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Accurate measurements help you avoid expensive mistakes, reworks, and change orders. GPRS 3D Laser Scanning services provide 2-4mm accuracy by capturing 2 million data points per second, for efficient planning, design, and construction.

///You can’t afford clashes, change orders & mistakes. Neither can we.

GPRS’ in-house Mapping & Modeling Team can export your GPR utility locates & concrete scans, 3D laser & photogrammetry data, and video pipe inspection reports to create accurate existing condition as-builts – above and below ground – to give you the accurate information you need in a format you can easily work with and share to keep your project on time, on budget, and safe.
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As-Built Creation
Reality Capture
Virtual Design & Construction
Digital Twins
Clash Detection
Facility Coordination
Virtual Walk Thrus
Floor Plan Creation
Exterior Elevations
Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)
Mechanical electrical plumbing | GPRS
Clash Detection
3D laser scans can capture two million data points per second and measure difficult to reach areas with 2-4mm accuracy to find & avoid clashes before they happen.
3D plumbing scan | GPRS
Point Clouds
Captured 3D data can be used to create a point cloud that technicians can use to create their own 2D CAD drawings & 3D BIM models.
Main building ACAD sheet | GPRS
2D CAD Drawings
GPRS’ Mapping & Modeling Team can translate 3D laser data into 2D CAD drawings that provide your team with up-to-date plan views & record drawings.
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As Built Creation
Capture existing condition as-builts with 2-4mm accuracy to plan, assess progress, and update record drawings for reference.
BIM Modeling | GPRS
BIM Modeling / Digital Twin
3D reality capture allows for comprehensive 3D BIM models that can integrate above and below ground features for a digital twin of your facility or project to provide an accurate as-built record.
Virtual Design and construction | GPRS
Virtual Design & Construction
Your 3D point cloud data can be utilized by our in-house design team to create a digital twin of your facility to aid in planning, prefabrication & construction.


GPRS can provide solutions for the entire life cycle of your projects
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Planning & Design
3D Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry Can:
Capture Accurate Existing Conditions
Aid in Planning, Design & Prefabrication
Reduce Errors, Clashes & Change Orders
GPRS captures 2-4mm accurate measurements in difficult conditions, including marked subsurface features, to provide comprehensive above and below ground site visualization.
Avoid expensive mistakes with GPRS’ 99.8%+ accuracy in utility locating & concrete scanning. Our 3D services can capture our accurate surface markings to provide comprehensive existing condition as-builts delivered a variety of formats, including progress reporting via ProCap and virtual tours via WalkThru 3D.
Renovations, changes & new excavations are a fact of life. GPRS helps you focus your plans with 2-4mm accurate CAD drawings & 3D BIM models that can integrate all of your infrastructure as-builts, and provide you with accurate floor plans via FLRLN, so you can target your workflow safely and efficiently.

///Above & BELOW GRADE

before you plan
When assessing a site for construction, knowing what’s underneath matters. GPRS provides complete subsurface locating and visualization of utilities and other underground features with 99.8%+ accuracy to deliver CAD drawings, GPS-enabled utility maps, or 3D models.
before you BUILD
Integrate your design plan with existing facilities and subsurface infrastructure before you break ground to provide your AEC professionals, subcontractors, and stakeholders with a comprehensive 3D BIM model that melds GPRS’ accurate above and below ground data to intelligently visualize existing and proposed features.


before you design/Update
When assessing a site for construction, knowing what’s underneath matters. GPRS provides complete subsurface locating and visualization of utilities and other underground features with 99.8%+ accuracy to deliver CAD drawings, GPS-enabled utility maps, or 3D models.
Mechanical electrical plumbing | GPRS
BEFORE YOU renovate
Connect the dots between what’s visible and what is hidden with updated as-builts that include hard-to-reach areas, and accurate locations of all your above or below ground MEP features. GPRS 3D Laser and Mapping & Modeling services can provide accurate, intelligent measurements of your project, pre or post-build, so no one is left guessing.

///architectural & structural

See your site in 3D | GPRS
See Your Site in 3D
Assess existing structural conditions, walk your team or stakeholders through your project or entire facility, take rough measurements for planning, design, or maintenance, and capture floor plans and construction progress with 3D photogrammetry or laser scanning.
Mitigate risk plan | GPRS
Mitigate Risk & Plan
GPRS 3D Laser Scanning services can capture our 99.8%+ accurate concrete scanning marks with 2-4mm accuracy to create a 3D BIM model of the interior of your concrete slabs, including PT cables, rebar, conduit, and other embedments, so you can safely cut, core, drill, or anchor with confidence.


