Subsurface Damage Prevention


When it comes to construction and facility management, every decision you make can cost time, money, and even lives. GPRS is in pursuit of a world with 100% subsurface damage prevention. Our 99.8% accuracy rate for ground penetrating radar services (GPR), utility locating services, utility mapping services, and concrete scanning services will locate critical targets like underground utilities, post tension cables, rebar, conduits, underground storage tanks (USTs), and more to help keep your project on time, on budget, and safe. Our NASSCO-certified CCTV video pipe inspection & leak detection services find pipe defects, blockages, and leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Existing Conditions Documentation


When record drawings do not match the as-built conditions, general contractors and facility managers are at risk of avoidable change orders, delays, budget overruns, and even damage or injuries. Let GPRS’ in-house team create an as-built (TruBuilt) for your project – showing actual existing conditions above or below ground… or both. Our 3D Laser Scanning, reality capture services, and 3D Photogrammetry services deliver up-to-date and accurate construction as-builts, existing condition drawings, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, digital twins, point clouds, updated floorplans (FLRPLN), and more for construction design, prefabrication, clash detection, facility modifications, and asset management.

Facility & Project Management


Better manage your job site or facility with our GIS software platform, SiteMap®. SiteMap®(patent pending) allows you to quickly access, view, and share your infrastructure data securely with subcontractors, engineers, and your team. All of your utility, structural, water & sewer, and facility information is uploaded into the SiteMap® Map Viewer and Digital Plan Room. You can document construction progress with our Progressive Capture (ProCap) service which utilizes 3D photogrammetry or 3D laser scanning to track the evolution of the site and document key project milestones. Virtual Tours like WalkThru 3D allow you to virtually walk-through a site or facility in minutes, take basic measurements, estimate clearances and distances, and add digital notes.

Vector Graphic: "We're Evolving So You Can Build Better"

SiteMap® Is a project & facility management software application that provides accurate existing condition documentation to protect your assets & people. Visualize your world as it's being built with SiteMap®. See how simple it is to access, read, and share information in this intuitive, secure user interface: Current GPRS customers all receive a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription with their utility locate.

Case Study

GPRS is providing our 99.8% accurate utility locating and mapping to UToledo’s campus in exchange for field training for our Project Managers.

Homepage sitemap image | GPRS

SiteMap® provides infrastructure information management tailored to meet your organizational needs. Whether you need a single layered utility map or to manage a nationally distributed portfolio, there's a SiteMap® solution for you.



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Illustration of Underground Utility Locating

Ground Penetrating RadaR (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-destructive geophysical technique utilized in construction to analyze the subsurface conditions of a given site. By emitting electromagnetic pulses into the ground and capturing the reflected signals, GPR generates a visual representation of subsurface features. In construction applications, GPR serves multiple functions such as utility mapping, concrete imaging, quality assurance, and environmental assessment. It facilitates the detection of underground utilities like pipes, cables, and conduits, aiding in pre-construction planning and excavation safety. Additionally, GPR can pinpoint the presence and positioning of reinforcement bars (rebar) or post-tension cables within concrete slabs, ensuring structural integrity. Ground Penetrating Radar's ability to deliver real-time subsurface insights without causing damage makes it indispensable, enhancing safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness throughout construction projects.
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Illustration of Underground Utility Locating


Private utility locating is vital to any construction, excavation, or renovation project. 811 One Call services locate public utility lines, but do not typically locate private utilities. GPRS is private utility locating company that employs Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), electromagnetic locators, CCTV video cameras, acoustic water leak locators and other equipment to scan for subsurface utilities, including depths and GPS mapping, saving time, money, and even lives by avoiding utility strikes to protect all site employees and contractors from potential line strike damages. GPRS provides complimentary .KMZ files for all of our exterior utility locating projects. Our utility mapping services can create an updated as-built drawing for your campus or facility. GPR services can also be used to locate underground storage tanks (USTs), unknown utilities, and even manholes and well heads.
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Illustration of Subsurface Pipeline Locating


The majority of sewer pipe defects occur underground in buried pipes that can only be accessed by excavation or CCTV cameras via a Video Pipe Inspection (VPI). GPRS deploys both robotic crawler CCTV pipe cameras and lateral launch cameras to document and assess water systems, drains, and conduct sewer camera inspection services without costly excavation. Our NASSCO-certified WinCan video pipeline inspection reports provide clients the exact location and map of each defect, cross-referenced and tagged with a defect severity level. A CCTV sewer pipe inspection service allows our clients to visualize every inch of water and sewer pipe within their system and to create comprehensive repair and maintenance plans to repair pipe damage in the most cost-effective manner possible.
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Illustration of Post-tension Concrete With Utility Lines


