What is a lateral launch inspection?

Lateral launch is a sewer inspection system which allows you to inspect laterals from the mainline. This service is also referred to as cross bore inspection, or cross bore mitigation. GPRS uses the RVX-SAT system as a non-destructive method of viewing and collecting data from pipeline interiors.

About the RVX-SAT system:

GPRS uses the state-of-the-art RVX-SAT system to inspect both mainline and lateral sewer pipes. Some of the system’s features include:

  • Capability of crawling 500’ down pipes of at least 6” diameter, and 100’ into laterals of 4” or greater
  • Auto-leveling camera has the ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, allowing for a thorough view of the pipeline
  • Multi-frequency probes used to send exact information regarding the device’s location
  • Steerable 6-wheel drive and a rear-view camera facilitate navigation through pipe

Lateral launch inspections are currently available in select markets only.

Applications: (Pipes Greater Than 4”-10” Diameter)

1. Sewer Laterals - Inspection, Locating, Mapping

GPRS has the capability to video the interior of a sewer pipe for lateral inspections including, interior pipe condition, and locating the laterals at the surface. These services are complimented by permanent record of our findings via our in-house CAD department.

2. Lateral Depth Verification

GPRS uses a suite of technologies that complement the Video Pipe Inspection sewer lateral launch cameras. GPRS is contracted by excavating and boring companies to verify depths of pipes prior to the construction process. The pipe camera includes a sonde that allows locating at the surface that will give us approximate depths and location. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is then used to more accurately pinpoint depths and locations. Learn more about the Subsurface Investigation Methodology (SIM) process at

3. Pre & Post Lateral Installation Inspections

It is common practice in the construction world to inspect lateral pipes that have been newly constructed to verify correct installation. Often times, shallow drain lines, sewers, or any plastic pipes can be crushed due to the heavy equipment traffic during construction. GPRS utilizes the crawler camera (CCTV) service to inspect the condition of these pipes post construction.

4. Cross Bore Inspections

GPRS has experience in pre and post cross bore pipe inspections all across the US using Lateral Launch CAMERA services. More and more states have adopted this practice and the Lateral Launch CAMERA can be a great method for video inspection before and after the boring process.

NASSCO Pipe Inspection

All GPRS Project Managers are NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) certified in video pipe inspection, lateral sewer inspection, and manhole inspections. GPRS offers NASSCO pipe inspections for pipes 6” & greater for the crawler camera services. Our NASSCO reports offer insight into defects found, photographs, and videos of each pipe segment.