GPRS Shines in Recent Industry Features

GPRS Shines in Recent Industry Features

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) has garnered significant attention in the construction industry, laying a strong foundation for its reputation in recent publications and podcasts.

From well-known concrete and industry safety publications such as Concrete International Magazine and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, to some of the industry’s leading engineering and construction risk management podcasts such as the Engineering Management Institute Podcast and Risk Management Brick by Brick by Trust Layer’s podcast. Here’s a brief overview of where you can find GPRS in current media.  

Concrete International Magazine - February 2024 Issue

Concrete International Magazine, the concrete construction community's leading publication, published an industry feature on Concrete Sawing and Drilling Safety Week (CSDSW) 2024 in their February 2024 issue. In this summary, Concrete International showcased GPRS as the primary sponsor of CSDSW 2024 and highlighted our commitment and the importance of concrete sawing and drilling safety when cutting, coring, or drilling through concrete. Topics discussed included the nationwide availability of these talks every January by GPRS safety experts, and a brief description of the content within presentations. To get a head start for next year’s talks, register you and your team today.

Construction workers gathered for Concrete Sawing and Drilling Safety Talk

Engineering Management Institute Podcast  

GPRS's cutting-edge methodology and industry leading service lines and their importance in the engineering sector spilled over onto the airwaves most recently with an engaging feature of our President and CEO, Matt Aston, on the Engineering Management Institute Podcast. This podcast, known for content that enriches the engineering community with leadership, management, and personal development solutions, featured how GPRS services provide cost-effective solutions for various engineering applications.

Our various service lines, including video pipe inspection, 3D laser scanning, leak detection, utility locating, and concrete scanning were all discussed, and how they help engineers around the country eliminate reworks, budget overruns, and downtime on site. Aston shared the origin story of GPRS and our growth strategy and also took time to discuss our industry leading utility mapping software SiteMap® and how it is the next phase of evolution for GPRS as a whole. This episode delivered insightful conversation around GPRS's impact on project management and site safety, fitting well with the podcast's mission to foster the growth and development of engineers and technical professionals across all disciplines. To see the whole episode watch below.

Industry Safety and Hygiene News Magazine

Logo of Industrial Safety and Hygiene News

The essential workplace safety source, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN), took a look at GPRS’ industry emphasis on how to protect yourself from silicosis on a job site. Topics included the millions of constructions workers who have already been exposed to silica in the workforce, the morbid effects of respirable crystalline silica (RCS) if not avoided, and the opportunity to prevent silicosis altogether through proper precautions put into place when working with or around concrete. Concrete Sawing and Drilling Safety Week discusses this topic and many more in depth, allowing each attendee to develop a personal safety plan when cutting, coring or drilling through concrete to further mitigate the risks posed by RCS. The timely discussion on safety protocols resonates with ISHN's drive to keep the workforce informed on crucial safety news and strategies, thus playing a crucial role in safeguarding industry personnel. To read the full piece, click here.

Risk Management: Brick by Brick - Trust Layer Podcast

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Finally, the Risk Management Brick by Brick by Trust Layer podcast became a platform for GPRS President and CEO, Matt Aston to discuss the emerging risks in construction and how modern technology such as SiteMap® can help mitigate them. Our origin story is briefly shared, and our abilities to help Risk Managers from all around the country within the construction industry mitigate damages on job sites is discussed. The shift in our customers’ approach to subsurface damage prevention in the past 20 years has been progressive. Many clients now call us before they dig or excavate, where before, most calls came in after damages had already occurred on site.

This shift to a proactive mindset, has led to a decrease in damages, an increase in job site safety, and a greater relational impact to the construction industry due to the various services we provide. This episode displays how pivotal risk mitigation is to our clients to protect their reputation in the field, and the role data collection and distribution within SiteMap® can help enhance risk mitigation for years to come.  Join, Jason Reichl and Matt Aston as they discuss GPRS’s industry expertise with the podcast's goal of elevating the understanding of risk management technologies in the construction industry by watching the full episode below.

About the publications.

Concrete International Magazine

Published by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Concrete International Magazine is a monthly publication that delivers sought after industry knowledge and promotes concrete innovation, best practices, and collaborative expertise. Monthly, Concrete International brings critical developments in the concrete sector to its audience of engineers, architects, and tech professionals who contribute to this evolving field. Be on the lookout for April’s issue, as GPRS’ innovative existing condition documentation and damage prevention services are to be featured as a spotlight article.

Engineering Management Institute

The Engineering Management Institute Podcast is known for how it enriches the engineering community with leadership, management, and personal development solutions, helping technical professionals scale new heights in their careers.

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

ISHN provides a vital service as the safety industry's core of news and analysis, advocating for healthier and safer working environments across sectors. GPRS has been featured on their podcast in years past to discuss GPR and its applications in concrete scanning and utility locating to help keep project’s on budget, on time, and safe when being used to help detect subsurface anomalies in concrete and soil.

Risk Management Brick by Brick - Trust Layer

This podcast leads the construction industry in the discussion around Risk Mitigation on construction sites and the technological advancements in risk management that help make that happen. Episodes feature industry expert guests from the construction world and foster an environment of learning and progression.


GPRS’ latest media appearances signify the company's pivotal role in the industry and its commitment to excellence. These platforms have shone a light on the important work GPRS contributes to and its influence and value within the construction and engineering communities.

We strive to increase public awareness of the services we offer because we want to eliminate subsurface damage, keeping you safe anytime you must break ground or penetrate concrete. Visit to learn more about our services or schedule a job today, and we can Intelligently Visualize The Built World® together!