3D Laser Scanning Services in New Jersey

As an architecture, engineering, or construction professional, you understand that projects require a tremendous amount of planning and coordination. GPRS 3D Laser Scanning can deliver accurate as-builts, point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, 3D photogrammetry, and 3D BIM models to expedite project planning and reduce change orders, delays, and costs.

Whether you are a general contractor or facility manager planning renovations or modifications, or an architect or engineer who requires precise project data, GPRS provides accurate existing conditions documentation, reality capture, and scan-to-BIM services to bring your design and construction projects in on time, and on budget.

When you need accurate architectural, structural, and MEP system dimensions, locations, and layouts for design, prefabrication, clash detection, facility modifications, or asset management, call GPRS. 3D laser scanning minimizes shutdowns and disruptions, eliminates the need for site revisits, and provides accurate as-built data to reduce risk and increase project efficiency.

Jersey City 3D Laser Scanning


GPRS Project Managers

GPRS is the leading provider of 3D laser scanning services in New Jersey. Our Project Managers document your site with the Leica ScanStation P-Series and the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanners, capturing up to 2 million data points per second with 2-4 millimeters accuracy. Each Project Manager completes the most extensive training program in the industry, with 80 hours of hands-on classroom training and 320 hours of mentorship in the field, plus another 40 hours of LiDAR training to deliver expertise in 3D laser scanning equipment and field knowledge.

GPRS Mapping & Modeling Team

Construction drawings and models streamline planning, visualization, and coordination on your project because they provide a single source of truth for designers, architects, engineers, and contractors. GPRS’ in-house Mapping & Modeling Team can customize as-built data, 2D CAD drawings, 3D BIM models, 3D mesh models, virtual tours via WalkThru 3D, digital twins, floor plans via FLRPLN, and more to ensure you have all the information you need to get the job done right, delivered via GPRS’ SiteMap® digital storage software and app.

Maps and models can be produced at any level of detail in a variety of formats such as Revit, AutoCAD, ReCap, Navisworks, Civil 3D, BIM360, A360, Bentley, Leica Cyclone, Cintoo, and more. We have optimized workflows for importing data, registration, creating deliverables, quality checks, and transferring data to clients.

Not sure what you need? Not a problem. Our experienced Project Managers will work closely with you to define the project scope and use the right equipment and software to accurately map and model your project to accomplish your goals.



With GPRS, clients can rest assured that our rigorously trained Project Managers use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the accurate as built information you need to do the job right. GPRS leads the industry to deliver precise as built information to enhance communication and collaboration among your project teams.

GPRS 3D Laser Scanning Services can bring these benefits to your project:

  • Collect up to two million data points per second with the highest-quality survey-grade laser scanners
  • Capture exact dimensions and measurements of your project site
  • Expedite planning and design with accurate as-builts
  • Eliminate site disruption and revisits
  • Receive precise point clouds, 2D drawings, and 3D models to improve collaboration and coordination
  • Tour the location, add digital notes, and even measure with a virtual tour
  • Reduce project risks, change orders, delays, accidents, and costs
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GPRS 3D Laser Scanning Services in New Jersey

As-Built Construction
As-builts provide an accurate record of a building or site’s existing conditions, including architectural, structural, utility, and MEP system dimensions, locations, and material specifications for reliable project planning.
Point Cloud of a Factory
Point Clouds
By representing spatial data as a collection of x, y, and z coordinates, point clouds deliver 2–4-millimeter accurate datasets of buildings, facilities, and sites that can be mined for information. This 3D dataset of existing site conditions can be processed into 3D BIM models, 3D meshes, and 2D CAD drawings.
BIM Modeling of a Infrastructure
BIM Modeling
3D BIM models deliver a geometrically accurate digital representation of a building or site, capturing infrastructure, spatial relationships, maintenance information, product models, as well as additional property and layer information. GPRS transforms point clouds into custom 3D BIM models and 3D mesh models at any level of detail, supplying a powerful tool to collaborate on a building’s design, construction, and operation.
3D Photogrammetry in a Warehouse
3D Photogrammetry
The 4K HDR photographs and LiDAR point clouds captured with Matterport photogrammetry can be used to create digital twins, virtual tours, floor plans, 2D CAD plan views, 3D models, and more to communicate design and renovation plans, coordinate construction activities, develop emergency plans & safety procedures.
2D CAD Drawings | GPRS
2D CAD Drawings
Site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, details, isometric drawings, reflected ceiling plans, and more can be created and used for record-keeping, construction & renovation planning, building modifications, trade coordination, and maintenance.
Mapping & Modeling
Discover all types of scan-to-BIM deliverables and determine which ones best suit your needs. Accurate data allows clients to expedite design planning & engineering, extract 3D coordinates and measure distances, along with the ability to tour, mark-up, and share with the project team.

