Leak Detection Services Field Report - Schenectady

At GPRS, we are a water leak detection company that locates subsurface valve leaks, hydrant leaks, steam line leaks, and leaks from the hydrant to the hydrant in fire loops. We conduct leak investigations by pairing our state-of-the-art equipment with our highly trained project managers. Our Project Managers are specialists at pinpointing where leaks are through their trained ears which have been honed in from years of service in the field. Our services focus on commercial properties so that we can remain specialized in all our services.

Correlations between contact points, yielded inconclusive results likely due to main line pipe material (PVC). Surfacing water from curb box led to further acoustic testing. Operation of the shut off located in the meter pit (just out of image) did not change leak signal leading to the conclusion that the leak must be between the meter pit and the main. Excavation revealed the flange on the street side of the curb valve was leaking. Further acoustic testing of surrounding areas for ground noise generated no results.