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Every decision you make costs time, money, and even lives. Having accurate existing condition documentation before you build, cut, core, or dig – accessible at the touch of a button, whether you’re on site or across the country – helps you plan, design, dig, manage, and build better.

GPRS specializes in Intelligently Visualizing The Built World® for clients in virtually every industry, and delivers 99.8%+ accurate utility maps & concrete scans, rectified 3D photogrammetry & walkthrough tours, and 2-6mm accurate 2D CAD drawings, 3D point clouds, meshes, and BIM models via our SiteMap® platform.

Prompt Project Completion

In construction, time is money because every lost labor hour due to clashes, reworks, change orders, and accidents can set your project back days, and cost thousands of dollars in stagnant productivity. According to new construction research, only 8.5% of projects come in on time, and the average project delay is 200 days.  

The #1 way to combat construction delays is accurate, controllable, and easily sharable existing condition data to eliminate miscommunications and mistakes and control damages. GPRS’ products & services can help you avoid delays before they happen.

Clash-Free Builds

Accurate design plans and prefabrication specifications can make clashes obsolete, even in the most challenging conditions. Record drawings are nearly always inaccurate, if they exist at all, and usually do not include subsurface 
utilities and facilities.

3D laser scanning & photogrammetry, utility locating, video pipe inspection, and concrete imaging provide comprehensive visualization in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas and can provide accurate full site as-builts. GPRS can even integrate your plans into a 3D BIM model to give you instant insight into potential clashes.

Everything is Organized

How many places do you need to look to find your as-builts? Most facility managers in a 2021 survey stored existing conditions documents in at least four different locations, leading to missing or inaccurate measurements and information bottlenecks. Those data gaps are the cause of most utility strikes, clashes, and accidents.

All GPRS customers receive a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription that delivers all your GPRS-collected as-builts, drawings, maps, and models in one secure, accessible, and shareable application to make miscommunications and mistakes a thing of the past.

Precise Floor Plans

Whether you’re preparing plan views for prospective tenants, stakeholders, or for emergency preparedness, accurate floor plans can be the difference between making the sale, keeping your staff safe, or disaster.

GPRS offers accurate plan views via 3D photogrammetry with FLRPLN. Your facility’s interior, 99.8%+ accurate concrete scan and utility field markings are captured in minutes and transformed into accurate floor plans that can provide staff, stakeholders, or even first responders with reliable, actionable interior layout information to keep your facility and your people, safe.

Budget Protection

Labor shortages, material costs, and weather are all lined up to take a bite from your budget and can make safeguarding your profit margin feel like a full-time job. Why risk losing time, money, and manpower to avoidable miscommunications, accidents, and mistakes?

GPRS’ unique suite of damage prevention, existing condition documentation, and facility & project management solutions enhance productivity by putting you in control of your data, its accuracy, and usage, to arm you against cost overruns.

Fewer Site Visits

Contemporary construction projects are built locally, but often planned, designed, and prefabricated on a national or global scale. That can mean a lot of redundant travel and expense that can blow a budget, fast.  

You can reduce site visits and update stakeholders with ProCap construction progress 3D photogrammetry capture, accurate as-built drawings, and 3D BIM models that can integrate your design plans with existing conditions, so that everyone can have their “eyes on” the project without additional travel.

Refined Layout & Design

Your plans are only as accurate as your measurements, so why would you rely on inaccurate, incomplete, outdated as-builts, or old public record drawings when your project and reputation are on the line?

Comprehensive, accurate measurements are only a click away with SiteMap® & GPRS. We put our elite Project Managers’ “boots on the ground” to measure every square inch of your site – above and below-ground – and to provide you with accurate existing condition documentation for all of it, delivered in a secure and sharable platform that you control.

Remote Collaboration

Great planning and outstanding communications are the heart of every successful project. Keeping architects, engineers, designers, stakeholders, and subcontractors working together seamlessly and safely requires constant vigilance.

That’s why GPRS created SiteMap®, to give you a single source of truth where you can capture and store everything from 99.8%+ accurate utility maps to hitting construction milestones, captured in 3D, and available to everyone on your team who needs them, 24/7, whether they’re on site or across the country.

Dig, Cut & Core Safely

Your dig policy is only as strong as the information it’s built on. Accurate utility locations and reinforced concrete slab mapping are the backbone that protects your team’s safety and your company’s reputation.

At GPRS we believe that data control = damage control, which is why we are in pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention and require SIM-certification for every Project Manager in the field. That’s how we can provide 99.8%+ accuracy rates on utility locating and concrete scanning & imaging so you can cut, core, and dig with confidence.

Accurate As-Builts

How much easier would your job be if you had automatically updated as-builts that took you from field to finish and beyond?

Because with GPRS you can. When we say, “field to finish,” we mean we’re with you every step of the way, from clearing anchor locations in post tension slabs to layered utility maps, to comprehensive 3D BIM models that capture above and below-ground conditions accurately. We can update existing conditions throughout your project life cycle, to protect your site, your reputation, and your workers - delivered in an easy-to-use, secure digital platform via SiteMap® to give you instant insight into potential clashes.