Existing Conditions Floor Plan Views For Record-Keeping, Emergency Response Planning & Risk Mitigation


FLRPLN provides fast 2D CAD plan views of buildings, facilities, and sites, documenting existing conditions to expedite planning and improve communication with clients and contractors.

Reference valuable property information, such as layout, dimensions, and details of rooms, walls, doors, windows, architectural, structural, and MEP features to communicate design intent, coordinate construction activities, mitigate risk, develop emergency plans and safety procedures, and more.
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///Existing Condition Documentation

Schematic Floor Plans
2D CAD Floor Plans
3D CAD Floor Plans
Emergency Floor Plans
Reflected Ceiling Plans
Virtual Tours
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Schematic Floor Plans
Receive the basic spatial layout of a building, including architectural and structural elements such as walls, windows, doors, furniture, and fixtures without precise measurements. Schematic floor plan provides a visual tool to conceptualize space and layout, allowing designers and contractors to discuss and refine ideas.
2D CAD Floor Plans
Created using CAD software, 2D CAD floor plans contain detailed and precise building information, including layout, dimensions, annotations, and material specifications for architectural, structural, and MEP system components. 2D CAD floor plan is essential for design planning, technical documentation, obtaining permits, and guiding the construction process.
3D CAD Floor Plans
Receive detailed and accurate representation of architectural, structural, and MEP components with heights, widths, and depths, providing precise spatial data of a building, site, structure, or object. 3D CAD floor plan provides information necessary for design, engineering, and construction to enhance the planning, development, and execution of projects.
Emergency Floor Plans
Create an accurate plan view of your floor plan layout which can be used to create emergency plans and escape routes, map important emergency features like fire extinguishers, water or electrical shut-offs, and mark-out gathering points. You can then export, save, and print your floor plan files to utilize as part of your emergency preparedness plan.
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Reflected Ceiling Plans
Reflected ceiling plans (RCP) are 2D CAD drawings that document the ceiling of a room as if it were reflected onto a mirror on the floor, making the floor plan and the orientation of the ceiling plan the same. Capture ceiling heights, slope, bulkheads, lighting fixtures, HVAC mounts, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and other system components in floor plan files to identify existing features and plan renovations or refurbishments.
Virtual Tours
Utilize virtual tours to aid in project planning, for example proposing building renovations while minimizing interference with existing elements or visualizing the placement of equipment and inventory to optimize facility layout. Visually walk the site to develop emergency action procedures and safety protocols or identify potential hazards in a building or facility.
Most floor plans are incomplete and inaccurate if they exist at all. GPRS can quickly and reliably generate detailed and accurate as-built floor plans to aid design & renovation planning, insurance & risk mitigation, emergency planning & safety procedures, and retail & real estate.

Files are quickly delivered in PNG, SVG, and PDF formats to any laptop, tablet, or smartphone via GPRS’ cloud-based software application SiteMap® for fast downloading and sharing.
Design & Renovation Planning
Develop design plans, contractor bids, material estimates, and construction sequencing
Optimize site layout and minimize interference with existing building elements
Show remodeling options with potential changes to walls, windows, doors, etc
Ensure designs comply with building codes and regulations
Insurance & Risk Mitigation
Develop emergency action procedures and safety protocols
Report fires and other emergencies
Identify potential hazards in a building or facility
Create finish drawings as a reference for building owners, facility managers, and maintenance personnel to understand the layout, configuration, and equipment on site
Emergency Planning & Safety Procedures
Develop safety protocols for various scenarios, including fire safety measures, evacuation processes, active shooter drills, and natural disaster preparedness.
Map the exact locations of fire extinguishers, emergency exits, escape routes and shelter-in-place locations
Define workplace layout in a map view
Train personnel on site-specific procedures
Provide detailed location/direction for first responders
Retail & Real Estate
Document placement of products, equipment, and inventory
Share floor plans across retailer locations to ensure consistent merchandising
Supplement photos and virtual tours of properties with a floor plan
Offer buyers 2D schematic floor plans to visualize layout and flow
Present site layout and dimensions, so tenants or buyers can visualize important details of their property


