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GPRS brings job site safety nationwide. GPRS employees are SIM certified, and offer unparalleled services including Concrete Scanning, Utility Locating, Video Pipe Inspection, Leak Detection, Mapping and Modeling, and more.


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GPRS specializes in the location of underground utilities, concrete scanning and video pipe inspection. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced Project Managers near Orlando and the surrounding area.

We understand that your team’s safety depends on us providing a best in class service. When clients hire GPRS, they have peace of mind knowing that they have the most reliable technology on their project paired with a world class Project Manager who delivers the most accurate information available. GPRS leads the industry in providing outstanding service and cutting-edge technology, keeping projects on time, reducing safety risks, and putting relationships with our clients first. Our nationwide network of team members is committed to being your subsurface scanning solutions.


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GPRS provides private utility locating, leak detection, 3D laser scanning, CCTV video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning throughout Orlando and the state of Florida. GPRS provides subsurface obstruction location and analysis to keep construction and excavation projects on time, on budget, and safe. Prevent subsurface damage and avoid striking gas communication, water, sewer, or electrical lines. Schedule a project with us today!


GPRS is my "go to" locating contractor, with some of the best people to work with from getting quotes, to billing/accounting and all the way out to the project managers.

- Tim

GPRS provides state-of-the-art video cameras for your sewer and video pipe inspection needs. Not only do we offer video pipe inspection, but GPRS delivers a list of services that include concrete scanning, utility locating, facility mapping and modeling, drone imagery, and leak detection, which is a much-needed addition to our VPI services. For VPI, GPRS utilizes three different types of cameras including a robotic crawler (CCTV), push camera, and lateral launch camera; each type enhances the other and allows Project Managers to investigate sewer and water pipes efficiently and effectively. For example, our robotic crawler, which is attached with a CCTV camera, can be inserted into a pipe up to 96” in diameter, while a push camera is best suited for the smaller water pipes the robotic crawler will not be able to fit. By using three different types of cameras, GPRS guarantees there isn’t a water or sewer system that they won’t be able to investigate.

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We also work in the following Florida counties: Orange, Polk, Brevard, Volusia, Seminole, Marion, Lake, Osceola, Hernando, Indian River, Sumter and Citrus County.