3D Laser Scanning for All Phases of Construction

3D Laser Scanning for All Phases of Construction

Laser scanning accurately captures, maps, and visualizes the 3D geometry of a building or project site. The scan data or point cloud data is uploaded and processed into a file that can be loaded into modeling software. By implementing this into every phase of a construction project, architects, engineers and contractors can increase accuracy and reduce risk.

Design Phase

Capture accurate infrastructure and measurements in minutes.

  • Leica laser scanners capture millimeter-accurate as-builts, even in densely populated facilities and while plants are in operation.
  • 3D laser scans can be delivered as a point cloud, or in customizable 2D & 3D drawings, maps, 3D mesh models, and BIM models.
  • Matterport offers rough measurements and locates important features.

Construction Phase

Prevent change orders with instantly accessible real-time data.

  • Point cloud data and 360 imagery documents construction progress.
  • 3D laser scans discover unanticipated conditions so its easy to locate, tag and fix them later.
  • Real-time data makes communication and collaboration smoother and faster.

Post Construction Phase

Eliminate costly mistakes with instant visualization.

  • 3D laser scans capture complete and updated as-builts for the finished project, so you can add notes and specifications to simplify future retrofits and renovation.
  • Up to date as-builts, captured with millimeter accuracy simplify facility operations, and make tenant finishes and remodels much easier because everyone can visualize existing features instantly.
"The point cloud and model worked out tremendously well. Documenting the existing building conditions the usual way would have been extremely difficult."  N. PELLIZZARI -- ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING PROFESSIONAL

GPRS Sample Models:

Point cloud data and highly accurate 3D BIM models can be created for any football stadium, basketball court, baseball park, golf course, ice rink, theatre, and arena to aid in design planning, renovation, and construction management.

3D Laser Scanning Stadiums

"We entrusted GPRS to fly around the country and scan several NFL stadiums. They are the best in the biz at what they do." DAN P. -- MANAGING DIRECTOR

3D Laser Scanning Hotels
GPRS can 3D capture a complete full interior layout of any hotel with incredible efficiency - minimizing time and disturbance and eliminating site revisits for missed measurements.

3D Laser Scanning Hotels

Hotel renovations required as-built data and a 3D model. The image above shows the Revit model with NavVis VLX laser scan data overlaid in color.

3D Laser Scanning Water Treatment Facilities
GPRS has extensive experience 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

3D Laser Scanning Water Treatment Facilities

59 acres and 27 buildings were 3D laser scanned to provide complete as-built documentation of a Colorado Wastewater Treatment Plant. This 3D model of the digester facility is accurate to within millimeters.

3D Laser Scanning Office Space
3D laser scanning helped to develop as-built drawings, plans, and specifications necessary for construction space planning, and furniture placement for this corporate office.

3D Laser Scanning Office Space

"Scans are one of the most amazing tools we use right now. At the estimating stage, it's critical. Many details are missed if you only have a 2D drawing. With a laser scan we can visually see complex areas, height differences, and material changes like you’re there in person." CHRIS L. -- PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES

3D Laser Scanning to Expedite the Installation of ACM Panels
By working hand-in-hand with the client, GPRS was able to provide the exact measurements needed in order to properly install the ACM panels.

3D Laser Scanning to Expedite the Installation of ACM Panels

Our client was installing ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels to the canopy of a newly constructed airport terminal.

"GPRS has changed the way we field measure, layout, and install projects." VINCENT N. -- SUPERINTENDENT

3D Laser Scanning Manufacturing Facilities
A 3D model facilitated virtual design planning to ensure there are no clashes during the retrofitting of the new piping.

3D Laser Scanning Manufacturing Facilities

GPRS 3D laser scanned the structural steel, equipment and MEP piping in this manufacturing facility to create a 3D model to help the client plan the routes of the new piping. The Revit model shows an example of the facility’s proposed renovations. Red indicates items that will be removed.

3D Laser Scanning Processing Plants
When plant engineers at a pet food packaging facility needed to make modifications, they asked GPRS 3D Laser Scanning to provide as-built documentation and a 3D BIM model to plan retrofits to the existing structure.

3D Laser Scanning Processing Plants

Point cloud data and a 3D BIM model was created for a processing plant in Kentucky. 40,000 sq. ft. and 7 levels of elevated platforms containing product packaging equipment were captured with millimeter accuracy.

3D Laser Scanning The Virginia Air and Space Museum
GPRS 3D laser scanned the museum in less than 2 hours in the early morning to avoid interrupting visiting hours.

3D Laser Scanning The Virginia Air and Space Museum

The museum’s design team wanted a digital representation of the space to begin design planning and renovation.

"GPRS had a quick turnaround on deliverables that saved time within the project. We look forward to working with them on future projects." MICHAEL T. – DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES


You can trust our team to provide the best experience in laser scanning by walking you through the entire 3D laser scanning process from pre-planning through project completion.

We offer a consultative approach to project management, working with you to ensure our data, maps, and models are the perfect solution for your project. The data delivered is accurate within millimeters, and the maps and models provide complete as built and location data.  

Our elite team of Project Managers is required to complete an extensive training program before performing field services on your job site. Every Project Manager completes 80 hours of classroom training and 320 hours of field mentoring.

All GPRS team members work together to help you Intelligently Visualize The Built World® to help you reduce change orders and costs so that your projects come in on time and on budget.

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