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Providing Safe Urban Power Distribution System Installation

Providing Safe Urban Power Distribution System Installation



"GPRS has been able to continually support our customer through multiples phases of this project. Ultimately, the power utility has been able to benefit from our partnership, allowing the new power distribution project to move smoothly from the design, into the construction phase of the project.” – Curtis Hoag, Market Segment Leader, Power




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Allow for the clash-free installation of a new electrical duct bank in an urban area as part of a new power distribution system


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  • The power utility company required accurate locations, depths, and maps of all public & private utilities at the site of their proposed duct bank that they could share with their design & engineering teams
  • Many of the utility lines were under a roadway, impeding Project Managers’ efforts without traffic control
  • The duct bank had been designed without subsurface data; installing it without underground utility maps had a high probability of a clash and/or utility strike


  • GPRS Project Managers instituted traffic control measures to ensure a safe work zone
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) locating were deployed utilizing Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) to locate all buried utilities, public & private, providing depth readings where possible
  • Utility location and mapping were accomplished via on-site field markings and GPS; those findings were uploaded to SiteMap® to create maps and drawings detailing the location and type of each utility line


  • The power utility now has accurate existing conditions documents of its site, even depths of utilities under a busy roadway
  • The design team could define any potential clashes and rework prior to construction to save valuable time and money, and preserve safety
  • Designers, stakeholders, and contractors could see their initial results within minutes, and could collaborate seamlessly from anywhere via SiteMap’s® cloud-based platform and mobile application
  • GPRS provides a complimentary SiteMap® Personal subscription, PDF and .KMZ file for every utility locate


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“Our team was more effective and efficient because of SiteMap, allowing us to provide better results from more informed decision-making.”
Alexander Valigosky
Project Environmental Scientist

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