Any project involving post-tension or slab-on-grade concrete contains an inherent risk of costly damage and/or injury when you core or cut into the slab. Rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables pose significant strike risks, and each has its own unique GPR imaging signature. GPRS’ concrete scanning service provides digital concrete scanning with ground penetrating radar (GPR) to accurately pinpoint the location of each hazard and map it in detail, so there is never a question of where you can cut and where you can’t. Unlike concrete x-ray services, GPR concrete imaging does not require you to close off sections of your site to avoid radiation. In most cases, your work can continue while we scan and locate slab reinforcement and conduits with 99.8%+ accuracy, so that you can safely cut and drill.

GPRS guarantees our accuracy and your safety with our exclusive Green Box Guarantee. Read about our Green Box Guarantee
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GPRS 3D laser scanning services, 3D photogrammetry services, and scan-to-BIM services document the as-built conditions of your building, facility, and site with 2-6 millimeter accuracy. Our reality capture company provides professional 3D scanning services with Leica laser scanners and Matterport cameras.
Architectural, structural, MEP, utility locating, and concrete scanning data is captured with LiDAR technology in the form of a point cloud and can be transformed into custom as-built drawings, 2D CAD drawings, 2D floor plans, utility maps, 3D BIM models, Revit models, 3D mesh models, TruViews, digital twins, 3D virtual tours, and more.
Our 3D scanning company delivers accurate as-builts, maps, and models for architecture, engineering, construction, renovation, oil and gas, historical preservation, industrial, manufacturing, education, healthcare, power, water treatment plant, energy, and utility companies.
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Illustration of Locating an Item on a Map

Virtual Tours

GPRS 3D Virtual Tours allow general contractors, facility management, architects, and engineers an immersive visual representation of a site. With precise data collected through 3D Photogrammetry, these tours unveil the existing conditions of a facility or job site with great accuracy. 3D Virtual Tours empower stakeholders to remotely navigate job sites, fostering efficient collaboration and informed decision-making. This technology isn't just about convenience; it's about safety too. Understanding facility layouts through virtual tours facilitates comprehensive emergency planning, ensuring swift responses to potential crises. Moreover, the infrastructure data gleaned from these tours isn't limited to visual representation alone; it can generate up-to-date floorplans, further enhancing operational efficiency and planning accuracy. In a world where remote work and safety preparedness are paramount, 3D virtual tours emerge as indispensable tools for industries ranging from construction to facility management.
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Illustration of Leaking Underground Pipe


GPRS Water Leak Detection Services can quickly pinpoint a known water leak when a problem is identified in municipal water or sewer infrastructure or for an industrial facility. We can also proactively search for leaks in domestic water and fire systems, water main leak detection, and complete Water Loss Surveys to locate problems before they are evident and costly. Underground water leak detection services can save you time, money, and precious water.
Acoustic leak detection is aided by leak correlation to provide accurate, real-time verification of an active leak and can be integrated with our CCTV Video Pipe Inspection Services and utility locating services to improve commercial, industrial, and municipal water infrastructure efficiency, and avoid unnecessary excavation. At GPRS we are the best leak detection company in the industry because we are backed by the power of our 99.8% accurate underground utility locating process.

Laser focused Solutions///


CAD of a factory | GPRS

As the leading provider of 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling services, we revolutionize mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design processes. Our laser scanning captures precise measurements of existing structures, while our BIM modeling integrates this data for accurate visualization and coordination of MEP elements. This ensures optimal spatial layouts, enhances efficiency, and minimizes errors and rework, delivering superior results for our clients' projects.


Incorporate your design plans into current infrastructure and underground systems prior to commencing construction. This ensures that your architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) team, subcontractors, and stakeholders receive a complete 3D BIM model. This model seamlessly integrates 3D Laser Scanning data, Utility Locations, Video Pipe Inspection results, and GPR Data, enabling an intelligent visualization of both existing structures and proposed additions – above and below ground.


Architectural structural | GPRS

We leverage 3D laser scanning and reality capture to revolutionize architectural and engineering practices, generating precise as-built representations and digital twins of structures. Integration into BIM models helps by reducing change orders, work stoppages, budget overruns, and design errors. Laser scanning offers architects and engineers detailed visualization of the built world, enhancing understanding and decision-making in project planning.


Point Clouds  | GPRS

Point clouds and 3D Laser Scanning assist the AEC industry with accurate built-world data for planning and execution. They reveal insights into infrastructure and MEP features, aiding clash detection, route optimization, and error prevention. Additionally, point clouds facilitate precise as-built documentation, enhancing project accuracy and accountability. They also enable virtual reality simulations for immersive project visualization, fostering better communication and decision-making among stakeholders.

