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Mapping & Modeling Examples
With GPRS, clients can rest assured that our rigorously trained Project Managers deliver precise project data with a verified 99.8% accuracy rate for utility locating & concrete scanning, using the most advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM) imaging technology available. Our NASSCO-certified video pipe inspection (CCTV) services find pipe defects, blocks, and leaks with pinpoint accuracy, and our 3D laser scanning, CAD design, and BIM modeling services are accurate within millimeters. 


Communication is vital on a construction project. When it comes to buried utilities and structural reinforcement, human memory is not enough. GPRS increases the level of communication and safety on your project by providing clear and understandable maps and models to help you Visualize The Built World™ and share your vision with subcontractors, designers, engineers, and others, easily.

We provide complimentary KMZ and PDF maps with every utility locate we perform. GPRS also offers a wide variety of customizable maps and models, accurately created by our Mapping & Modeling Team.

At GPRS, we share your commitment to bringing projects in on time, on budget – and most importantly – safely.

Mapping & Modeling Examples

Video Pipe Inspection DELIVERABLES

Nassco report

In addition to the on-site communication received from our Project Managers, our clients receive filed markings in the form of paint, pin flags, stakes or any other method as directed by the client. Our PMs are trained to make all of their field markings to be clear, accurate and understandable for anyone who may view them.

wincan video

The Deliverables Department is able to create a CAD file that documents our results. This allows clients such as contractors, engineers, and owners to create or update as-built drawings for preplanning, utility avoidance, or to document site history and site changes and can be exported to a variety of CAD and GIS systems.

GPS Maps & Overlays

Our PMs are able to take the results of their scan and place them into a sketch. This level of communication is a way to quickly and visually convey the results of the subsurface investigation beyond temporary paint markings or pin flags.

Manhole Inspection Report

The nest level of reporting available involves an aerial satellite image overlay. These mapped findings are provided to the client in a KMZ file format as well as a PDF showing our findings over an aerial image along with our notes and depths.


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“Due to their EFFORTS and EXCELLENT supplemental report, we were able to provide our customer the information they NEEDED. As a result, there was no damage to underground utilities Based on my EXPERIENCE and SUCCESS using GPRS, they are the ONLY firm I work with.”
- James S. Bridges, C.S. Davidson, Inc.