Eliminate Clashes, Rework, and Mistakes Above and Below-Ground with Accurate As-Builts from GPRS



As-builts are drawings or plans representing the existing conditions of a project site, building, or facility. Projects go through modifications during the construction process. As-builts provide a record of the current building information, including architectural, structural, utility, and MEP system dimensions, locations, and material specifications.

As-builts can be updated throughout a project’s life cycle. They can be generated during construction to document design changes from the original plans. They can also be produced at the end of a job, during closeout, often referred to as final as-builts or record drawings. An accurate record of existing conditions expedites project planning and decision making.

Renovations or modifications can proceed smoothly when teams have architectural, structural, and MEP system specifications. Accurate as-builts reduce delays and costs from mistakes and reworks made from working with outdated plans.
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Utility As-Builts
Building Elevations
MEP As-Builts
Reflected Ceiling Plans
Structural As-Builts
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Utility As-Builts
What’s underneath matters, to your budget, timeline, and safety. That’s why GPRS maintains a 99.8%+ accuracy rate for utility locating & mapping. We can also provide CAD overlays, and even full 3D models of your existing utility conditions, as needed.
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Building Elevations
Plan views can only take you so far. A comprehensive as-built package includes drawings from every angle. GPRS interior and exterior elevation as-builts are created in CAD with data captured by 3D laser scanning to provide accuracy within millimeters for your design, renovation, or prefabrication needs.
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Floor Plans
Vital for record-keeping, renovation planning, sales, and risk mitigation, an accurate floorplan is a critical piece of your as-built library. It provides valuable emergency planning and is the easiest way to communicate evacuation & safe space information to your staff and first responders.
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MEP As-Builts
Capture accurate existing conditions for HVAC mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including ductwork, air handlers, conduit, panels, distribution equipment, pipe runs, valves, pumps, and more to avoid clashes, verify conditions, and plan for maintenance, operations, or renovation.
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Reflected Ceiling Plans
Reflected ceiling plans (RCPs) provide a mirror-like image of the ceiling’s outline, structural components like exposed beams, coffers, trays, and soffits, its various levels, vent locations, and lighting fixtures, sprinklers, etc., all located in a plan view format that make it easy to measure, plan, and coordinate work.
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Structural As-Builts
Capture & produce comprehensive and accurate existing conditions records for your foundations, beams, columns, and framing with structural as-builts. These plans provide proof that your project is built soundly and to code, while also providing practical as-builts for future use.
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You can’t afford clashes, mistakes, and reworks… Neither can we. That’s why accurate existing conditions documentation and as-builts matter because they help you avoid

  • Eliminate Miscommunications - When everyone on your team has access to the same accurate information, it creates a more dynamic and flexible working environment because everyone starts on the same page. Precise as-builts decrease calls, emails, messages, and site visits by providing a single source of truth.
  • Eliminate Project Planning & Design Errors - Accurate measurements mean accurate plans, designs, material orders, and workflows because you’ve already detected potential clashes. So, you can execute your project with fewer mistakes, delays, and bottlenecks.
  • Reduce Budget Overruns - Change orders, miscommunications, and accidents all cause delays and delays cost money. Accurate as-builts serve as a single source of truth to reduce errors and dial in cost estimates.  
  • Reduce Change Orders, Clashes, Damages, and Reworks – The surest way to reduce damages, change orders, clashes, and reworks is to eliminate them out of the gate with precise measurements and easily accessible objects that everyone on your team can use to design, plan, and build better. As-builts are one of a variety of visualization tools available from GPRS.
  • Eliminate Workflow Bottlenecks – Order, plan, and schedule efficiently with accurate, layered, digital project details to allow for task stacking and construction progress that can be easily tracked and reported to stakeholders and off-site collaborators via ProCap and Walkthru 3D photogrammetry and virtual tours.


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When record drawings do not match the as-built conditions, general contractors and facility managers are at risk of avoidable change orders, delays, budget overruns, and even damage or injuries. Let GPRS’ in-house team create a TruBuilt as-built for your project – showing actual existing conditions above or below ground… or both.

