The GPRS Mission

GPRS is the nation’s leading ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider.

The GPRS Mission

GPRS is the nation’s leading ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider.

Company Overview                

GPRS is the nation’s leading ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider. As the largest GPR company in the U.S., we specialize in providing concrete scanning and utility locating services to identify unknown subsurface elements. Our Project Managers are extensively trained to handle all possible scenarios, making them experts in their field. With offices in all major hubs across the U.S., our team members can quickly mobilize to a site in order to identify any unknown subsurface elements impacting your project.

The nation’s leading ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider
GPRS is the nation’s leading ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider.

The GPRS Mission                

The GPRS mission is to mitigate the risk associated with unidentified subsurface elements. Our focus and passion is to create a safer working environment on each site we visit, and to do whatever we can to help your project continue smoothly. Each of our Project Managers undergo intensive and ongoing training to remain up to date on the latest technology in subsurface scanning, imaging and inspection. It is these tools that are used to detect hidden elements and to develop a successful plan to work around them.

Our Team                

At GPRS, we strive to recognize each Project Manager’s unique skills. We feel it is our duty to help develop those skills through our extensive onboarding program and continuing education. Our consistent growth mindset places value on each individual that makes up our company. GPRS offers opportunities for growth within the company, with the desire to see each of our employees achieve their career goals.

We understand that in order to provide the high-quality service we are known for, it is important to build and protect a strong foundation.

GPRS is constantly on the lookout for new candidates to join our team. It is our greatest reward to have created an atmosphere that is so supportive of individuals and their families, and it is our hope to continue this growth!

Safety Above All                

While it is our job to limit risk on your job site, we do it for more than just the money. Here at GPRS, safety is our #1 motivating factor in everything we do. By investing and trusting in our Project Managers and their skills we are able to provide the best risk mitigation services to you, our client. In turn, we rely on the commitment of our customers in order to keep meeting all of your project’s needs.

Our Customers                

Our services work beyond keeping your job site safe- they help to keep your project on time and on budget. We help to protect your own client’s investments by minimizing the need for repairs. This system is reciprocal- by trusting in us we are able to perform our best to keep your project running smoothly.

GPRS is highly committed to our customer’s experience. We strive to provide the best possible outcome in everything we do. Feedback is an integral part of our operations support, and allows us to understand and anticipate our client’s ever-changing needs.

Note: GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services.  If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.

Curious To Learn More About How We Achieve A 99.8% Accuracy Rating?

We standardized our team’s approach to Subsurface Investigation Methodology. Known as the GPRS SIM program, we combined the greatest technology with the best practices in analysis to train all of our personnel to become SIM Certified.
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