A GPRS Case Study

Teichert Solar Carport Gateway Seminary

Teichert Solar Carport Gateway Seminary



GPRS located, marked, and mapped a seven-acre site in a single day, supplying instant access to subsurface as-built data via SiteMap® to help Teichert Solar to avoid utility strikes, delays, and redesigns, adding efficiency and saving money.





Accurately map the subsurface infrastructure of the seven-acre site and deliver a CAD utility site plan via SiteMap® for the planning and installation of concrete foundations for solar parking structures enabled with electric vehicle charging.


Locate, mark, and map all utility and sewer lines at Gateway Seminary in Ontario, California prior to the construction of solar carports by Teichart Solar.

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  • Installing solar carports is a technically challenging project that requires careful engineering and a proper foundation to support the weight of the steel structure and solar panels
  • Excavation clearance was required before Teichart could core holes in the parking surface for concrete foundations to assure they didn’t strike subsurface utilities


  • GPRS located and mapped the electric, communication, water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and irrigation lines: information necessary to plot and place the solar carport foundations
  • GPRS also identified any additional subsurface objects found such as concrete pads and USTs
  • Teichert Solar was able to quickly access 99.8% accurate field- verified GPS-enabled CAD utility site maps in PDF, KMZ, and SHP file format via SiteMap®, GPRS’ cloud-based infrastructure visualization software


  • In one day on site, three GPRS Project Managers used GPR technology and EM locators to mark the precise locations and deliver a CAD utility site plan showing the accurate vertical and horizontal positions of underground utility and sewer locations
  • Utility maps were easily shared via SiteMap® with the solar canopy subcontractors and engineers to collaborate on installation and avoid utility strikes


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“Our team was more effective and efficient because of SiteMap, allowing us to provide better results from more informed decision-making.”
Alexander Valigosky
Project Environmental Scientist

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