The leading service provider in Utility Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), 3D Laser Scanning, Video Pipe Sewer Inspection, Concrete Scanning, Leak Detection, & Industry Leading Maps and Models in Orlando.

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We Visualize The Built World™ to help you reduce costs and change orders, save time, and keep everyone on your project safe.

    • Our comprehensive services include ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) locating for post tension concrete imaging and subsurface utility locating, 3D laser scanning for millimeter-accurate measurements for any facility, acoustic leak detection and NASSCO certified video pipe (CCTV) inspection for facilities and municipal infrastructure, and drone imaging for orthomosiac aerial photogrammetry, all conducted by elite, SIM certified Project Managers.

      Our Mapping & Modeling Team can utilize the data to provide everything from our complimentary KMZ & PDF images for any underground utility locate to precise 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models to meet your needs.

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    • Utility Locating: 60% of all utility lines are private, not public. 811 locates only public utilities, and does not provide depths for those locates. Our utility locating services employ both GPR and EM technology to provide a necessary and accurate supplement to One Call locates to provide utility mapping, and clearances for soil boring and direction drilling.
    • Concrete Scanning: Every GPRS concrete scan is backed by our exclusive Green Box Guarantee. Our accuracy rate for post tension concrete imaging is 99.8%+, so when we provide you with a green “clear” space to saw, cut, core, or drill, you know that you can count on our data when planning your project. If we get it wrong, we will pay for the cost of the damage.
    • 3D Laser Scanning: Our elite Project Managers employ survey-grade 3D LiDAR scanners to gather data that is accurate to within millimeters, and do it in far less time than manual measuring. The 3D point cloud data provided by the scans can then be utilized to create precise drawings, maps, and models to detect and avoid costly clashes and change orders, to allow for seamless off-site prefabrication, and as-builts that streamline everything from the design to O&M phase of your project.
    • Video Pipe Inspection: GPRS offers a comprehensive suite of video (CCTV) sewer inspection services, including sewer lateral inspections and mapping, to help you take control of your wastewater infrastructure. GPRS’ NASSCO-certified sewer video inspections capture every inch of your system - including the lateral lines - so you know what defects exist, the severity of those problems, and where exactly they’re located. You’ll receive a comprehensive, interactive report that includes video and photographs of the defects to give you a leg up on maintenance preparations. And we come to you – wherever you are. Our highly trained Project Managers are strategically stationed in every major market across the United States, so you always have qualified sewer inspection services near you and your jobsite.
    • Leak Detection: GPRS Project Managers employ both acoustic leak detectors (highly sensitive microphones, headsets, and electronic devices) and leak noise correlators (which use an algorithm to detect leak sounds) to gather data in the field. That data can then be used to provide the precise location of any pressurized water line leak, so that you can locate without the need to pothole and can excavate only in the area to be repaired.
    • Maps & Models: From the complimentary .KMZ & PDF files we provide for every outdoor utility locate to millimeter-accurate, complex 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models, GPRS’ Mapping & Modeling Team can deliver. We provide complete utility mapping, concrete image mapping, Matterport scanning, 3D point clouds, mesh models, and complete 3D BIM models and walkthrough tours so that everyone on your project has the most accurate, real-time information, delivered in an easy-to-use format for the entire project life cycle.
    • Drone Imagery: Our drones are fitted with state-of-the art cameras to provide UAS Thermographic and Magnetic Imagery to find previously hidden subsurface voids, damaged solar panels, and abandoned oil well heads. We also provide arial site imagery and building façade imagery to provide top-down facility mapping and avoid costly and time-consuming scaffolding inspections.
    • SiteMap: We can also provide you with the industry’s only comprehensive, top-down, facility infrastructure visualization & contextual map, all cross-referenced and delivered in a single, secure, shareable, and easy-to-use geospatial interface via SiteMap.


    Fill out the contact form, and a GPRS Project Coordinator will contact you to get the process started and your project well on its way to completion.


    Safety is always on our radar, our work is accurate within millimeters, and we get it right 99.8% of the time. So, you can be confident that we’ve located every pipe, conduit, line, tank, support, and void, above and below ground to Intelligently Visualize The Built World for you and your teams.

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    GPRS provides private utility locating, leak detection, 3D laser scanning, CCTV video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning throughout Orlando and the state of Florida. GPRS provides subsurface obstruction location and analysis to keep construction and excavation projects on time, on budget, and safe. Prevent subsurface damage and avoid striking gas communication, water, sewer, or electrical lines. Schedule a project with us today!


    GPRS is my "go to" locating contractor, with some of the best people to work with from getting quotes, to billing/accounting and all the way out to the project managers.

    - Tim

    With over 300 Project Managers in every major city across the United States, GPRS has an unmatched nationwide service network that makes it quick and easy to find local experts. Contact GPRS for information, pricing, and scheduling.
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