"The information we received from GPRS was more than we anticipated and more detailed and in-depth than we had ever expected to see."
Kristy Carter
Discount Drug Mart
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"In a typical building, without the laser scanning capabilities that TruePoint/GPRS provide, we would have to hire an architect that would have to go through and do manual assessments and measurements in order to provide us with a set of drawings that we can actually build off of."
Aaron Seymour
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Substantial structural deterioration as per CS-SB5-D does not necessarily include the following surface imperfections, unless the licensed engineer or architect determines that they indicate a structural problem:
  • Cracks
  • Distortion
  • Sagging
  • Deflections
  • Misalignments
  • Signs of Leakage
  • Peeling Finishes
NDT tests like UPV and Tomography can help determine the severity of any underlying issue.


GPRS Intelligently Visualizes The Built World™ above and below ground as the leading provider of accurate and creative 3D Laser Scanning solutions for the construction, architecture, and engineering industries.

Industries We Serve

Whether you are a general contractor who knows time is money and cannot afford to lose either one to costly change orders and delays, or an engineer who relies on absolute data precision for your design and modeling needs, GPRS meets the challenge.

GPRS provides accurate as-builts, point clouds, maps, CAD drawings, and 3D models for the engineering, design, construction, architectural, oil & gas, facility management, multimedia & entertainment, historical preservation, stadium & theater, education, healthcare, water & wastewater, and energy & utility industries.

Our elite design team will package your maps & models to suit your needs – from raw point cloud data to a fully rendered 3D BIM model – to ensure you have all the information you need to get the job done right, delivered in formats that make them instantly understandable and easy to communicate.

Our customized 3D Laser Scanning solutions include:
  • Point Cloud Creation
  • As-builts
  • 3D BIM Modeling
  • Clash Detection & Prefabrication
  • Mixed Reality Development Models
  • Above & Below Ground Data Capture


According to a 2022 report in Digital Builder, 69% of projects in the last three years were 10% or more over budget.

Which means only 31% of projects came in almost on budget – within 10% of their original estimates.

The 2021 GPRS Market Study by Finch found that 78% of facility managers reported damage due to a locating issue, with an average cost of $56,000 and two-to-three months of project delay per event.

And global consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, reports that across all industry areas, 80% of construction projects finish over budget and suggests the #1 way to disrupt this troubling trend is to execute rapid digital mapping for greater accuracy and more immediate results.

The industry is so used to poor locates, as-builts, and communications that most have built these huge cost overruns into their budgets as routine.

Costly and potentially dangerous mistakes do not need to be routine.

It is impossible to execute a great plan on time and on budget if it is built on incomplete or incorrect data.

It is possible to greatly reduce or even eliminate cost overruns when you have accurate data delivered in easy-to-understand formats before you execute your project.
"Thank you for the 3D Model. You found all of the parts we were looking for with great accuracy. We were very pleased to see you found the “X” brace and the gas pipe under the feeder in your scan images."
- Brian B. - Technical Lead - R&D
3D laser scanning allows you to capture complete as-builts in a fraction of the time of hand measuring, with 2-4 mm accuracy. In most cases our Project Managers can scan a project in a day or two and our design team can quickly interpret that data into the maps, models, and drawings you need. This allows you to assess any location with precision and confidently execute your vision in days instead of weeks or months, while further reducing costs by cutting down on inaccuracies and mistakes.
  • Every client is unique, so we work with you to understand the scope and purpose of your project to provide singular visualization solutions that meet your specific needs
  • Our Project Managers complete hyper-accurate work in the span of a few hours or days by deploying state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners to capture the exact dimensions and locations of the structural, architectural, and MEP features of your site
  • The captured point cloud and photographic data is registered and processed by our design team to set the coordinate system, remove any data fragments to rectify your scans and provide precise measurements of even the most complex spaces
  • We execute drawings, maps, and/or models that are customized to your project’s needs so that you can visualize every facet of your existing site: Point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models and 3D mesh models. We can also provide customized 3D walkthrough or flythrough BIMs to fully realize your space
  • For those who wish to edit their own data, we provide raw point clouds in a wide range of file types to be used in many different software packages including Autodesk or Bentley products
  • Because we design the project at the outset with your specific needs in mind, we eliminate unnecessary communications and delays to deliver the highest quality data on time and on budget

At GPRS, our goal is your goal: To provide you with the highest quality as-builts, point clouds, maps, and models available to reduce change orders, delays, and cost overruns. Our 2-4 mm scan accuracy provides tighter dimensions for superior clash detection and clean, clear visualizations.

