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GPRS specializes in the location of underground utilities, concrete scanning and video pipe inspection. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced Project Managers near Tampa and the surrounding area.

We understand that your team’s safety depends on us providing a best in class service. When clients hire GPRS, they have peace of mind knowing that they have the most reliable technology on their project paired with a world class Project Manager who delivers the most accurate information available. GPRS leads the industry in providing outstanding service and cutting-edge technology, keeping projects on time, reducing safety risks, and putting relationships with our clients first. Our nationwide network of team members is committed to being your subsurface scanning solutions.


Utility Locating


Video Pipe Inspection

  • Inspect underground water, sewer and lateral pipelines.

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Concrete Scanning

Detection of rebar, conduits and post tension cables.

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Reports and Drawings

  • Deliver clear and understandable findings.

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Featured Projects

GPRS locates utilities, concrete scans and does video pipe inspections all through Tampa and the state of Florida.

We use cable avoidance tools to assist in locating buried electrical, water, gas, communication, sewer and storm drain lines in underground facilities.

We focus on damage prevention and reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities.


Concrete Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was dispatched to a local hotel in Jacksonville, Florida to scan a 10 inch slab filled with rebar, post-tension cables and conduit prior to core drilling. The contractor was remodeling and installing a new kitchen and needed to install floor drains, floor sinks and many utilities that all required separate core drilling locations in the slab.

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Utility Locating

A contractor needed to locate some water lines at the South Florida Underwater Operations Base in Key West. The area that needed to be surveyed, using ground penetrating radar, was located on a special section of Key West, Florida for The United States Army. Thus, they contacted specialists in Utility Locating, GPRS. This is an ideal application for ground penetrating radar as underground utility locating are GPR specialties. GPRS, LLC. in South Florida took the call and mobilized to the site.

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Video Pipe Inspection

Inspecting the internal condition of gravity utility pipes is not a new thing in the world of underground utilities. However, it is something that has become increasingly important as many gravity utility infrastructures have become older, and the pipes have been compromised over the years. A problem with a sewer or storm drain pipe can cause major concerns, such as: sink holes, ground water contamination, soil contamination, sewage overflows, and many more.

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