Leak Detection Services Field Report: Mount Vernon

GPRS' commercial water leak detection services specialize in investigating subsurface, mainline, valve, hydrant, steam line, and fire loop leaks. We have cutting-edge equipment that consists of the correlator, DXMIC, and elephant foot. Our correlator enables our Project Managers to get a baseline for all hydrant points in the area. We then correlate all suspect regions and use the DXMIC to narrow down the leak location. The elephant foot is next, which is a microphone connected to the DXMIC to pinpoint precisely where the leak is located. This cutting-edge equipment, paired with GPRS's highly trained Project Managers, sets us apart from the competition in our leak detection services. 

GPRS Project Managers are well versed in acoustic leak detection. They use their trained ears with state-of-the-art equipment to locate all pressurized pipes for leaks in metallic, plastic, cement, and wooden pipes. We not only take time to find your leaks but also provide you with a one-stop shop to identify and mark out all surrounding subsurface utilities. We ensure you keep your project on time, on budget, and safe when digging and making the needed remediations to your lines.

Correlations between found contact points, found to have leak signal, yielded the proximity of a suspected leak on the valve for Hydrant #466 at the intersection of Polo Rd. & Williams St. Acoustic Testing utilized for further confirmation. Valve needs to be operated for further orientation.