Renewable Energy


Last year, 18% of all electricity generated in the United States was  generated by renewable resources such as wind, solar,  and  water-generated power plants.  Over the next 30 years,  it’s  said that renewable energy sources  could  make up 40% of all generated electricity in the United States. As this trend continues,  we will continue to be an industry leader  in providing  the most accurate  results when locating utilities, scanning concrete and inspecting sewer and water pipes.  Our proven track record of success on projects across the nation has produced a high level of confidence with our clients.  We are trusted to provide the highest level of information regarding underground facilities and pipelines during the entire construction process. This includes crane walks and the lay-down yard, transmission line installation, collection line installation, distribution line installation, and even support during the operation and maintenance phase (one-call utility locating).

For over a decade,  GPRS has built upon the foundation of consistency and excellence in the Renewable Energy sector. We have completed hundreds of wind (utility-scale) and solar projects in all stages of project development and construction. With the recent expansion of the EV-charging network,  we’ve worked with major companies such as Tesla,  ChargePoint, EVgo, and Electrify America  to provide underground utility locates using the most reliable scanning technology available.  On all of our Renewable Energy projects, we  proudly  offer  a  comprehensive range of reporting options, from marks on the ground, to a basic field sketch,  satellite image overlays, or  an AutoCAD report that pinpoints buried electrical, water, gas, communication, sewer and storm drain lines.


Solar Energy

Whether in the planning, design, construction or O&M phase, GPRS can reduce your risk when excavating. Our utility locating and mapping services can be performed prior to large-scale photovoltaic power station installations, canopy-mounted solar panel applications, along transmission and distribution lines even rooftop direct-mounts.


Wind Energy

GPRS is trusted to provide the highest level of information regarding underground facilities and pipelines during the entire wind farm installation process, from design phase to the O&M phase. Our detailed utility maps provide the information needed to limit design changes and change orders in addition to costly utility and oil & gas pipeline strikes.


EV Charging Stations

As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, so too does demand for EV charging infrastructure. When excavating at an existing gas station, restaurant, office building or retail establishment, the risk of utility strikes is high. GPRS utility locating services can limit that risk.


One-Call Services

GPRS exceeds industry performance when it comes to the accuracy of our utility locating. Our team can continue the support of your project by crafting a one-call program for when the project transitions to the O&M phase. Whether supporting locating tickets for assets on public or private property - GPRS is the clear choice for damage prevention.