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Do you have a subsurface water utility leak? Our team of water loss specialists can locate your municipal, residential, or industrial leak. Call GPRS now to get the help you need.

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Do you have a subsurface water utility leak? Our team of water loss specialists can locate your municipal, residential, or industrial leak. Call GPRS now to get the help you need.
Leak Detection – used to help municipalities, utilities, and industrial facilities maintain safe, efficient water distribution and fire protection systems.
Did you know that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of underground pipes? And the probability of a leak occurring on aging, underground infrastructure is high? Well, our team of water loss specialists can mitigate that risk by locating your municipal, residential, or industrial water leaks.

GPRS specializes in both municipal and residential leak detection services, are experts in underground water leak detection, and our water loss specialists can quickly determine the root cause of your leaking issue. GPRS always begins by utilizing our industry-leading, non-destructive testing (NDT) which includes acoustic leak detectors, leak noise correlators, data loggers, video pipe inspection, ground penetrating radar, and electromagnetic induction. All non-invasive options help you to avoid expensive excavations.

How Are Leaks Detected?
GPRS Water Loss Specialists utilize a variety of technologies and decades of expertise to pinpoint even the quietest, most remote leaks on even the largest systems. Leak locations are verified with correlating software in real time; in addition, our leak detection services can be integrated with other services such as Valve Exercising and Pipeline Assessment to improve efficiencies and help customers achieve a fuller understanding of underground infrastructure.
No other company has the ability to offer this unique combination of expertise and service in subsurface leak detection.

GPRS Leak Detection Services Include:
  • Acoustic leak detection – Our advanced acoustic detecting equipment is tuned to “listen” for the specific sounds and frequencies created by water pipe leaks, allowing for non-invasive leak detection and slab leak detection.
  • Daily reports and summaries – GPRS provides daily reports and comprehensive summaries that outline leak locations and areas that were surveyed, as well as a detailing the types of leaks, estimate of water loss via testing of, and location of all valves, mains and appurtenances.
  • Surface water testing – Surface water testing allows us to distinguish between leaking water from a main water line, leaking pipe or water from other sources like underground springs, ground water, or rainwater. This ensures an accurate assessment of the severity of your leak
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing – Hydrostatic pressure testing involves filling the system with liquid, pressurizing it, and observing the system to check for leaks. It’s widely used in new installations, pipelines, boilers, fire protection loops, and installations experiencing pressure test failures.
  • 24-hour data logging – With our advanced sensors and equipment, we’re able to provide 24-hour data logging and recording, which can provide insights into how the leaks are affecting your systems and your water bill and assist in identifying them. This also provides better results in high-traffic areas, as data can be recorded at night and during other periods of low traffic.

Valve Exercising
Valve Exercising is a preventative measure program to ensure water valves function efficiently and allow utility owners to “reclaim their gate.”GPRS’ team of skilled technicians identifies each gate valve using GPS-enabled technology and records the precise number of turns required for maximum efficiency. This valuable information is compiled into a database that allows future leaks to be quickly located and repaired, reducing risk of service disruption during leak detection services. Then each valve box is cleaned, and valves are carefully exercised to prevent buildup of tuberculation and other deposits that can render valves inoperable or lead to tight shutoffs.

Pipe Assessment
Reliable water distribution starts with a reliable evaluation of pipeline infrastructure. And you can count on GPRS for a professional, experienced assessment of your water distribution system.Our team has the tools and field-proven expertise to inspect, and identify potential problem areas, and provide a reliable estimate of life expectancy. You’ll have the information you need to better maintain existing infrastructure, invest more cost-effectively in replacement/repairs, and restore public confidence in the integrity of your distribution system.

Why Should You Choose GPRS for Leak Detection?
With over 250,000 projects completed, GPRS combines top-of-the-line technology and equipment with Project Managers who are SIM trained and qualified. This means that not only do they have the best tools possible, but they have been trained and mentored to assess every situation possible, placing safety above all. If you’ve been searching for a water leak detection company that you can rely on, then GPRS team is here to help!
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