Floor Plan


Existing condition as-built floor plans are vital for record-keeping, renovation design & planning, sales, insurance & risk mitigation, and emergency preparedness.

  • A preferred method for reporting fires and other emergencies
  • An evacuation policy & procedure
  • Emergency escape route procedures and route assignments, such as floor plans, workplace maps, and safe or refuge areas

GPRS’ reality capture technologies allow us to convert photogrammetry into 2D floorplan views, delivered digitally and shareable via SiteMap® so that they can be downloaded, saved, and shared to any laptop, tablet, or smartphone and are accessible 24/7.

All delivered and securely stored via SiteMap®, our shareable software platform you can access from any laptop or mobile device, 24/7.

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Accurate existing conditions reporting via a 3D virtual tour so you can walk your team through your site to streamline communications and collaboration without excess travel and expense.
Capture construction progress, from pre-pour concrete reinforcements to MEP installs, and more to provide accurate timelines and key milestone completions for stakeholders & your team.
Turn our 3D photogrammetry virtual tour into an accurate plan view of your project for design, risk mitigation, and emergency planning.
Accurate existing condition as-builts with 2D plan views of your above and below ground infrastructure to break down information bottlenecks with comprehensive, layered data.