And we’ve been providing outstanding 3D laser scan results for clients since 2011.

View specific case studies and information on how we help clients Visualize The Built World™.

View More Case Studies
Thank you so much for how quickly you pulled this together for us. Our end goal was to have a full-scale clean 3D surface body of a model that we can import into Solid Works, pull measurements from, and build models around. The file looks great and will work perfectly
- John M. – Mechanical Engineer
GPRS TruePoint Laser Scanning was a great partner to The Virginia Air and Space Science Center. The team at TruePoint was open and honest about the pricing and process. I was even happier when I heard they were able to meet an already tight deadline and budget. TruePoint had a quick turnaround on deliverables that saved time within the project. We look forward to working with them on future projects.
- Michael T. – Director Of Facilities, The Virginia Air And Space Science Center
You did a great job! The Revit model was very useful, it gave us a great starting point to build our design model. The fly-through was just as helpful. Doing a normal field investigation you never seem to get the picture you need. With the fly-through, I can get any angle needed -- not to mention -- having it during a meeting when something comes up clients want to see. We have used other scanning firms for smaller scale projects and haven’t had the same results. You guys were very professional and met every deliverable that was promised, even on the tight schedule. If and when we are doing a project of this scale we will keep you mind.
- Bradford S. – Mechanical Designer
Thanks for jumping into this assignment so quickly. What a great and productive trip. You guys work tirelessly, non-stop with all aspects of the setup and execution. Your ability to master the technology is a game changer for us.
- Don A. – Executive Vice President, Director Of Architecture, Engineering & Technology


  • As-builts, reality capture, and existing conditions data
  • Construction verification, sequencing, scheduling, and simulations
  • Design engineering for facility upgrades or expansions
  • 2D and 3D laser map of a building
  • Prefabrication
  • Clash detection
  • Architectural documentation or historical preservation
  • Calculating volumes, deformation analysis, and overhead clearances
  • Virtual design and construction
  • Laser scanning for facility coordination
  • Collecting geospatial data
  • Creating a digital twin
  • Performing advanced analysis to easily aggregate, query, visualize and analyze data in a single 3D model
  • Augmented & Mixed Reality (AR & MR) for video games, television, film, and sports enhanced fan experiences
Knowing which application you need determines what kind of scan, the necessary resolution of the point cloud and photography, and what kind of maps, models, drawings, or other deliverables your project requires.
A 3D laser scanner captures data inside SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.
One of the exciting applications of 3D laser scanning is the work GPRS does for Mixed and Augmented Reality (MR & AR) companies for professional sports and entertainment. Our Project Managers have scanned dozens of NFL venues, and numerous NHL rinks, PGA courses, MLS and MLB fields, NASCAR tracks, and NBA courts to provide the digital canvas for enhanced fan experiences.
"We are still in awe that we made this thing work with such a crazy turnaround, and are so very grateful for your part in making the first project a success! Here’s hoping to many more. Thank you and your team for being the true rock stars of this project."
- Callie H. – Producer
3D laser scanners use LiDAR (light detection and ranging) to measure and record precise locations and distances, ultimately producing a point cloud file.

The primary way a laser scanner works is to send light pulses at high speed which reflect off objects and return to the scanner’s sensor (LiDAR). For each pulse, the distance between the scanner and object is measured by determining the elapsed time between the sent and received pulses. Each data point is converted to a pixel with a known x, y, and z coordinate.