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Complete facility visualization can almost eliminate clashes, reworks, change orders, and the cost overruns associated with them. 

GPRS is committed to helping you manage and mitigate risk on your job and for your team. We provide complete facility infrastructure visualization through utility locating, concrete scanning & imaging, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, drone photogrammetry, and state-of-the-art mapping & modeling services so that you and your team can see potential hazards and design obstacles and mitigate risk to keep your project on time, on budget, and most importantly, safe.

Our goal is 100% subsurface damage prevention, and we have achieved and maintained a 99.8% accuracy rate in concrete scanning & imaging and underground utility locating on more than 400,000 jobs and counting. 

When underground utilities and subsurface features are not accurately located prior to excavation or trenching, your most important asset is at risk – your people. 

When you call GPRS, we use the latest in locating and scanning technology to make sure that we help keep your people, and ours, safe.


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Put your site on the Map///

///Georeferenced Utility Linework Overlay


GPRS provides complimentary utility maps for every utility locating project – in easy-to-use file formats like .shp, .kmz. and .pdf. This linework is overlaid on background imagery and delivered immediately upon completion of a project. By supplying updated existing condition drawings, we ensure clients have actionable data for planning, designing or excavation.

///CAD – 2D Utility Site Plan


The GPRS Mapping & Modeling Team can aggregate GPRS field markings into a CAD utility site plan that shows the accurate vertical and horizontal position of underground utility locations. This site plan will help you visualize your project in the planning or design phase, during construction, or even as a permanent record of existing conditions.


CAD 3D Utility Site Plan – VDC Coordination Example | GPRS

GPRS can create a 3D as-built model of the utility infrastructure on your construction site or facility/campus. GPRS collection devices such as gpr, electromagnetic induction, and CCTV video pipe inspection cameras gather site information. 3D visualization of utilities based on the 3D utility data model can be expanded to include above ground features for VDC coordination.

///GIS Infrastructure Software Application

SiteMap - GIS Infrastructure Software Application on Mobile and Desktop | GPRS

SiteMap® is an application that can visualize georeferenced utility data, site photos and videos, BIM Models, and CAD files all in one platform. The platform is free for GPRS customers and also has available subscription tiers for different construction and facility needs. SiteMap® shows data in a customizable, intuitive, affordable platform that updates data in minutes.

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The GPRS Difference///

Quality & Consistency

GPRS is in pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention. Our 99.8% accuracy rate demonstrates that our equipment, training, and methodology consistently deliver high-quality results nationwide. All 500+ GPRS Project Managers utilize the industry-leading specification called Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) when conducting utility mapping, concrete scanning, sewer camera inspection, or 3D laser scanning.

Our commitment to quality and consistency extends to our world-class customer service center. Our team of expert project coordinators, estimators, and account managers strive to provide you with a frictionless experience when hiring GPRS for ground penetrating radar services, utility locating, concrete imaging, VPI, or 3D laser scanning. You can expect reliable and consistent service every time you contact GPRS.

National Footprint

The GPRS Mapping & Modeling Team can aggregate GPRS field markings into a CAD utility site plan that shows the accurate vertical and horizontal position of underground utility locations. This site plan will help you visualize your project in the planning or design phase, during construction, or even as a permanent record of existing conditions.

GPRS supports construction projects nationwide, boasting extensive experience in utility locating. We excel in serving projects across multiple sites, overcoming the challenge of finding a single service provider for concrete scanning, utility locating, or CCTV sewer scoping across large regions. Our unique capability lies in nationwide coverage, facilitated by GPRS Project Managers in every major market.

Field to Finish

GPRS's field-to-finish process is underpinned by our 99.8% accuracy rate. Our skilled project managers employ various collection devices such as ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, CCTV crawler cameras, LiDAR, and acoustic leak detectors to gather built world data. This data is then compiled into deliverables by our in-house mapping and modeling team.

These maps and models can be stored within the digital plan room of our software application, SiteMap®. Upon completion of a private utility locate service, our field data automatically creates a map of your site and is delivered in various file formats such as .pdf, .kmz, and .shp. This field-to-finish solution is also delivered through a free subscription to SiteMap®

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Safety Tour Of America  | GPRS Images

Safety Tour Of America

We crisscrossed the nation to speak with our partners in safety to hear firsthand from them how they consistently do their jobs at such an elite level. We spoke with safety directors, project managers, executives, and other safety professionals from 11 of our valued partners in the inaugural leg of this tour.