We Made His Life Easier - Introducing VPI

What is VPI?

We Made His Life Easier - Introducing VPI

What is VPI?

You know that feeling you get when you go to the grocery store, don’t know where something is at, and a worker points you in the right direction? Or your computer stops working and GeekSquad fixes it no problem?

Simply, have you ever had that experience where someone pops into your world and makes life easier?
You know the feeling, where you take a deep breath and all worry leaves your body all at once?
That is the experience I felt when I heard Andy share his story about our new Video Pipe Inspection (VPI) methodology with a new prospect.

What is VPI?  


Story Continued....

There Andy was, out and about, before he stopped by a subdivision in the Great Lakes region where a company was directional boring.

The foreman hired a competitor who was using a push camera to access and snap pictures of underground sewer lines.

For those unaware, a "push camera" is where you actually push the device through the pipe to grab your video and photos. Now, most of the time these push cameras are fine. We actually utilize a set of these as well.

But the downside to these cameras? In this case, you have to go into each house in the neighborhood for access to the lines, and then push out to the laterals.

Now, what if you didn't have to disturb each resident? And instead you could simply go in from one access point to scope all the lines.

This is exactly what we can do with our remote-control VPI technology. We only need to access the main sanitary line from out in the street where we can “remotely work” our Lateral Launch camera up each lateral for every house in the subdivision.  This, in turn, reduces the possibility of any missed laterals due to there being no access points at a house. Or even in some cases, there are laterals for “future” development that would just be capped off in the ground. No one would know without seeing it from within the mainline or possibly if the drawings are correct and up to date.

Once our friend understood how much less of a hassle this would be for him, he took a deep breath and let out his own sigh of relief!  

As you can imagine, he was quite excited and lined GPRS up for his next job!




Video Pipe Inspection by GPRS



Excitedly, this is just one of the many examples of how our new VPI methodology is helping our customers work smarter, not harder, every day!

Along with directional boring and environmental companies, municipalities and general contractors utilize the new VPI technology.

What’s also interesting is engineers hire GPRS during the "design phase" because they can mark lines on the surface and show any defects in the line before construction even starts.




The GPRS Team provides the nation's best VPI services.



Wondering what separates us from the rest of the field?

We can offer both the VPI team and GPR scanning teams on a site to make sure we have all the subsurface scanning bases covered.

Bottom line: If this new service line piques your interest, you will want to check out our brochure and get in contact with our team at the numbers below.

Let us put eyes below the ground for you!


Vince Palko

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