Emergency Planning
Utilize floor plan to create a 2D map of your workplace layout and develop and train employees on safety protocols, including fire safety measures, evacuation processes, active shooter drills, and natural disaster preparedness. Document the exact locations of fire extinguishers, emergency exits, escape routes, and shelter-in-place locations for employees and first responders.
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Visualize Critical Infrastructure
Floor plan supplies project teams with critical infrastructure information, precisely documenting the layout, dimensions, and details of a building or site. It provides an accurate top-down view of rooms, walls, doors, windows, architectural, structural, and MEP features, plus utility and concrete markings to improve communication with clients and contractors.
Accurate Facility Layouts
Provide floor plan for building owners, facility managers, and maintenance personnel to understand the layout, configuration, and equipment on site. Use the existing conditions information to develop design plans, contractor bids, material estimates, and construction sequencing, minimizing change orders and interference with existing building elements.


GPRS can provide solutions for the entire life cycle of your projects
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Planning & Design
Capture above and below ground as-built data
Utilize spatial and subsurface drawings, maps, and models to reduce errors, clashes, and change orders
Create finish drawings to reference for maintenance and updates
Receive accurate architectural, structural, and MEP system layout, plus utility locate and concrete field markings
As-built data aids design planning, contractor bids, material estimates, and construction sequencing
Annotate plans with video, photos, URLs, or text for easier communication and collaboration
Capture above and below ground existing conditions data
Precise data helps plan for renovations, modifications, and design changes, preventing costly mistakes
Reference materials for future renovation and repair needs
Floor plans are technical drawings illustrating the interior and exterior details of a site, providing critical dimensions of building elements such as rooms, walls, doors, windows, architectural, structural, and MEP features, roof, façade, utility locations, concrete markings, and more. They can include additional annotations to convey information, such as material specifications, labels, leaders, and notes. Floor plans deliver valuable site information to architects, engineers, and contractors to expedite planning, design, calculations, and ultimately decisions, making them an integral part of any project.

Floor plans can be created of any building, space, structure, or object and are categorized into two types, 2D floor plan and 3D floor plan. A 2D plan is a plan view drawing featuring two dimensions without depth. A 3D plan depicts the layout adding depth from varied angles and can include colors, textures, prints, and other surface properties to give a realistic idea of spaces. It adds a 3D perspective to any property for enhanced visualization.

Floor plans deliver precise spatial and subsurface data, delivering valuable as-builts that will seamlessly fit into your workflows.

///Case Study

GPRS captured as-built data of four existing hotels in the Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio area for renovation. The client needed accurate 2D floor plans of the architectural and structural elements of the hotel interior, including common areas, guest rooms, meeting rooms, and offices.
3D photogrammetry captured precise spatial data and was used to create 2D CAD floor plans (FLRPLN) for renovation design planning.
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Elevation view of the hotel interior
Hotel lobby virtual tour
Hotel lobby floor plan
Revit image with the 3D data overlaid in color
The Bottom Line:
GPRS captured 600,000 sq. ft. of data and accurate interior layouts for four existing hotels without disrupting operations.
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Hotel management wanted data collected without disruption to guests or decreasing occupancy

Hotels contain an intensive cut of small, complex spaces – the design team needed comprehensive site data for renovations.

The client had a tight deadline, there was no time allowance for site revisits or missed measurements
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The GPRS Project Manager efficiently operated in this complex, occupied environment

In one day on site at each hotel, the Project Manager captured a digital record of more than 150,000 square feet of space, capturing over 600,000 square feet of space in 4 days on site 

3D photogrammetry quickly captured a complete interior layout of the four hotels with incredible efficiency, eliminating revisits and minimizing disturbance to hotel guests
FLRPLN delivered a precise 2D CAD construction drawing that provided the project team accurate spatial data, layout, dimensions, and details of the hotels, information that will be critical for design planning
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FLRPLN was delivered digitally via SiteMap®, for the client to download and share with the project team to facilitate communication and planning

FLRPLN can also be used to identify potential hazards, develop emergency action procedures & safety protocols, and train personnel on site-specific procedures

In addition to FLRPLN, 3D photogrammetry can be digitized into Walkthru 3D virtual tours, digital twins, 3D meshes, and 3D models for complete site immersion
Time is money. As-built drawings are often out-of-date and inaccurate, leading to unexpected issues and critical delays. When you choose GPRS, you provide your team with precise as-built data and models for reliable project planning, reducing the risk of change orders and project delays. Our 3D laser scanning services provide the link between unknown existing conditions and a true digital twin.


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