Safety Tour of America: Frank Gay Commercial Services Prioritizes Safety

45-year-old contractor is a valued GPRS safety partner

Safety Tour of America: Frank Gay Commercial Services Prioritizes Safety

45-year-old contractor is a valued GPRS safety partner

It started with one plumber, and it quickly grew into much more.

Today, Frank Gay Commercial Services is a top-ranked contractor with over 100 employees. They’re also a valued GPRS safety partner. 

“I admire the way Frank Gay prioritizes their customers’ safety and operations,” said GPRS Area Manager, Nathan Schmoe. “Most of their customers actively occupy the space Frank Gay is working in and they are always cautious in making sure the work is executed safely and professionally.”

Frank Gay started a one-plumber operation in Florida in 1976. Frank Gay Plumbing’s goal was to help local businesses and residences. As the company began to grow, however, Gay’s vision for its future expanded.

The company rebranded to Frank Gay Plumbing & AC in 1996 when it added HVAC and refrigeration services to its offerings. It rebranded again in 2010, then recently divided into residential and commercial branches. Today, the company has over 70 vehicles and 24-hour service.

“Our work ethic, exceptional service, and reliability have allowed us to expand our company to offer services from Volusia to Collier,” the company wrote on its website. “We always look forward to serving our Central Florida residents and business owners. This mindset awarded us with being voted the #1 service company in Central Florida in 2017.
“Despite all the changes and growth that we have faced over the past 45 years, our core values have remained the same. Communication, integrity, community, growth, and energy have all been a part of our success and the standard we hold our team to. From apartment condos to government buildings, Frank Gay Services is always there as your one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs.”

Keith Van Alst, Frank Gay’s Specialty Operations Manager, says the company’s commitment to safety has played a big role in allowing it to thrive over the past 45 years. 

“We do OSHA safety classes here, trench box safety classes, we provide our employees with proper PPE… Safety is extremely important,” Van Alst said.

Another way Frank Gay prioritizes safety is by partnering with GPRS any time they need to break ground for a project. 

GPRS’ utility locating services find private utility lines prior to groundbreaking operations, preventing costly and dangerous subsurface damage to keep your projects on time, on budget, and safe. 

“I’d recommend GPRS to anybody in the construction industry, especially anybody who is excavating,” Van Alst said. “They need to be aware of what’s underneath the ground, and with GPRS’ technology they can definitely find out. You can never be too safe, and it’s always best to take precautions for safety before you begin a project, and to utilize GPRS at any operation where you’re going to excavate the soil.”

GPRS is proud to have partners like Frank Gay Commercial Services who value safety as much as we do. And we are proud to highlight that shared passion. 

Our elite Project Managers use only the most advanced technology for utility locating, precision concrete scanning and imaging, video pipe inspection, leak detection, 3D laser scanning, and mapping & modeling. We ensure companies such as Frank Gay can Intelligently Visualize The Built World™ while keeping their projects on time, on budget, and safe.

We are currently scheduling the second phase of our Safety Tour of America, where we visit with our valued safety partners to highlight their efforts and our shared commitment to getting their crews home safely. If you want to be part of this initiative, click here

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