Because what sets GPRS apart is our commitment to quality and consistency. Our 99.8% accuracy rate demonstrates that our equipment, training, and methodology consistently deliver high-quality results nationwide. All 500+ GPRS Project Managers utilize the industry-leading specification called Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) when conducting utility mapping, concrete scanning, sewer camera inspection, or 3D laser scanning.
Our 3D Laser Scanning, reality capture services, and 3D Photogrammetry services can deliver up-to-date and accurate construction as-builts, existing condition drawings, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, digital twins, point clouds, updated floorplans (FLRPLN), and more for construction design, prefabrication, clash detection, facility modifications, and asset management.
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Data Control = Damage Control, which means you save time, money, and keep your people safe.
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Planning & Design

  • Capture complete & accurate existing conditions above and below-ground including depths, where available.

  • Integrate your accurate as-built conditions into architectural plans & design models to avoid clashes and reworks before you break ground.


  • Utilize secure, shareable, digitized utility maps, structural drawings, reports and models to minimize information bottlenecks, inaccuracies, and mistakes.
  • Track and report construction progress to stakeholders and your team via ProCap Progressive Capture and WalkThru 3D virtual tours.


  • Access the accurate comprehensive layered plan views, annotated record drawings, maps, models, and reports for your project via SiteMap®, so anyone on your team can find what they need when they need it.

  • Control the quality of your project or facility data so you can control damages to keep everything running smoothly.
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Existing Conditions Documentation
As-Built Drawings
BIM Models
Construction & Facility Project Management

Build at the speed of

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Accurate existing conditions reporting via a 3D virtual tour so you can walk your team through your site to streamline communications and collaboration without excess travel and expense.
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Capture construction progress, from pre-pour concrete reinforcements to MEP installs, and more to provide accurate timelines and key milestone completions for stakeholders & your team.
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Turn our 3D photogrammetry virtual tour into an accurate plan view of your project for design, risk mitigation, and emergency planning.
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Accurate existing condition as-builts with 2D plan views of your above and below ground infrastructure to break down information bottlenecks with comprehensive, layered data.
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As-builts are never really "as-built." They are often "as-intended" because who has the time or money to incorporate every change order, spec, and update?

GPRS Intelligently Visualizes The Built World® to give you actual as-builts - often accurate within 2-4mm - delivered in a variety of media.


SiteMap® (patent pending) is a project & facility management application that provides accurate existing condition documentation to protect your assets and people. Every GPRS utility locating customer receives a complimentary SiteMap® Personal Account.
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  • Prevent damages, change orders, and cost overruns to keep your assets & people safe.
  • All subcontractors and trades use GPRS services
  • All accurate GPRS infrastructure data is automatically uploaded to create a single source of truth
  • Secure & accessible for the life of your project
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  • Focuses on one facility
  • Allows you to manage all your projects from one secure location
  • Aggregated, layered above and below-ground infrastructure documentation for progress capture, record-keeping, and planning
  • Customization to your needs
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///Case Study

Capture accurate existing conditions documentation with 2-4mm accuracy with no interruptions to plant operations, and provide a 3D BIM model for planning, fabrication, and safe installation of renovations
An engineering firm needed to have existing conditions of a power plant documented and modeled to plan for renovations.
3D scan of a building | GPRSScan of a building | GPRSLine drawing of a building | GPRS
The Bottom Line:
In just one day on site, GPRS was able to capture the entire existing conditions of the facility, even in dense pipe runs and hard-to-reach spaces, with 2-4mm accuracy to provide the client with an accurate 3D BIM model for planning, fabrication, and clash detection
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Capture accurate existing conditions documentation with 2-4mm accuracy with no interruptions to plant operations, and provide a 3D BIM model for planning, fabrication, and safe installation of renovations
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The client needed to accurately document the existing conditions of the plant without interruptions to the power supply
Many of the pipe runs were dense and impossible to accurately measure by hand
The client required 2-4 mm accuracy of dense piping and pipe runs throughout the facility
The client needed to guarantee that installations complied with safety regulations
Notebook with checks | GPRS
In one day on site, GPRS’ Project Manager used the Leica RTC360 laser scanner to capture 150 laser scans, documenting existing conditions of the facility
Many of the pipe runs were dense and impossible to accurately measure by hand
GPRS generated a 3D BIM model for use in CAD software, including all civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical features, piping, and conduit 1” and larger