Empower your team with raw data | GPRS
Empower Your Team With Raw Data
Save time & money with 3D laser reality capture of your existing infrastructure and MEP features, including in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas. GPRS captures measurements with 2-4mm accuracy to provide you with 3D data in point clouds, CAD drawings, or BIM models, so you can avoid clashes and plan the most efficient routes for new piping.
Mechanical electrical plumbing | GPRS
Rely on Precise Measurements
Rely on the laser-focused accuracy of GPRS, even in expansive facilities and in the most hard-to-reach, and dangerous conditions. 3D laser scanning data maintains its accuracy in areas that defy traditional measurements to allow for prefabrication, design integration, and planning for expansion & renovation projects.

///Laser focused On You

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On Time
Accurate construction documents to expedite decisions
Capture millions of critical data points quickly
Align planning and coordination for project efficiency
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Improve cost estimation and scheduling
Eliminate site revisits and missed measurements
Reduce rework costs due to change orders
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Design confidently from precise as-built conditions
Complete advanced analysis and off-site visualization
Access tighter dimensions to significantly reduce clashes and unknowns
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protect your reputation
Keep your clients’ projects safe, on-time and on-budget
Visualize and plan successful projects with BIM models
Provide the most accurate, comprehensive data available

///INDUSTRIES We serve

Suite Of Solutions

Accurate existing conditions reporting via a 3D virtual tour so you can walk your team through your site to streamline communications and collaboration without excess travel and expense.
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Capture construction progress, from pre-pour concrete reinforcements to MEP installs, and more to provide accurate timelines and key milestone completions for stakeholders & your team.
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Turn our 3D photogrammetry virtual tour into an accurate plan view of your project for design, risk mitigation, and emergency planning.
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Accurate existing condition as-builts with 2D plan views of your above and below ground infrastructure to break down information bottlenecks with comprehensive, layered data.
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///Case Study

Accurate PT Cable Layout 
Critical to Construction:
Accurate existing condition as-builts with 2D plan views of your above and below ground infrastructure to break down information bottlenecks with comprehensive, layered data.
GPRS located and marked the full post tension cable system layout for floors 12-23 of a 49-story building, with approximately 12,500 sq. ft. of concrete on each floor. After concrete scanning was completed with ground penetrating radar technology, GPRS 3D laser scanned each floor to produce 2D CAD drawings and a 3D BIM model for virtual design and construction. The architect received a permanent record of the post tension cable layout to complete fit and finish design plans for the 12 floors of the building.
Computer Monitor | GPRS
The Bottom Line:
GPRS’ detailed 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM model will allow safe cutting, coring & drilling for building-wide MEP and HVAC installations.
Pre-Pour example | GPRS
Concrete locate field markings depth and elevation | GPRS
Concrete Locate Field Markings Depth And Elevation
Post tension cable celling locate | GPRS
Point Cloud Screenshot Of Post Tension Cable Ceiling Locate
Closeup of 2D Drawing Showing number of tendons in each bundle | GPRS
Closeup of 2D Drawing Showing Number of Tendons in Each Bundle
Two way post tension slab field | GPRS
Two-Way Post Tension Slab Field Markings
Virtual Tour panoramic laser scanner | GPRS
Virtual Tour Panoramic Image From Laser Scanner
2D floor contour map | GPRS
2D Floor
Contour Map
Post tension cable celling locate | GPRS
3D BIM Model of
PT Cable Layout
Chat box with question mark | GPRS
Post tension cable location, spacing, and depth are determined by an engineer, are specific to each project, and must be traced in short distances to reveal the slope.

Each tendon pulls 24,000 to 33,000 lbs. of pressure, so damaging a cable when cutting, coring, or drilling into a slab can cause a tendon to burst with enough force to cause severe injury or death.

Replacing a single cable can cost more than $10,000.
Magnifying glass with check | GPRS
GPRS used ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate and document each concrete reinforcement, including number of cables and depths directly on the slab.

PMs then captured the slab markings with 3D laser scans to create:

  • A WalkThru 3D virtual tour
  • 2D CAD drawings of PT site layout & floor contours
Captured point cloud data was aligned to both survey control & the clients design model to ensure data accuracy.
Notebook with checks | GPRS
GPRS’ 99.8%+ accurate concrete imaging is backed by our Green Box Guarantee. Capturing mark-outs via 3D laser ensures 2-4mm accuracy in documentation.

Accurate PT layout documents protect against damaged tendons, mistakes, and injuries to ensure building integrity.

2D plan sheets & contour maps enhanced depth-of-cover as-built accuracy.

3D BIM model provided 2-4mm accurate data so the architect could plan, design, and coordinate with contractors prior to build-out.