Leak Detection Services Field Report in Scranton, Pennsylvania

GPRS's Acoustic Leak detection services provide General contractors and job site foremen the company they need to investigate all on-site pressurized pipes for leaks. Our commercial leak detection division of highly trained Project Managers specializes in pinpointing leaks in metallic, plastic, cement, and wooden pipes. Using DXMICs as listening devices, we can get a baseline for all hydrant points in the area while using our correlator to correlate suspect regions. The DXMIC, paired with a listening device called an elephant foot, helps our team listen down for underground leaks, pinpointing exactly where they are. Our state-of-the-art equipment paired with the GPRS Project Manager trained ear makes for an unbeatable combo in the leak detection industry. We locate different pressurized pipes, including valve lines, hydrant lines, steam lines, and fire loop leaks. Not only do we locate leaks for the pressurized pipes on your property, but we also locate and mark out all utilities in the surrounding area of any found leaks making us a one-stop shop for your needs. We do this so you can stay safe when digging to make the needed remediations to your pipes, saving you time and money.

Correlations between contact points, yielded inconclusive results likely due to main line pipe material (PVC). Surfacing water from curb box led to further acoustic testing. Operation of the shut off located in the meter pit (just out of image) did not change leak signal leading to the conclusion that the leak must be between the meter pit and the main. Excavation revealed the flange on the street side of the curb valve was leaking. Further acoustic testing of surrounding areas for ground noise generated no results.