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According to the Common Ground Alliance’s (CGA) Annual DIRT Report, every 62 seconds there is a line strike somewhere in the United States.

Excavation-related damages took a steady increase from 2018 to 2019, jumping to 532,000 from 509,000 in just one year.

There was a reported $30 billion in damages to utility lines and other underground infrastructure in the United States during 2019 alone.

Since 2000, there have been more than 2,000 injuries and 400 deaths because of insufficient or non-existent ground disturbance policies at construction or other job sites.

Most, if not all, damages and injuries on project sites can be linked back to improper ground disturbance plans and actions. Without an accurate ground disturbance plan, you are not only increasing your chances of costly, unwarranted delays in your project, but you are placing your field personnel at risk.

GPRS works in the division of safety by identifying and locating all underground anomalies, keeping your bottom line safe and your workers protected.

And since we’re in the field of safety, we don’t want to do just the bare minimum. We want every company to have a safe and sound ground disturbance plan so everyone can do their part in protecting our country’s underground infrastructure.

That is why GPRS is offering a free ground disturbance plan to anyone who wants to join us in our fight to create world with 100% subsurface damage prevention.

Complete the form on this page for your free ground disturbance plan and take the first step in safety!

Your customized ground disturbance plan will include:
• 15-20 minute strategy session with one of our seasoned professionals
• A clear plan for moving your Ground Disturbance Plan forward
• Ways to integrate SIM (Subsurface Investigation Methodology) into your process

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