Green Box Guarantee

In our quest toward a world with 100% subsurface damage prevention, we’re introducing an industry-leading proprietary program to help prevent injuries and damages. We want to provide contractors the necessary comfort of certainty when coring and drilling concrete.

Introducing... The Green Box Guarantee

What is the Green Box Guarantee?
The Green Box Guarantee is simple: when we place a Green Box within a layout prior to anchoring or coring concrete, we guarantee that the area will be free of obstructions.

In fact, we are so confident in our SIM-qualified Project Managers that if the area isn’t free of obstructions, GPRS will pay the cost of the damage.

We believe that our product is worth more than what we can put on paper. You can say you're confident in your product or service, but how much does that really mean? The true companies, who are the leaders within their divisions, show worthiness through action, and not just talk.

But this isn’t just talk. GPRS’ Green Box Guarantee delivers multiple benefits to our customers that they are unable to get from competitors.
How does it help customers?
The GPRS Green Box Guarantee allows you to accomplish four things: safety,  efficiency,  cost savings, clear communication.
1) Safety - helps to prevent potential life-threatening injuries and damages
2) Efficiency - prevents project delays
3) Cost savings - prevents costly repairs and unexpected change orders
4) Clear communication - before, during, and after the locate

These benefits work together to help enhance GPRS’ 99.8% subsurface damage prevention rate.