Ground Penetrating Radar used at Kirtland AFB – New Mexico

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico recently assisted Synergy Systems Construction of Merriam, Kansas on a project in New Mexico. The Kirtland AFB Clinic in the Albuquerque area was undergoing renovations that required coring of the concrete slab in several locations. Traditional concrete x-ray of the floor slab was not possible with the Clinic being an active hospital as well as an active job site. Radiation is not emitted during concrete radar scan.

  • Concrete_Imaging_Albuquerque_New_Mexico.jpg
  • Concrete_Scanning_Albuquerque_New_Mexico.jpg

To do a concrete x-ray in Albuquerque by using GPR, Concrete Scanning, Concrete Imaging, Sonar, Non-Destructive concrete testing, please call GPRS at (505) 250-6742 to schedule a similar survey.

Ground Penetrating Radar in New Mexico is “The New Way to X-Ray”. Please visit our Past Projects page to review other features and benefits of GPR such as: Rebar locating, post-tension cable locates, conduit locating, pipe locating, sub-surface void mapping, underground private utility locating and much more.