Ground Penetrating Radar Used At Kirtland AFB – New Mexico, ABQ

Ground Penetrating Radar Used At Kirtland AFB – New Mexico

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico recently assisted Synergy Systems Construction of Merriam, Kansas on a project in New Mexico. The Kirtland AFB Clinic in the Albuquerque area was undergoing renovations that required coring of the concrete slab in several locations. Traditional concrete x-ray of the floor slab was not possible with the Clinic being an active hospital as well as an active job site. Radiation is not emitted during concrete radar scan.

To do a concrete x-ray in Albuquerque by using GPR, Concrete Scanning, Concrete Imaging, Sonar, Non-Destructive concrete testing, please call GPRS to schedule a similar survey.

Ground Penetrating Radar in New Mexico is “The New Way to X-Ray”. Please visit our Past Projects page to review other features and benefits of GPR such as: Rebar locating, post-tension cable locates, conduit locating, pipe locating, sub-surface void mapping, underground private utility locating and much more.

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