Your Data: Optimized & Aggregated

SiteMap® 101: GPRS Puts Accurate, Actionable Data in Your Team’s Hands with SiteMap® Pro

Your Data: Optimized & Aggregated

SiteMap® 101: GPRS Puts Accurate, Actionable Data in Your Team’s Hands with SiteMap® Pro

How many projects are you currently managing across your facility or campus?

How well are you and your team communicating on priorities and workflow? How accurate is the as-built information they have to work with?

What if there was a way to manage it all – every utility installation, every renovation, every repair – from one place?

Thanks to SiteMap® Pro, you can.

Utility lines illustrated over an aerial shot of a campus.
SiteMap® consolidates all your vital infrastructure information in one secure, yet easily accessible platform so you can plan, design, dig, and ultimately build better.

SiteMap® Pro (patent pending) puts you in the driver’s seat for all work occurring on your facility or campus. It gives you what you need to manage your infrastructure from anywhere by securing your aggregated, mapped & layered data – from pre-planning through O&M and beyond.

With SiteMap® Pro, you have control over your entire facility or campus, and all its projects. You receive administrative access for as many as five people to utilize the data collected by GPRS, aggregated to provide constant updates on each of your projects as they occur.

No more searching in multiple locations for information that was out-of-date before you even started looking.

No more inaccurate as-builts that should really be called “as-intendeds” because they don’t correctly reflect what’s underground.

No more feeling like you’re out of the loop because your contractors, subcontractors, and team members aren’t sharing their information with you – or worse, they’re sharing bad data gathered from sources you can’t trust.

Facilities come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what type of facility you’re responsible for, you need data you can trust to prevent subsurface damage and other mistakes that could decimate your budget and schedule, and even endanger those who work at or visit your site.

SiteMap® Pro is the easily accessible, yet secure home for the data GPRS collects on your site. That’s 99.8%+ accurate utility locating and concrete scanning data, millimeter-accurate 3D laser scans, NASSCO-certified video pipe inspections, SIM-certified leak detections, and our unique ability to map and model all this information to meet your needs. It’s all there, secured in one place for you to review, annotate, and share with whomever needs it, whenever they need it.

Screenshot of the SiteMap MapViewer
SiteMap® lets you see all the accurate infrastructure data collected by GPRS in one place where you can turn off layers you don't want to see.

SiteMap® Pro is a single source of truth for the accurate utility locating, concrete scanning, 3D laser scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, and mapping & modeling data you’ve come to expect from GPRS’ SIM and NASSCO-certified Project Managers.  

You can access SiteMap® Pro from your computer or mobile device, meaning that your data travels with you 24/7 and is always there when you need it.

You decide the number of users, their level of access, and how your data is used.  

You control everything that happens on your property and ensure that all parties are working from the same accurate data.  

You see everything that happens, when it happens, with no surprises.

Inconsistent & siloed data, confusing project communications, and incomplete as-builts & historical records are hurting your bottom line, your schedule, and in the worst cases, your people.  

Put an end to it, and gather, secure & share your aggregated information with a single source of truth.

With SiteMap® Pro, you can plan, design, manage, dig, and ultimately build better. Click below to learn more and sign up for a personal SiteMap® demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Underground Utility Mapping?

Having an updated and accurate map of your subsurface infrastructure reduces accidents, budget overruns, change orders, and project downtime caused by dangerous and costly subsurface damage.

How does SiteMap® assist with Utility Mapping?

SiteMap®, powered by GPRS, is the industry-leading infrastructure management program. It is a single source of truth, housing the 99.8%+ accurate utility locating, concrete scanning, video pipe inspection, leak detection, and 3D laser scanning data our Project Managers collect on your job site. And the best part is you get a complimentary SiteMap® Personal Subscription when GPRS performs a utility locate for you.

Click here to learn more.

Does SiteMap® Work with my Existing GIS Platform?

SiteMap® allows for exporting of data to SHP, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, and DXF directly from any user’s account that either owns or has a job shared to their account. All these file formats can be imported and utilized by other GIS packages if manually imported by the user. More information can be found at