GPRS Internal Safety Program

Safety - Always On Our Radar

Here at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, safety is our top priority in everything we do.

GPRS is committed to creating and fostering a safe work environment for our team members, and teaching them how to extend that safety to all project sites and our community.

Safety is not just a goal, it’s an expectation set from the beginning. We created our GPRS Training School to provide intensive, hands-on training to all new employees. Our on-boarding process includes OSHA safety training in addition to over two months of jobsite-specific trainings. New hires are taught Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM)- a comprehensive standard operating procedure specifically designed to facilitate safe utility locating and concrete scanning processes. During training, time is spent practicing scans on a state-of-the-art simulation slab designed to mimic field conditions. Continuing education ensures that team members and Project Managers remain up to date on the latest safety information and trainings.

Here are some of the ways GPRS integrates safety and accident prevention into everything we do:

On the jobsite:

  • Pre-task planning, work scope review, and job hazard analysis are performed before even stepping foot on site

  • Site specific safety plans are used to assess and mitigate hazards for each site

  • Review of post-scanning markouts

  • Project reporting (as required)

  • Use of Near-Miss and Incident Reporting and investigations to understand what could be done differently next time

In the workplace:

  • New-hire safety training and orientation- this includes specialized topics such as fall protection and confined space entry

  • GPRS Safety Manual- continuously updated to ensure compliance with the most rigorous construction standards

  • Monthly hazard recognition and safety trainings for all team members

  • Periodic Safety Stand-Downs

  • Toolbox talks

For our team members:

  • Completion of OSHA 10 by every team member

  • Completion of OSHA 30 by every area manager

  • Completion of HAZWOPER 40 by many Project Managers

This commitment to safety has earned GPRS an Experience Modification Rate of 0.47 for 2018-2019. Industry standard averages an EMR of 1- the lower the number, the better the rating.

Our clients see first-hand our dedication and commitment to safety. It’s a major reason why GPRS is the company of choice for concrete scanning and utility locating services.



GPRS Expertise
GPRS Expertise

Team Members

GPRS believes that our team is the key to our success. We invest significant energy into training, coaching, and developing our Team Members. This investment into each Team Member can be quantified by our reputation of excellence and the company of clients that we keep – we have worked for an estimated 65% of the ENR Top Contractors.

Our investment in our personnel focuses on the following:


  • GPRS Team Members embody the values of integrity, teamwork, mutual respect, growth-mindedness and professionalism. Emphasis on these core principles paired with a complete understanding of the process of utility locating and concrete scanning are what enable our Team Members to perform jobs safely and precisely.

  • Each Project Manager is thoroughly trained in the use of all forms of equipment. We understand that it may take more than one tool to get the job done correctly. Training focuses on correct equipment usage, as well as understanding limitations to the technology, in order to achieve the safest and most accurate results.

  • GPRS Project Managers undergo a host of trainings designed to instill in-depth knowledge along with critical thinking abilities. Subsurface Investigation Methodology is just one of the ways we ensure the same level of accuracy in all of our locates and scans. The use of a checklist and certain protocol enable us to produce the safest possible results, each time.