As-Built Data in the Cloud, Is it a Dream?

As-Built Data in the Cloud, Is it a Dream?

When completing a construction or renovation project, it is important to have an as-built: the exact dimensions and locations of all building and subsurface elements.

Complete and accurate as-built data ensures project teams have precise building layouts to improve communication, ensure reliable project planning, mitigate risk, determine project costs, reduce change orders, assign tasks to the construction team, and record construction progress.

As-builts can be delivered in many formats and are specific to each project site, scope, and requirements. Architects use as-builts in the form of 3D BIM models to complete design plans with accurate data and share with all project stakeholders. Renovations or modifications can be planned when teams have precise as-built architectural, structural, and MEP system specifications in 2D or 3D. Engineers use as-built data such as dimensional comparisons, floor surface contours, bolt hole locations, and precise prefabrication measurements for solving complex engineering challenges. Facilities can utilize as-builts to know the layout of equipment, utilities, and the building in case of an emergency.

Imagine having access to digital as-built data of your building or site in the cloud, where you can instantly access precise data wherever you are, be it in the field or at the office.

GPRS SiteMap® Software Delivers As-Builts, Maps & Models

GPRS is the nation’s leading provider of utility locating, concrete scanning and imaging, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, and leak detection services. We deliver complete and accurate architectural, structural, MEP, subsurface utility, and concrete reinforcement detail in point clouds, 2D maps & drawings, virtual tours, 3D BIM models, and more.

GPRS delivers digital as-built plans, allowing your team to access site data on a desktop or mobile device, removing the headache of paper plans, spreadsheets, and the time-consuming traditional methods of construction planning.

When you partner with GPRS, the data we collect is instantly uploaded to SiteMap®, a cloud-based software that stores up to date as-built records and site assets, geolocated and layered in an easy-to-use interface for project planning.

Every member of your team can have their own login to SiteMap®, to access accurate site information via desktop or mobile devices to make critical decisions. You can share data with subcontractors, engineers, and stakeholders to keep your project on time, on budget, and safe. GPRS’ data in SiteMap® improves project planning, mitigates risk and improves communication for your team.

GPRS As-Built Software
GPRS delivers digital as-built plans, allowing your team to access site data on a desktop or mobile device.

As-Built Data Stored in SiteMap®:

SiteMap® software can house a great amount of your site’s data. Almost any location data and documentation can be uploaded and organized. Examples of information clients can store, access and share include:

  • Subsurface Utility Maps – GPRS delivers high-resolution subsurface utility maps in the form of PDF, KMZ, and SHP files with every outdoor utility locating project.
  • Concrete Layout and Imaging – GPRS delivers 2D drawings, 3D models, and virtual tours of the location and objects embedded in concrete such as rebar, post tension cables, conduits, and piping. We can provide floor flatness and floor levelness analysis, check tolerances, measure, concrete slab structural cracks and deflection, verify MEP concrete work and more
  • Point Cloud Data – GPRS delivers the point cloud data set captured by the laser scanner, containing the X, Y and Z coordinate of every visible detail of your project site.
  • 2D CAD Drawings – The data captured by GPRS is imported into AutoCAD software to create 2D drawings, such as site plans, floor plans, sections, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, floor contours, and more, based on your needs.
  • 3D BIM Models – GPRS 3D BIM models deliver a geometrically accurate solid model of a building or site, capturing infrastructure, spatial relationships, maintenance information, product models, as well as additional property and layer information.

  • 3D Mesh – GPRS’ team of CAD technicians use the point cloud data set of x, y, z coordinates to generate a triangulated mesh from the 3D points in .fbx, .stl, .obj, and .ply file formats. A 3D mesh model allows you to view a site’s geometry as a surface model inside a CAD environment without having to navigate a point cloud.
  • TruViewsTruViews are panoramic images from the point cloud. They allow you to visualize your site as if you were physically standing at the laser scanner. You can easily pan, rotate, zoom, and access all site data, plus utilize an intuitive set of mark up and measurement tools.
  • Virtual Tours – A 3D virtual tour is a collection of 360° panoramic rotating images, “stitched” together to form a full, 360° view of a location. A 3D virtual tour allows you to virtually walk-through your site or facility in minutes, take basic measurements, estimate clearances and distances, and add digital notes.
  • Drone Imagery – GPRS offers photogrammetry, aerial video and images, LiDAR scans, 2D othormosaic images, CAD drawings, 3D images, 3D models, and complete 3D fly throughs thanks to our state-of-the-art drone technology operated by FAA Licensed pilot.
  • Subsurface Void Information – GPR equipment can identify the area where a void is occurring and the boundaries of that void. It cannot measure the void's depth.
  • Sewer and Manhole Inspection Data – GPRS offers interactive WinCan reporting captured during video pipe inspection. WinCan software allows you to easily view and analyze detailed NASSCO-compliant inspection data.
SiteMap Powered by GPRS
SiteMap® transforms construction and infrastructure projects by providing 99.8% accurate, aggregated site data.

Why GPRS? The GPRS Difference:

For 22 years, GPRS has been the nation’s leading provider of utility locating, concrete scanning and imaging, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, and leak detection services. GPRS’ mission is to deliver a comprehensive as-built record of the above ground and below ground infrastructure of a jobsite, so that any necessary excavation can be completed safely, and so that construction and renovation can be planned to reduce project risks, change orders, delays, and costs.

GPRS has a verified 99.8% accuracy rate for utility locating, and concrete scanning, and millimeter-accurate 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry services.

We offer a consultative approach to project management, working closely with you to ensure our data, maps, and models are the perfect solution for your project.

Our Mapping & Modeling Team can create anything from a simple GPS-enabled locating map of your utility locate, to highly detailed 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models, depending on your needs.

All data, maps, and models are quickly delivered via our new infrastructure data platform, SiteMap®. SiteMap® allows you to manage and share data according to your needs. If more information is documented on your project site, it can be easily and quickly uploaded to SiteMap. Additionally, you can download and export data to other systems for communication and processing.

SiteMap® transforms construction and infrastructure projects by providing 99.8% accurate, aggregated site data. Say goodbye to costly mistakes with incomplete records — SiteMap® ensures a single source of truth accessible 24/7.

See how simple it is to access, read, and share information in this intuitive, secure user interface.

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