Managing a project from a remote location? Managing multiple projects in a facility? Need to update stakeholders on milestones?

PRO CAP Progressive Capture can provide you and your team with rectified 3D photogrammetry that accurately captures features on your site – from concrete supports to MEP and beyond – to keep communication flowing and everyone on the same page.

GPRS provides PRO CAP on a regular schedule for the life of your project.

  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Customized

All delivered and securely stored via SiteMap®, our shareable software platform you can access from any laptop or mobile device, 24/7.

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Accurate existing conditions reporting via a 3D virtual tour so you can walk your team through your site to streamline communications and collaboration without excess travel and expense.
Capture construction progress, from pre-pour concrete reinforcements to MEP installs, and more to provide accurate timelines and key milestone completions for stakeholders & your team.
Turn our 3D photogrammetry virtual tour into an accurate plan view of your project for design, risk mitigation, and emergency planning.
Accurate existing condition as-builts with 2D plan views of your above and below ground infrastructure to break down information bottlenecks with comprehensive, layered data.