GPRS Culture Questions Answered - Part 2

Part 2: Growth - Interview with Chris Moore

GPRS Culture Questions Answered - Part 2

Part 2: Growth - Interview with Chris Moore

First and foremost, GPRS hires team members who are prepared to uphold our commitment to accuracy and craftsmanship. Our team members undergo a rigorous training process in which they receive 2+ months of hands-on training, both in the field and at our training facility. GPRS team members ascribe to a rigorous standard operating procedure for our field work.

How is growth fostered for individuals within the company?                

At GPRS, we push and ask our team members to develop and grow in all areas of life. We don’t just make the ask of them but strive to provide the tools and coaching necessary to empower that growth. GPRS focuses on a few main areas to foster the growth of our team members:

  1. The Learners Disposition – We want our Team Members to remain humble and open to learning. We don’t ask for perfection but we do ask for a mindset bent towards consistent personal development. Team members must consistently display a personal disposition inclined towards learning and growth.
  2. The Coaches Perspective – Every leader at GPRS is asked to coach and develop their Team Members with honesty and humility. Each “coaching conversation” includes the Team Leader providing honest feedback to the Team Member regarding their work performance. That honest feedback is rooted in a desire to humbly gain understanding from the Team Member. If we can learn and understand the Team Members perspective then we know how to apply our Team Leaders feedback and coaching – it’s a more productive development conversation in this way.
  3. The Project Manager Promotion Track – GPRS has a set program through which our field Team Members can develop, grow, and advance in their careers. The Promotion Track offers clear criteria and guidelines for promotion opportunities within our company. Those guidelines translate to a development and growth plan for team members. If they follow the Promotion Track Program they will, in the end, find themselves to be expert service providers in our industry.
  4. The Leadership Development Program – GPRS also offers an LDP plan for its Team Members. The LDP involves monthly content releases, team conversations, Team Leader interactions, and large meetings/conference calls where the ideas presented can be discussed. Content in this program ranges from workflow organization, leadership and management training, to personal relationship care and development. The LDP offers monthly pressure to the “learning flywheel” and invites our team members to further engage their own personal and career development.

How is growth fostered for GPRS as a whole?                

Communication is a quality which is strongly encouraged at GPRS. We teach our team members how to ask the right questions to discern the true concerns our customers have. Building a strong customer base is critical to growth and expansion, and our strong customer relationships are something which we pride ourselves on. We encourage hard work and perseverance among our team members. The work we perform at GPRS is essential to keeping communities safe, to keeping projects on schedule and budget, and to helping build incredible things in our world. By supporting our team and pushing them to strive for greatness, we strengthen not only the individual but the company as a whole.

How does GPRS maintain presence in both large and small markets?                

The GPRS growth strategy has set us up to be able to meet the demands and needs of our customers in over 40 major US cities (and all 50 states) by supplying a local Project Manager to each job site. Most of the major US cities have multiple team members present to meet our customers’ needs.

GPRS completes tens of thousands of jobs each year. Job size ranges from one hour to many months or even years. In each case, we have built our teams to be able to support our customer’s scheduling requests. We recognize the importance of treating all customers with the same level of service and respect- no matter the project size.


Chris Moore, Vice President of Administration  


Chris Moore, Vice President of Administration  

In 13 years at GPRS, Chris Moore has worked his way from a field position up to his current role as Vice President of Administration. This experience has given him a firsthand understanding of the company’s culture and has enabled him to relay that message to others.  Chris represents GPRS core values by sharing his vast knowledge and using it for both personal advancement as well as the future of GPRS.