GPRS Project Manager Locating Utilities Below Concrete Slab

Scanning For Utilities Below Concrete Slab – Florida

There is a lot happening in Tampa right now, and we have recently expanded our North Florida team to stay ahead of the demand. We believe that scheduling GPR should be simple. You should trust the team you call. You should know that they have your best interest in mind. Scheduling an appointment should be quick, and you shouldn’t have to wait a week to receive service. Every project manager should arrive on time and be friendly, qualified, and dedicated to your project. He should make clear markings, explain what they mean, and his results should be industry leading in their accuracy. We believe that our Tampa customers deserve our above and beyond, standard. Everything we do is a reflection of these beliefs.

We recently got a call from a new customer in the Tampa area and we were able to mobilize a project manager the next day. Nate used a high frequency GPR antenna to scan for anomalies in and directly below the slab, and then he used a low frequency antenna to scan for utilities deeper down. Finally, he swept the scan are with our EM technology to detect conduit and live wires.

In slab on grade situations, GPRS can typically scan about 50 linear feet of trenching per hour, and on this occasion Nate Schmoe performed the work and exceeded that level of production. He completed the customer’s requested scope in the allotted time, and located multiple pieces of shallow conduit that likely would have been hit without the scan.

Getting every job scanned prior to concrete removal is a best practice that is growing in acceptance. At a national level, it is estimated that utility strikes have caused $1.7 billion in damages in the last 20 years, and have resulted in 1,906 injuries with 421 fatalities. Locating utilities prior to concrete removal is a growing industry standard, as it can save time and money, and even prevent injury and loss of life. Saw cutting jobs are particularly unforgiving, as a saw blade will slice through everything it encounters.

We would love to serve your team by locating the conduit and shallow utilities that lie along your path. If you are saw cutting, digging or drilling in Tampa or the surrounding areas (Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, etc.) call us to schedule our Tampa team.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.