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Video Pipe Inspection Services in Denver, Colorado

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  • Sanitary & Storm Sewer CCTV Inspections

  • Municipal Sewer Inspections

  • Pre & Post Directional Drilling Inspections for Telecommunications & Utility Companies

  • NASSCO-Certified, Interactive WinCan Photo & Video Reporting For Planning, Maintenance & Repair

We find issues before they become problems

You can’t fix what you can’t see. In the case of sanitary and storm sewer lines, what you can’t see can cause sanitary sewer overflows, contamination, and structural damage to your facility, neighborhood, and surrounding community

Cross Bore PhotoSubsurface Water Leaks
A GPRS VPI Project Manager, who specializes in CCTV sewer inspections near you, can be on-site in most cases within 24 hours, anywhere in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

From helping to clear clogs and blockages to detailing pipe defects to aid routine maintenance, to finding cross bores or creating a comprehensive utility map of your sanitary and storm sewer systems, GPRS deploys state of the art mainline crawlers, push and lateral launch cameras, and complimentary technologies like ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) locators to find, assess, catalogue, and geolocate your sanitary and storm sewer lines

And we provide our findings in an interactive photo and video NASSCO-certified report that breaks down every pipe defect, it’s location, and severity, so you can plan effectively and minimize service interruptions and excavation.


We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly respond to any job site anywhere in the country. With over 300 Project Managers stationed in every major market across the U.S., you can rest assured that we will arrive promptly to your job site to complete your project. And we will be able to handle whatever unique circumstances we may encounter once we get there.

A GPRS Project Manager lowers a lateral launch robotic crawler into a pipe system.Two GPRS Project Managers feed a Video Pipe Inspection system into a water system.

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A GPRS Project Manager views pipe inspection footage on a computer screen.

Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV)

GPRS Video Pipe Inspection services can help discover a collapsed sewer lateral, duct, or an unknown blockage in a pipe. This service limits project delays and budget overruns by locating the exact impediment in your water or sewer line including bellies, collapses, tree roots, lateral taps, cross bores, or other damages

Two GPRS Project Managers feed a Video Pipe Inspection system into a water system.

Pipe Camera Services

Using robotic video pipe cameras, push cameras, and lateral launch cameras, we can not only inspect, but also fully map water and sewer systems to ensure you have a full and clear picture of what’s going on under your feet. 

GPRS | Illustration of how the Lateral Launch Sewer Inspections work.

Lateral Launch Sewer Inspections

Lateral launch sewer inspections are utilized when a typical visual inspection of a pipe or water system isn’t feasible. Using a specialized robotic crawler equipped with a video camera, we can perform cross bore investigations – searching for dangerous and unintended intersections of utility lines - as well as map the interior condition of hard-to-reach pipes. A pipe is inspected from the mainline to the lateral during this process, meaning you receive a comprehensive analysis of the overall health of your system.

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A GPRS Project Manager views pipe inspection footage on a computer screen. A GPRS Project Manager feeds a video pipe inspection device into an underground water system. An illustration of a cross bore in an underground water system. An illustration of a GPRS Project Manager conducting a manhole inspection.

Manhole Inspections

Manholes are vertical access points to sewer systems, and they’re significantly more complex structures than typical pipes. Fortunately, GPRS Video Pipe Inspection Project Managers are fully equipped to gather detailed information about these structures, including changes in direction and pipe size, to fully document all defects, determine the manhole’s current condition, and provide the specific information needed to recommend corrective action.


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GPRS Performs Video Pipe Inspection of Sewer and Storm Lines - Denver, Colorado

Video Pipe Inspection FAQ's

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What Size Pipes Can GPRS Inspect?

Our elite VPI Project Managers have the capabilities to inspect pipes from 2” in diameter and up.

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What Deliverables Does GPRS Offer When Conducting A VPI?

GPRS is proud to offer WinCan reporting to our Video Pipe Inspection clients. Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer condition, and WinCan allows GPRS Project Managers to collect detailed, NASSCO-compliant inspection data. GPRS Project Managers not only inspect the interior condition of sewer pipes, laterals, and manholes – they can also provide a map of their location. The GPRS Mapping & Modeling Department can provide detailed GPS overlays and CAD files. Our detailed WinCan/NASSCO reports contain screenshots of the interior condition of the pipe segments that we inspect, as well as a video file for further evaluation, documentation, and/or reference.

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Can You Locate Pipes in Addition to Evaluating Their Integrity?

Yes! Our SIM- and NASSCO-certified Project Managers use VPI technology equipped with sondes, which are instrument probes that allow them to ascertain the location of underground utilities from an inaccessible location. This allows them to use electromagnetic (EM) locating to map sewer systems at the same time they’re evaluating them for defects.

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Does GPRS Offer Lateral Launch Services?

Yes, we offer lateral launch capabilities as part of our standard Video Pipe Inspection services.

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What is Video Pipe Inspection (VPI)?

Video Pipe Inspection or VPI is a sewer inspection service using CCTV video cameras to mitigate or prevent infrastructure damage by inspecting underground water, sewer lines, and lateral pipelines. GPRS's NASSCO certified technicians can locate clogs, investigate cross bores, find structural faults and damages, and conduct lateral sewer line inspections.


GPRS only places its state-of-the-art technology in the hands of our elite Project Managers, who are required to complete industry-leading training prior to being assigned their first job.

GPRS is a Video Pipe Inspection company those in Denver, Colorado can rely on. We’re here to help, so schedule a job today and we can Intelligently Visualize The Built World™ together!