Lateral Launch Services

What is a lateral launch inspection?

Lateral launch is a sewer inspection system which allows you to inspect laterals from the mainline. This service is also referred to as cross bore inspection, or cross bore mitigation. GPRS uses the RVX-SAT system as a non-destructive method of viewing and collecting data from pipeline interiors.

Why do I need a Cross Bore Inspection?

Cross bore inspections are less invasive than alternative methods, as access is obtained through the sewer’s mainline. CCTV pipe inspection can be used to comb every inch of a pipe for defects and other issues.

What can a cross bore inspection locate?

Cross bore inspection can locate pipe defects and structural issues, along with any previous bores or penetrations. It can be used to inspect sewer pipes for defects or other issues such as illicit flow.

When are cross bore inspections used?

Sewer pipeline inspections are necessary to assess existing pipe conditions or when planning a sewer rehabilitation project. The lateral launch system eliminates the need for access to private land or for destructive methods of accessing pipelines since all access can be done through a sewer mainline.

This form of inspection is also useful when boring or drilling activities are planned. Directional drilling is used to install utility lines in an area, and can impact existing sewer pipes. Previous drilling in an area may have penetrated a lateral pipe, causing damage which can be viewed through a cross bore inspection.

Gas lines that have been directionally drilled through a sewer lateral can cause major problems. Plumbers may think the gas line is just a normal clog, and attempt using a motorized auger to clear the line. This action can result in piercing or penetrating the gas line, potentially causing an explosion.

About the RVX-SAT system:

GPRS uses the state-of-the-art RVX-SAT system to inspect both mainline and lateral sewer pipes. Some of the system’s features include:

  • Capability of crawling 500’ down pipes of at least 6” diameter, and 100’ into laterals of 4” or greater

  • Auto-leveling camera has the ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, allowing for a thorough view of the pipeline

  • Multi-frequency probes used to send exact information regarding the device’s location

  • Steerable 6-wheel drive and a rear-view camera facilitate navigation through pipe

Lateral launch inspections are currently available in select markets only.