GPR Imaging Concrete

Concrete Imaging – Florida

As with any large downtown office building, there is a tenant turnover and office space renovation being completed on a frequent basis. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is often called on many of these occasions and this job site story is no different.

GPRS was contacted by a local contractor based out of Sanford, FL. The contractor had been made aware, by building management, that the elevated concrete floors of the high rise building contained multiple walker ducts and electrical conduits. A walker duct is a large metal duct poured into the concrete to run large quantities of electrical and data cable without disrupting/obstructing the ceiling below. The contractor wanted to be sure that they did not hit any of the embedded elements listed and therefore determined that they should concrete image or x-ray the slab before core drilling.

The contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems and quickly contracted them to mobilize to the project and scan there location. GPR is a great tool for imaging concrete as there is no radiation and the time to scan one location is often less than 15 minutes. Once on site, GPRS scanned the location and mapped the findings on the surface. The findings were then discussed with the contractor. Low and behold there was a metal walker duct running directly through the area where the contractor wanted to core drill. The information that GPRS provided prior to drilling save the contractor money in repairs and concrete cutting and allowed them to return to the engineering to work up a solutions.

All parties included in this project were pleased with the output provided by the ground penetrating radar technology. For the last 10 years Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has specialized in concrete imaging (as well as other types of ground penetrating radar) for surveying and construction use. If you would like more information about ground penetrating radar OR to request a quote, please visit our contact page.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.