Streamlining Subsurface Utility Mapping for Contractors: A Simplified Approach

Streamlining Subsurface Utility Mapping for Contractors: A Simplified Approach

Streamlining Subsurface Utility Mapping for Contractors: A Simplified Approach

When you’re breaking ground, what you can’t see can be catastrophic.

Identifying the location and designation of utility lines before any construction work begins – also known as subsurface utility mapping, or underground utility mapping – offers great value to construction projects. And as with every component of a construction project, there are numerous ways to streamline the mapping process.

Illustration of a facility with utility lines identified in multiple colors.
One of the most critical steps in streamlining the mapping of underground utilities is starting with a clear plan.

Start with a clear plan

Planning is key for streamlined, conflict-free mapping of underground utilities. Every detail should be accounted for before construction begins, including the locations of all utility lines and other subsurface infrastructure, any potential risks or hazards, and the project's scope. SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, simplifies this planning process with advanced technology that assesses underground utility locations and offers insight into all possible risks or hazards, allowing stakeholders to avoid miscommunication and effectively plan for any challenges.

In addition to thoroughly assessing the project area, SiteMap® also stores vital information including detailed, layered utility maps in the cloud. This complete facility visualization and collaboration solution ensures all stakeholders have secure access to relevant data, allowing for clear communication and understanding of each team member's roles and responsibilities. Without misunderstanding who is responsible for what, projects can be completed within budget and to the required standards.  

With all information accessible through SiteMap®, stakeholders can easily track progress by logging into the app and seeing exactly what is happening in real-time. This ability to monitor progress and seamlessly collaborate is essential for delivering optimal results.

By using SiteMap®, your utility information is always accurate, timely, and stored in one secure place. It's the perfect solution for those who are serious about streamlining their utility mapping process.

Use the right tools

When it comes to subsurface utility mapping, having the right tools is critical to streamline the process. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an advanced technology that can help contractors locate utility lines and underground structures quickly and accurately. GPR can detect non-metallic pipes and cables, making it an ideal tool for contractors dealing with underground infrastructures of varying types. GPR works by transmitting waves into the ground and recording the reflections, resulting in highly detailed maps.

But GPR is not the only technology that contractors can use to streamline the utility mapping process. Electromagnetic locators can also play an essential role in detecting the presence of underground metallic structures. These devices can be used in conjunction with GPR to provide a more comprehensive map of underground utilities. Moreover, electromagnetic locators can detect the depth of utilities, which is vital information for contractors when planning their excavation. 

Investing in advanced technology such as GPR and electromagnetic locators, with SiteMap® powered by GPRS, can help you streamline the subsurface utility mapping process. With a 99.8% accuracy rate on over 350,000 jobs, you can trust GPRS to provide you with the information you need to plan your excavation while reducing the risk of damage to underground utilities. By using the right tools, contractors can increase productivity, save time, and ultimately money.

Partner with experts

To streamline subsurface utility mapping, it is crucial to partner with experts who have advanced training and experience. SiteMap® uses utility mapping services to create a fully functioning facility visualization tool for contractors. With SiteMap®, contractors can save time and money while ensuring that projects are efficient.

Partnering with GPRS can streamline the process in many ways. For instance, it helps contractors work seamlessly with utility companies, municipalities, and other organizations. SiteMap® can also guide contractors through the complex process of mapping underground utilities, including understanding legal requirements and ensuring compliance with local laws. 

Trusting SiteMap® means investing in safe and efficient projects that can deliver successful results.

Use a Digital Workflow

A digital workflow is an ideal way to streamline the subsurface utility mapping process for construction projects. This type of process involves storing all mapping-related information in digital form online in the cloud. By doing so, stakeholders can collaborate and access it with ease, leading to better construction results with zero delays.

Contractors can utilize specialized software tools like SiteMap®, an underground utility mapping solution for creating and managing digital utility maps that anyone involved in the project can access. With the help of real-time collaboration features, contractors can identify and address construction challenges accurately and efficiently, reducing errors and reducing project timelines.

Digital workflow tools like SiteMap® also offer the benefit of automating many manual processes. For instance, contractors can map, and layer all gathered GPR and electromagnetic locator data within job details in SiteMap®, making work more efficient while reducing errors. This system saves time, minimizes costly delays, and reduces rework while ensuring site safety and quality.

A Simplified Approach

Contractors can improve efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction with strategic investments in software, tools, and expertise. 

Subsurface utility mapping is critical to achieving these gains within budget. To streamline the process, a clear plan, proper tools, expert partnerships, and digital workflows are essential. SiteMap®, the industry-revolutionizing solution, simplifies utility mapping in a single platform. With SiteMap®, project management becomes quick, accurate, and real-time. 

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