Civil, Road and Bridge

With rising concerns about infrastructure in the US, the construction spend in this sector is on the rise. Last year in the US, construction in the infrastructure realm was estimated to be over $350 billion. Recently, the ASCE gave the United States a D+ rating when it comes to the deteriorating conditions of our nation’s roads, bridges, transit and water systems. As America begins to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, GPRS is uniquely positioned to assist on all fronts. Over the past 20 years, our team has built up experience scanning dowels on highway projects, mapping rebar and concrete cover on bridges, and locating utilities around mass transit systems. As the government continues to make commitments in regards to the upgrade of US infrastructure, GPRS is ready to use our expertise to begin to assist in the rebuild.

GPRS is able to provide critical data for the infrastructure rebuilding process in the United States. When working with railroad, light-rail, or other mass transit assets – GPRS can provide important information regarding the location of underground utilities. Our concrete scanning services can provide answers to questions regarding concrete thickness and concrete cover, rebar placement and layout, and dowel placement. Further, our Video Pipe Inspection department can use CCTV and push cameras to map the location and even the interior condition of water and sewer pipes, lateral lines and even map the location where repairs are needed. The result of ground penetrating radar services is accurate information that can be used in the planning process. GPRS can give you the information you need by providing reports and drawings, CAD or MicroStation drawings, satellite image overlays, maps and sketches of subsurface facilities and reinforcement. Let’s rebuild America, together.

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Rather than send a rigid rate sheet to prospective clients, GPRS can create a customized service plan. We take into account our industry experience, national footprint, and operational/scheduling capacity to craft a customized plan just for you.


With one single point of contact for you company, GPRS can schedule utility locating, video pipe inspection, and concrete scanning projects for your site with one simple phone call. Gone is the need to call multiple service providers across a region or nationally. GPRS has Project Managers in every major market in the US and our single point of contact will simplify your scheduling process.


GPRS understands that clear, understandable, and consistent pricing is a big deal. Our nationwide footprint allows us to streamline our costs on a nationwide basis, we are sure to craft a cost structure that makes sense for the scope of work. Rather than send a blanket rate sheet, we consultaively compose pricing plans for each project.


Every campus, site and facility have different challenges. Since our inception, GPRS has completed hundreds of thousands of projects and relies on that experience when crafting a site-specific plan for safety, scanning and reporting. With the SIM Specification as our guide, we will craft an individualized approach to each and every project. From facility mapping, locating prior to excavation, to performing one-call locating - GPRS will perform the right service for your scope of work.

One Call Program

GPRS exceed industry performance when it comes to the accuracy of our utility locating. Our team of Project Managers can continue the support of your project by crafting a one-call program from when your project transitions to the O&M phase.

Public Property

Damage prevention is critical when excavating in a public right-of-way. Using the 811, call before you dig system, is an essential step to take when trying to avoid underground utility strikes. It's the law! GPRS is able to contract and perform one-call type utility locating for your underground assets.

Private Property

A utility locate on private property is not complete until a private utility locator like GPRS has been called to comprehensively locate the entire campus. GPRS can create a one-call type program for your facility or campus in the case that you have utilities that lie within public property.


GPRS can place our highly trained PMs within your facility or campus to perform utility locating and concrete scanning services. When our PMs are placed within a facility, many benefits realized when compared with our standard services. Our schedule is at your disposal, there is familiarity with site intricacies, and we can manage as-built drawings for the entire site.

As-Built Drawings

As-built utility drawings don't always show the current underground conditions of a site. Drawings that are produced in the design-phase of a project don't always reflect the exact location of underground utilities. Over time, due to renovations, repairs, and additions, as-built drawings become out of date. GPRS PMs are able to update as-built drawings so that they reflect the actual vertical and horizontal position of underground facilities.