Millions of data points from multiple positions and viewpoints are captured and processed into a point cloud, creating an accurate 3D as-built data set of the site. This all happens very quickly, with some scanners, like our Leica RTC360, capturing and calculating 2 million points per second with 2-4 mm accuracy.

While the applications of LiDAR and laser scanning are almost limitless, there are specific formats that allow our design team to deliver customized solutions for your needs.
Point Cloud Data Digital version of Building.


Our 3D scanning service delivers unmatched site documentation with a variety of professional 3D laser scanners, including the Leica P-Series and RTC360 scanners. Each time we execute a 3D scan, we capture a point cloud. Our point clouds capture millions of data points from multiple on-site locations using LiDAR technology, giving you unrivaled image fidelity of up to 2-4 mm accuracy and up to 2 million 3D data points captured per second. You can learn more about how to laser scan a building, here: (How To 3D Laser Scan A Building (truepointscanning.com)

Point cloud data from a facility.  | GPRS Images


As-builts have never been more accurate than with 3D laser scan technology. GPRS captures the exact building dimensions, locations, and layout – information that is crucial to the success of your project. Items are often moved, added, or removed from the original plan, making as-builts invaluable for design, construction, renovation, and facility modifications.

A computer-generated image of a building.  | GPRS Images


3D BIM models are accurate digital representations of a building or site to facilitate design, construction and operational processes. 3D BIM models provide clients with the ability to break down architectural, structural and MEP building features and see how they fit into a single finalized structure. Users can isolate and alter walls, columns, windows, doors, etc. to support the planning and design needs of any project.

A computer-generated image of a building’s utilities.  | GPRS Images

3D laser scanning captures as-built site conditions with a high level of precision, helping to identify potential clashes, fabricate components and plan a flawless installation. Information can be shared with other teams to ensure everyone is on the same page and can coordinate their work effectively. This saves time, money and headaches by preventing costly modifications in the field.

3D BIM model of an NFL stadium.


3D laser scanning can be used to create 3D models and 3D mesh files for use in mixed reality, projection mapping and 3D gaming. 3D laser scan technology documents real-world environments with millimeter precision and reconstructs them into a dimensionally accurate, 3D digital representation. Assets are delivered in high detail with texture, making them the perfect element for stunning visualization applications.

A CAD drawing of pipes. | GPRS Images

Advance Analysis

We provide high-precision, custom analysis and calculations, such as dimensional callouts, tank calibration analysis, prefabrication of panels, accident analysis, floor flatness and levelness analysis (FF & FL), deviation analysis, deformation analysis, new construction verification, volume calculations, wall plumb analysis, staircases, elevator shaft analysis, and so much more. The data gathered by laser scanning is a powerful tool for solving complex challenges.

Aerial view of a street.  | GPRS Images


Our FAA-licensed pilots provide aerial video, property imaging, building imaging, and photogrammetry services. We use HD video and HD photo cameras to capture aerial video and photos. We offer safe, accurate, and cost-effective data collection for vast, dangerous, or hard-to-reach areas.

Aerial view of a street.  | GPRS Images


The combination of laser scanning and ground penetrating radar captures precise documentation to visualize your facility effectively and accurately, above and below ground. With this fully integrated service, you receive clear and understandable findings of structural, MEP, and field markings in point cloud data format, 2D site plans and 3D models. This accurate data allows clients to expedite design planning, extract 3D coordinates and measure distances, along with the ability to mark-up and share this with project teams. Receiving critical site information will lower project risks and increase project efficiency.

3D laser scan technology provides a clear, cost-effective solution to your as-built and facility visualization needs. It can reduce and even eliminate costly errors to speed up your design, engineering, and construction process.

Learn how GPRS 3D Laser Scanning Services can help you streamline your next project to Intelligently Visualize Your Built World™.
3D model of a large building | GPRS ImagesGPRS man working with tech equipment | GPRS Images3D model of the inside of a building3D model of the underneath of a building | GPRS Images3D model showing the front of a building | GPRS Images3D model showing a building from the front | GPRS Images