push camera services

Applications: (Pipes Greater Than 6” Diameter)

Rigid push cam  | GPRS Images

1. Interior Sewer Laterals - Inspection, Locating, Mapping

Over time, pipes can become defective and leaks can cause a multitude of issues such as contamination, void under slab, fluid loss of product, and blockages causing flooding. Sewer lateral investigations are a routine service for pipes 2"-6” in diameter. GPRS has been providing Video Push Camera services nationally for over 10 years, and has the capability of using high resolution video cameras for inspections of interior sewer laterals and drains under buildings. With 250 feet of range capability, GPRS can investigate interior pipe conditions, detect leaks, and provide elevations for drainage issues. These services are complimented by a recording process where GPRS can provide maps or drawings, utilizing our professional CAD department. GPRS can also provide detailed reporting for pipe inspection using the NASSCO reporting system.

2. Interior Drains - Inspection, Locating, Mapping

Interior drains are routinely inspected by push camera for leaks, blockages, and for locating purposes. This trenchless technology utilized by GPRS is for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. GPRS is often contracted by engineers and contractors that are using video push camera services. Push cameras are a key component in preventative maintenance as storm drainage can be a big problem. Voids may cause interior concrete slabs to settle and crack, and early detection of these issues may be prevented using Video Pipe Inspection / CCTV services.

3. Interior Pipe Leak Or Blockage Investigations

GPRS is contracted daily for interior pipe inspections for identifying leaks, breaks, and blockages that occur as a common problem with underground piping. When slabs start to crack and settle, it is good practice to inspect drains for leaks. GPRS has the capability with other technologies such as EM Locating and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to find the location of these defects or imperfections, and provide depths of these problems as well.
Head/Camera of Push Cam
Head/Camera of Push Cam
Spool of Push Cam with Monitor
Spool of Push Cam with Monitor

4. Sewer & Drain Depth Verification

GPRS uses a host of technologies that complement the push camera service as you will commonly see ground penetrating radar and electro-magnetic locators used on pipe inspection projects. These nondestructive tools produce excellent results in locating depths of sewer and water pipes. GPRS is contracted routinely by excavating and boring companies to verify depths of sewer pipes prior to the construction process. When a pipe or utility is located on the surface, it is just as important to identify depths as the digging process may damage shallow utilities. The push cameras used by the VPI team carry a sonde that allows tracking at the surface that will give us approximate depths and location. GPR is then used to more accurately pinpoint pipe depths and sewer line locations. Learn more about the process at simspec.org.

5. Pre - Post Pipe Installation Inspections

It has become a common practice in the construction world to inspect pipes that have been newly constructed to verify correct installation. Many times, shallow drain lines, sewers, or any plastic pipes can be crushed and damaged due to the heavy equipment traffic during construction. GPRS utilizes the push camera service to video the condition of these pipes post-construction. This service can be utilized by business/residential pre-post pipe home owner, move-in inspections, industrial site, facilities, schools.

6. Cross Bore Inspections

GPRS has experience in pre and post cross bore pipe inspections push camera services. More and more States have adopted this practice and the video push camera can be a great method for video inspection before and after the boring process for pipes less that 6” in diameter. GPRS can provide deliverables such as Google Earth mapping, CAD drawings, and detailed reporting for permanent record.

NASSCO Pipe Inspection

All GPRS Project Managers are NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) certified in video pipe inspection, lateral sewer inspection, and manhole inspections. GPRS offers NASSCO pipe inspections for pipes 6” & greater for the crawler camera services. Our NASSCO reports offer insight into defects found, photographs, and videos of each pipe segment.


Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV) is a sewer inspection service using industry-leading video cameras to prevent problems by inspecting underground water, sewer lines and lateral pipelines. Our NASSCO certified technicians can locate clogs, investigate cross bores, find structural faults and damages, and conduct lateral sewer line inspections.