Top 3 Industries For 3D Laser Scanning Services

Top 3 Industries For 3D Laser Scanning Services

More and more industries are turning to 3D laser scanning to accurately collect as-built data from buildings, facilities and sites. Construction, engineering, and architecture are the top three industries that come to TruePoint for 3D laser scanning services.  

Laser scan technology is transforming project workflows. By replacing manual processes and allowing technology to capture and share as-built data throughout the organization, companies are able to expedite project planning and execution.


Many construction projects lack current records and as-built drawings. This information is critical for construction planning because it helps general contractors expedite design using real-world building data as a foundation. 3D laser scanning collects existing site conditions in the form of a point cloud, offering a precise digital record of a building or site with 2-4 mm accuracy.

3D Laser Scanning for Construction Offers:

  • Accurate construction documents to expedite decisions
  • Millions of critical data points with 2-4 mm accuracy
  • Information to align project planning and coordination
  • Improved cost estimation and scheduling
  • More effective communication between the office and the field
  • Elimination of site revisits and missed measurements
  • Reduction of costs due to change orders

3D laser scanning can benefit your construction project by providing comprehensive plans and elevations, exact building locations and dimensions, intelligent BIM models, and panoramic images. Having access to accurate site data improves project overall efficiency and profitability, whether you’re embarking on a large construction project, renovation, addition, or the repurposing of structures.


3D laser scanning is a tool for engineers looking to speed up analysis, design, modifications, or prefabrication. The laser scanner documents the precise detail of a space, capturing one million data points per second with 2-4 mm accuracy, removing the possibility of human error. Engineers can use the raw data (point cloud data) to develop 2D CAD drawings and 3D models for design planning. Work can be completed with confidence, without worrying about missed measurements. Potential errors are exposed, providing engineers the ability to identify issues before they arise. 3D scan data provides critical assessments and calculations before a site build-out.

3D Laser Scanning Offers Engineers the Ability to:

  • Design confidently from precise as-built conditions
  • Complete advanced analysis and off-site visualization
  • Access to tighter dimensions to significantly reduce clashes and unknowns
  • Keep your clients’ projects on time and on budget
  • Visualize and plan successful projects with BIM models
  • Provide the most accurate, comprehensive data available


With architectural projects, an immense level of detail is needed to make sure no inaccuracies or unseen issues arise. 3D laser scanning captures precise documentation of existing conditions. It aids the process of architectural design, from site survey, to monitoring construction progress, creating design models, and verifying as-built accuracy. The precision of laser scanning allows architects to work with the finer details of a jobsite without without the excessive requirements of traditional documentation.

3D laser scanning is unmatched by other technologies. From walls and windows to HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, 3D laser scanning can accurately identify and document all visible elements of a structure. 3D laser scan data allows your team to focus on design rather than documenting existing conditions. The data collected eliminates site revisits that eat up time and resources.

3D Laser Scanning Offers Architects the Ability to:

  • Verify existing conditions at the onset of a project
  • Easily integrate scan data with existing workflows and software
  • Capture precise data from difficult-to-access objects or sites
  • Keep historic sites and artifacts untouched
  • Accelerate project schedules

In Summary:

3D laser scanning is a tool for contractors, engineers, and architects looking to streamline processes and operate more efficiently. Imagine having precise site information at your fingertips to produce accurate design plans from the start of your project. Imagine avoiding all the rework and delays with an accurate rendering of your project in three dimensions.

3D laser scanning is revolutionizing workflows, and companies are turning to TruePoint to provide as-built services to plan and expedite projects. Contact TruePoint, a GPRS company. today to receive a custom quote.