qualified technicians   locate a subsurface target such as a pipe, utility, or reinforcement   with more than one technology, it confirms the accuracy of the locate. This redundancy also reduces the likelihood of missing a buried target. Redundant results bear more data points; by locating pipes  and other targets with different methods utilizing each tool's strengths, technicians reduce the risk of missing key site information.
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The SIM Certification is a tested process that allows Project Managers to acquire accurate and repeatable results. SIM is similar to a machine that requires multiple gears all working in unison for it to function properly. One of the most critical gears and steps in the SiM process is the repeated methodology that Project Managers must know for each project.

A solid, repeatable methodology guarantees that a concrete scanning, utility locating, or video pipe inspection project can be performed by a seasoned professional, and also by a new-to-the-business technician. When the SIM methodology is followed, It allows technicians to achieve the same results, regardless of their experience in the field.
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Over the past two decades, GPRS has set the standard in training and quality service. The goal of achieving 100% Subsurface Damage Prevention compelled us to surpass typical manufacturer training. The launch of GPRS Training School almost a decade ago widened the gap between us and the industry norm.

Combining classroom instruction, mentorship, real-world sites, test slabs, and training slabs contributed to our scanning accuracy rate of 99.8%. However, in our relentless pursuit of perfection, we raised the bar. With the completion of GPRS Academy, that vision is one step closer to reality.
3,000 sq ft continuous concrete training slab complete with real-world scenarios like post-tension cables, rebar, electrical conduits, columns, and beams.
Training slab can be sectioned off into 4 separate classrooms that allow for advanced training – each classroom progressing in difficulty.
3,000 sq ft indoor simulated gas station that is complete with USTs, buried utilities, light poles, and other related piping
Simulated elevator shaft complete with curving and terminating post-tension cables, extra reinforcement, and densely spaced electrical conduits.
3,000 sq ft slab-on-grade training area that is complete with conduits, reinforcement, shallow utilities and more.
Video Pipe Inspection training area that features sewer and water lines, including sewer laterals for training with VPI cameras.
Training slab during class | GPRS
Training slab during a class.
Training slab during class | GPRS
Matt Aston cuts the ribbon at our new facility.
Training slab during class and meeting | GPRS
Project Managers spend 80 hours in class and 320 hours in mentored field training before being SIM-certified.
Training slab during class | GPRS
The academy features four training slabs, each with increasing complexity, an elevator shaft, and underground storage tanks.
Training slab during class | GPRS
Project Managers undergo 80 hours of class and 320 hours of mentored field training for SIM certification.
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At GPRS, we refer to our field technicians
as Project Managers. why?
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Start-to-Finish Project
Our team members can assist your project from the scheduling and site walk phase through the reporting and billing phase. GPRS Project Managers are true professionals that deliver industry-leading customer service.
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Clear & Accurate Markings / Deliverables
We clearly mark scan results on the surface and discuss all markings, maps, and models before leaving a job site. We offer permanent records like CAD and GPS overlays, and a variety of 2D & 3D CAD & BIM models for Laser Scanning clients.
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Clear Communication
Our team members ask the right questions before arriving on site. While on site, they will do both a pre-job walk and a post-job walk.
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A Career, Not a Job
Our field personnel are not just technicians, which is why we refer to them as Project Managers. They work beside a client through the entire process, providing excellent service. This is their career, their craft, and their trade. The result? An elite service.


GPRS prioritizes our team's growth and development, ensuring they deliver exceptional service to our customers. We invest in our people, recognizing their pivotal role in our company's success.
Team Development
Project Managers undergo a 3-month training program blending classroom teaching and field mentorship. This continues with advanced field training courses. Field personnel follow a promotion track measuring field accuracy, customer service, and professionalism. They're invited to join the GPRS Leadership Development Program, focusing on personal growth in leadership and business.
team characteristics
The most critical component of our team members’ work has always been their character. Each team member exhibits our core values both inside and outside the organization. When you combine personal character, team chemistry, and industry-leading competency, the result is a sensational service for our customers.

///core values

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growth mindedness
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///2023 Safety Statistics

Safety is one of our core values. Our safety focus has earned us an impressive record:

///Safety Training

Safety is one of our core values. Our safety focus has earned us an impressive record:
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///Safety Partnerships

GPRS is proud to partner with several leading safety compliance organizations:
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