The Benefits of Utility As-Built Creation

The Benefits of Utility As-Built Creation

Imagine attempting to build a house without a detailed plan.

It's nearly impossible, right? Unlike traditional blueprints, as-builts provide an accurate depiction of what exists rather than what was merely intended. These precise records of existing conditions streamline many critical processes in both construction and operations and maintenance.

In numerous fields, creating accurate utility as-builts is indispensable. These documents meticulously outline the exact locations and specifications of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications in a specific area. Whether you're involved in design-build construction, urban planning, or infrastructure management, utility as-builts are essential.

Utility lines being buried underground.
Creating accurate utility as-builts can help keep track of the complicated web of utilities buried throughout the country.

What Accurate Utility As-Builts Do For You

Accurate Documentation for Future Reference

Utility as-builts serve as invaluable references for future projects. Construction spans long periods, and having precise records ensures that maintenance, repairs, or expansions can be done efficiently. Engineers, architects, and planners rely on these as-builts to understand existing layouts, bypassing outdated or incomplete blueprints. GPRS excels in this, with a 99.8%+ accuracy rate in utility locating and mapping, offering CAD overlays and 3D models as needed.

Enhanced Safety Protocols

Safety in utility maintenance and construction is paramount. Detailed utility as-builts enhance safety by providing critical information about underground utilities, helping prevent accidental damage during excavation or construction. This minimizes risks to both workers and the public, especially with hazards like gas pipes or high-voltage lines.

Cost Efficiency

Accurate utility mapping helps avoid delays and expenses from accidental damage. It reduces errors, miscommunications, and accidents, which are costly. As-builts provide a single source of truth, reducing project interruptions and associated costs, including fines and legal liabilities. They also enable optimized resource allocation and scheduling.

Streamlined Project Management

Project managers depend on accurate data from utility as-builts for effective project planning and management. These documents help coordinate timelines and resolve conflicts with existing infrastructure early on, leading to smoother execution and fewer delays. Accurate measurements mean precise planning, material orders, and workflows.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regions require strict adherence to regulations for utility documentation and protection during construction. Utility as-builts serve as proof of compliance, ensuring projects respect existing infrastructure and meet legal standards.

Eliminate Miscommunications

When everyone on your team has access to the same accurate information, it creates a more cohesive work environment. Precise as-builts reduce the need for constant communication and site visits by providing a unified source of truth. GPRS’s SiteMap® platform makes it easy to share and access these documents, enhancing team collaboration.

Support for Asset Management

Utility providers and asset managers benefit from detailed as-builts that document the lifespan and condition of infrastructure assets. This facilitates proactive maintenance and asset management, helping to optimize schedules and extend the life of utilities.

Integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Modern as-builts often integrate with GIS platforms, allowing for spatial analysis, visualization, and seamless data sharing. This improves decision-making related to infrastructure planning and emergency response. GPRS provides a complimentary SiteMap® subscription with GIS integration, enhancing data accessibility and usability.

Environmental and Social Impact

Accurate utility as-builts reduce environmental impacts by minimizing accidental damage to underground utilities. This conserves resources and reduces waste from repairs or replacements. Reliable utility data also minimizes community disruptions and enhances social sustainability by preventing issues like contamination from utility strikes.

A 3D laser scanner sitting in a concrete slab pre-pour.
GPRS offers highly accurate as-builts, often within 2-4mm, delivered in various formats.

GPRS As a Solution

Traditional as-builts are often only "as-intended," not reflecting every change or update. GPRS, however, offers highly accurate as-builts, often within 2-4mm, delivered in various formats. Whether you need utility locates or a comprehensive mapping solution, GPRS provides services to keep your project safe, on time, and on budget. Our offerings include WalkThru 3D Virtual Tours, ProCap Progressive Capture, FLRPLN, and TruBuilt Existing Condition As Builts.

Our services cover:

  • Subsurface Damage Prevention: Concrete scanning, utility locating, pipe inspection, and leak detection
  • Existing Conditions Documentation: Reality capture, as-built drawings, utility maps, and BIM models
  • Construction and Facility Project Management: GIS software, virtual tours, floorplans, and progress documentation

Accurate utility as-builts are crucial across construction, urban planning, and infrastructure management. They enhance safety, efficiency, and cost management, ensuring projects stay on track and comply with regulations. GPRS helps navigate these complexities with precise mapping and documentation services. With a 99.8% accuracy rate, partnering with GPRS means you’re set for success from the start. Contact us today to learn how we can help you map the future.