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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC (GPRS) has acquired TruePoint Laser Scanning, LLC. TruePoint Laser Scanning is a leading provider of 3D laser scanning services to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

"We’re very excited about this acquisition," said Jason Schaff, Senior Vice President of Customer Service at GPRS. "The new partnership with TruePoint allows us to serve customers both in subsurface locating and above-ground mapping.” Ryan Hacker, President of TruePoint Laser Scanning, added, "GPRS is the leading service provider in the subsurface damage prevention industry. We’re excited to join them in their mission and add our capabilities to their expanding vision.”

TruePoint provides as-built surveys, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models for buildings, plants, facilities, and sites. Their services help expedite design planning, prefabrication, asset management, and facility modifications.

"This TruePoint Laser Scanning acquisition is a big step for GPRS," said Matt Aston, President of GPRS. The acquisition of TruePoint indicates a new step toward above-ground mapping services. "TruePoint Laser Scanning is an excellent company with impressive laser scanning capabilities. Our goal is to work more closely with their management team and fully utilize their services to serve our clients' needs better."

As GPRS approaches the launch of their newest offering, SiteMap, this acquisition indicates their future as a robust service provider, both for above-ground and belowground mapping and safety services.

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