Green Box Guarantee

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What is the Green Box Guarantee?

The Green Box Guarantee is simple: when a GPRS Project Manager places a Green Box within a layout prior to anchoring or coring concrete, we guarantee the area will be free of obstructions. If we’re wrong, we’ll pay the material cost of the damage.

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How does the Green Box Guarantee help customers?

The GPRS Green Box Guarantee emphasizes four critical project factors: safety, efficiency, cost savings, and clear communication. Each benefit comes together to enhance our 99.8%+ accuracy rating and allows clients to join in our fight to eliminate subsurface damage.

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Do all ground penetrating radar companies offer a Green Box Guarantee?

No, the Green Box Guarantee is an industry-leading, proprietary program GPRS created to help prevent injuries and damages. We want to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your team can safely core and drill into concrete without worrying about subsurface damage. GPRS offers this program as part of our pursuit of 100% subsurface damage prevention. We are the only company that can provide the Green Box Guarantee, because we’re the only company that can lean on our industry-leading 99.8%+ accuracy rate for concrete scanning projects.

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Does GPRS guarantee their work?

The Green Box Guarantee is designed explicitly for elevated concrete slabs, indicating areas free of obstructions such as rebar, post-tension cables, and electrical conduits. While the Green Box Guarantee does not apply to all concrete, utility, and video pipe inspection jobs – we stand by our work. We have a 99.8%+ accuracy rate on over 400,000 projects completed, and we continue to pursue 100% subsurface damage prevention.

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Will there be a green box placed on every concrete slab that I have scanned?

No. Our green boxes communicate to our clients that all critical targets such as rebar reinforcement, electrical conduits, and post tension cables are absent, and no obstruction is present. We place green boxes on elevated concrete slab locations that we’re confident are clear to core, cut, or drill through. If we aren’t confident that you won’t hit anything, we won’t place a green box on the slab.


GPRS does not investigate, analyze, or interpret soil composition, soil conditions, or geological or geophysical information. GPRS reports retrieved data and does NOT provide geophysical, geological, engineering, or land surveying services. Please contact a professional in those fields if such services are needed.