We provide 3D Laser Scanning Services to these New Jersey counties & many more:

  • Bergen County
  • Middlesex County
  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Ocean County
  • Monmouth County
  • Union County
  • Camden County
  • Passaic County
  • Morris County

Our portfolio of work includes projects in these New Jersey cities & many more:

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Paterson, New Jersey
  • Lakewood, New Jersey
  • Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Woodbridge, New Jersey
  • Toms River, New Jersey
  • Hamilton Township, New Jersey
  • Trenton, New Jersey

GPRS 3D Laser Scans A Massachusetts Library Prior to Renovation

292 individual interior and exterior LiDAR scans were completed in a single day, capturing existing conditions including all historical features, all without disrupting the historic site's operations or impacting its valuable contents so that a renovation could be designed and planned without requiring time consuming hand-measurements.
3D laser scanning a historic Massachusetts library to create a 3D BIM model.
GPRS 3D laser scanned a historic library in Amherst, Massachusetts and created an LOD 300 Revit model for the architect. The interior and exterior of the library was 3D scanned, this was an estimated 47,000 sq. ft. of space with 4 levels.
Built in 1919: there were no existing as-built details availableIt was likely that the existing condition of the building included unsquared architectural features The library’s historic features had to be preserved and intact during and post-renovation The library needed to remain open to patrons and conduct regular operations while visualization was completedPaintings of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost, plus local historical exhibits, were contained in a gallery on site that needed to remain untouched Laser scanning was executed on Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts state holiday. The library was closed so all scans could be completed without disrupting operations292 laser scans were completed of the interior and exterior of the library; approximately 47,000 sq. ft. of space spanning four levels An intensity map point cloud and 3D BIM model were delivered to the client, giving them accurate data of the current as-built conditions 3D scanning provided updated floor plans and captured existing conditions via a 3D BIM model to speed redesign and planningArchitects, designers, and contractors could access and utilize the BIM model and 3D laser scanning data at any stage of the restoration process for reference3D laser scanning is non-contact; scanning from a distance minimized the risk of damaging historical art work and exhibits and was completed in a single day on site
3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning

NFL's Bank of America Stadium 3D Laser Scanned for Mixed Reality Experience

The Famous Group was able to create a mixed reality experience that included an enormous virtual panther skulking through the stadium and onto the Jumbotron, delighting the 70,000 fans in attendance, thanks to the accurate scans, models, and meshes provided by GPRS
GPRS 3D laser scanned The Bank of America Stadium and the Gentle Giant panther statue for The Famous Group and the Carolina Panthers to create a mixed-reality experience for the home opening football game vs. the New York Jets
GPRS 3D laser scanned The Bank of America Stadium and the Gentle Giant panther statue for The Famous Group and the Carolina Panthers to create a mixed-reality experience for the home opening football game vs. the New York Jets. GPRS delivered a 3D mesh model to assist in the creation of this mixed-reality experience.
Problem • To sell the realism of mixed reality, computer-generated objects must precisely interact with the physical environment • As-built information and a 3D model of The Bank of America Stadium did not exist Solution • In 1 ½ days on site, using a Leica P40 ScanStation, point cloud data of the interior field, stadium bowl, seating, and upper rigging area was captured • To give the panther virtual objects to climb on and interact with, CAD technicians used the point cloud data to create a Revit 2021 LOD 200 3D model of the stadium • The Gentle Giant panther statue at the front of the stadium was 3D laser scanned to create a triangulated 3D mesh model in .fbx file format for the animation/CGI Benefits • 3D laser scanning is a fast and accurate way to digitize real-world objects for use in computer-aided design (CAD) and mixed reality • 3D models are created in our corporate office by experienced engineers and CAD technicians • The Famous Group was able to create a mixed reality experience that included an enormous virtual panther skulking through the stadium and onto the Jumbotron, delighting the 70,000 fans in attendance
3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning
Mapping & Modeling

3D Laser Scanning To Expedite The Installation Of ACM Panels

The client was able to fabricate components offsite and plan a flawless installation based on our existing condition data and 3D model. Plus, GPRS' work was conducted entirely at night, mitigating any disruption to construction
Field verification to prefabricate ACM panels
Our client was installing ACM panels to the canopy of a newly constructed airport terminal. The construction plans did not match the existing conditions at the site. A deviation could cause a major issue. The installation process needed to be precisely planned to avoid rework.
The construction plans did not match the existing conditions at the site. The installation process needed to be precisely planned to avoid rework • The shape of the canopy was complicated and stood 65 feet in the air. The client needed field verification and a plan to expedite proper installation of the panels • Installers were working overhead in a lift; there was no room for trial and error Solution • The Project Manager conducted a site walk to devise a plan for the client • The canopy and curtain wall of the airport terminal were 3D laser scanned to capture precise as-built data and generate a 3D model and 2D drawings to facilitate ACM panel installation • 22" x 34" 2D CAD drawings were created with the panel layout for the client to take to the field. This allowed each panel to be labeled with a custom number, cut and shim points Benefits • Laser scanning obtained exact measurements for the client and took away any guesswork from this project • To circumvent the active construction site, the Project Manager scanned the site at night to eliminate movement and trades working • The client was able to fabricate components offsite and plan a flawless installation
3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scanning
Mapping & Modeling

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